Numerology 2020 Horoscope

numerology 2020 Numerology 2020 predictions reveals about the outcome on each radical number during the year 2020. Numerology is a science of numbers that denotes the energy and effect of number through its ruling planet. Every number is ruled by a specific planet which affects human life in a prominent way. This numerology horoscope helps us to foresee the happening and troublesome conditions which may come our way during the year 2020. Not only this, any new possibility in life and its various aspects will also be revealed through Numerology 2020 Horoscope. Lets see whats the numerology horoscope has in store for you:

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Numerology 2020 Year predictions:

Numerology 2020 explains that year 2020 is ‘a 4 year’ which means this year will get rays from number 4, why? If we come down to single digit by adding all digits of the year 2020, it comes to number 4 (2+0+2+0 = 4). This number is ruled by planet Rahu, which has a deep effect weather we see through numerology or astrology. Rahu is known for crossing the limits, create new rules, break old customs, revolution and to do what is unpredictable. Since Rahu is well known for manipulations and politics, this year will be the most significant year for the people who are in connection with politics, preachings, teaching, information technology, wireless communications, and revolutionary work.

Numerology 2020: How to read Numerology predictions

Numerology 2020 explains that these numerology predictions are based on Radical number or Root number. This specific number can be known through your date of birth. For example, if your Date of Birth is 22 - 01 - 2001 then your radical / root number will be 4. For this, you should check the date only. Here date is 22, now add all digits of the date and come out with a single digit (22 = 2+2=4), so the result will be 4. Thus you can check out your numerology number. You can also check your numerology number through our Numerology Calculator.

Let's check your numerology predictions according to your date of birth and radical number:

Numerology 2020: Numerology predictions for Root Number 1

According to Numerology 2020, this numerology number have great energy of the Sun and thus people with this root number always try to remain royal in their life. This year will be a good year for you. Radical Number 1 people may excel in the field of profession and they may achieve great success at their workplace. Their ideas would lead them to high positions and relationships with senior officials will be favourable and fruitful.

Year 2020 will witness the zeal inside you and you would crack competitive examinations with flying colors. Students will have good results and those wish to go for government services, may have opportunities during this year. Just be focused and give your best shot. Do not let small things distract your path, and focus on your goals for a better outcome.

According to numerology 2020 predictions, you may face some stress situations in married life, which can affect your health as well. Hence, you should be careful and resolve any ongoing feud or tension between you and your spouse. This will help you take better control of the situation and overcome the challenges to a better extent. If your spouse is employed, then chances of them gaining good benefits at their workplace are high.

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Numerology 2020: Numerology predictions for Root Number 2

Radical Number 2 is ruled by planet moon and as an effect, you are emotional and caring as per Numerology 2020. Numerology foresee that during the year 2020 you would have to come out from your inner shell and work together for the betterment of life. You should emphasize more over team management and a clear approach towards your goal. Working with your colleagues will prove to be successful in your workplace. This means that working closely and collaborating with them over ideas will help you garner better results.

As per 2020 Numerology predictions, you have lost many opportunities in the past just because of over thinking nature. Now the time has come when you should understand the gravity of the issue and work accordingly. This year will bring positiveness in your domestic life and some of you may be able to acquire a house property this year.

This year, there will be tremendous chances of you buying or investing in real estate. Keep this in mind that working together with your family members guarantees success and progress in endeavors. The ambience within the family will be peaceful, and the family members will support you in your work. You must refrain from getting too emotional in terms of love. Behave properly only after understanding the overall aspect, otherwise you may fall prey to mental stress.

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Numerology 2020: Numerology predictions for Root Number 3

If you have 3 as your Numerology Number, you should remain cautious during 2020, as there may be some challenges that you need to be taken care off. Jupiter is the ruling planet of your Root Number. First of all, you would have to remain alert regarding health issues as during the year, your health conditions may deteriorate due to unhealthy food and dietary habits. The planet Jupiter also controls body fat, which is why any carelessness in your eating habits can lead to obesity.

Some fluctuations at workplace would keep you busy throughout the time. If you are a business person, you should invest your money carefully and with proper guidance of any expert of that particular field of investment. You may feel to roam around the world and that is why there may be many happening trips on your cards. However, all these trips will lead to heavy expenses, which can put a burden on your financial situation. Therefore, keep your expenses under control, otherwise the situation may worsen.

According to the numerology 2020 horoscope, you should refrain from starting any new work or putting your efforts in any new project, as you are more likely to get unfavourable results despite heavy investment. Decide wisely and seek the advice of an experienced person at your workplace to attain favorable results. This was the numerology number 3 prediction according to Numerology 2020.

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Numerology 2020: Numerology predictions for Root Number 4

As per Numerology 2020, this is the year, you are waiting for since a very long time. You should be prepared to tell the world that you are the best. Your numerology number will get favours from this year 2020 and whatever the work may be, you would get positive and favourable results in it. You may go for a foreign trip this year and many new friends will be added in your friends list. Your ruling lord is Rahu.

You would spend time with family and friends and your career will sharpen up and lead you to the ladder of success. Be aware from some hidden friends cum enemies as they may try to tarnish you image. Don’t be overconfident and respect elders to get things remain positive.

Do not interfere in other people’s arguments or fights or act impulsively, as all these actions can create various kinds of problems for which you may have to pay a heavy price. According to Numerology Horoscope 2020, if you are involved in politics, then you are expected to get tremendous success this year and reach the heights of success. However, remember that overconfidence sometimes can lead to a great fall, which is why you are advised to remain modest.

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Numerology 2020: Numerology predictions for Root Number 5

According to Numerology 2020, your ruling planet is Mercury, which is the benefactor of communication. As per 2020 numerology predictions, you would do well in life. Possibility of getting married is high and you would meet with a new person who will become very dear in your life in a very short span of time. If you wish to expand your business or start a new venture, this is the year for you.

Your married life will be blissful, and together along with your wife, you may start any new work or spend time together. Family life will be fine but, you may be a little worried about your children. Look after them and keep an eye on their friend circle, as one wrong association can deviate them from their path. This year, your child may demand something big from you, which will be difficult for you to fulfil.

Chances of journeys will be low, and your expenses will also remain under control, due to which you will be able to strengthen your financial position to a large extent. Both your honor and respect will increase in the society, which will help in your personality development. Overall, the year 2020 as per your numerology number will be a productive one.

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Numerology 2020: Numerology predictions for Root Number 6

Radical Number 6 is ruled by the feminine planet Venus. Hence, you would love to enjoy all the luxuries and comforts in your life in a most promising way according to Numerology 2020. On the contrary, this year, your attitude would change and you will focus on the necessities. You will be centered towards your familial life as the family would demand much of your attention. Spending time with them will not only make you relaxed but also give you the courage to face challenges by moving forward at your workfront.

As per Numerology Predictions 2020, you need to bear household expenditure as well as other things. During this year, you should think about how to curtail your expenditure as it would rise and may get in a financial crunch if not controlled.

However, this year will be good for those who are working. You may achieve significant growth in your career, but you should avoid office politics and gossiping. Take care of your partner. Treat your co-workers well, be friendly with senior officers and respect women at your workplace. These actions will lead to success in your career. Apart from this, your female friend will become the source of success in your life.

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Numerology 2020: Numerology predictions for Root Number 7

Ketu is the ruling planet for Radical Number 7 and you wish to help others in every possible way as per Numerology 2020. The year 2020 will be a positive year for you as per NUmerology 2020 Predictions, and you will grow further in your life during this year. Numerology foresee your possibilities to get accolades this year and if you are a student, you will be happy to get good opportunities for higher education in a favourite college or university.

Your lifestyle will help you to find out a path to walk upon and you will be amazed by the grace of God throughout the year. Your business will flourish and domestic life will be full of happiness and bliss. Help the needier as much as you can.

This year, look inside your mind and heart and see if you have learnt anything from past mistakes. In case you have learned the lessons, then you will definitely reap benefits accordingly. This year, trusting anyone blindly can cause major problems for you. Apart from this, do not give or lend money to anyone on Wednesday, as the possibility of you getting it back seems weak. It will be better for you to carry out social activities.

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Numerology 2020: Numerology predictions for Root Number 8

Saturn plays a most important role in the life of radical number 8 as Saturn is the ruler of this numerology number. You are quite slow in your endeavors but this year will compel you to move forward and take initiatives to succeed in your career.

You should avoid laziness and remain focussed on your priorities. Long pending schemes should be put to use, as they will give you a chance to earn well. But, you should shed your sweat and work as a team to gain the faith of your colleagues. Past efforts would beget benefits and you would be happy to see the growth of your children. If you are a student, then you must work really hard to crack any examination.

As per 2020 Numerology Horoscope, you should be punctual in every walk of life during this year to get the best out of it. If you really understand the importance of time, then no one can stop you from shining bright in your life and achieving success. Maintain a serious attitude in your professional life, and avoid deviating from your path in order to avoid any altercations. Remain aware of your opponents, as it will be better for you. It will be an average year for you as per Numerology 2020 predictions.

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Numerology 2020: Numerology predictions for Root Number 9

Finally, we are at Radical Number 9, which is ruled by Mars, which makes you energetic yet a risk taker. This year, you may become overconfident, as Rahu will inject you with high levels of energy which can be misused by you. Investment in property and other related sector will bring huge gains.

There will be possibility of debate or quarrels with your loved ones. Thus, you should avoid such things to remain calm and happy. Have patience for the things to get done, and avoid arguing or doubting your spouse. Take responsibilities on your shoulders and relieve your parents of additional duties. At the workplace, your energy will bring miraculous results. Try to be in good books of your seniors at work.

According to numerology 2020 predictions, it will be necessary as well as beneficial for you to keep the family members united. You will get mixed results in your married life and come across various opportunities to resolve your differences with your life partner.

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We do hope that this numerology 2020 predictions will help you to understand your future possibilities during 2020. Wish you a bright and successful year ahead.

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