Moon Phase Calendar 2020 Dates

Moon Phase Calendar 2020 Moon Phase Calendar 2020 explains that there are a lot of events in several religions which are determined by the lunar cycle. Several calendars are based on the different phases of moon. There are four phases that occur about a week apart. It is the shape of the moon which changes and takes transition, where it starts from a dark night to full moon in half a fortnight and after that from a full moon night to the waxing crescent. The image of the moon increases and decreases according to the movement of Earth. Read the Moon Phases Calendar and find out which day if a Full Moon, New Moon or No Moon Day.

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Moon Phase Calendar 2020

Moon Phase Date Day
Waxing Crescent 1 - 2 January Wed, Thu
First Quarter 3 January Fri
Waxing Gibbous 4 - 9 January Sat - Thu
FULL MOON at 19:21 10 January Fri
Waning Gibbous 11 - 16 January Sat - Thu
Last Quarter 17 January Fri
Waning Crescent 18 - 23 January Sat - Thu
NEW MOON at 21:41 24 January Fri
Waxing Crescent 25 - 31 January Sat - Fri

Moon Phase Calendar 2020 for February

Moon Phase Date Day
First Quarter 1 - 2 February Sat - Sun
Waxing Gibbous 3 - 8 February Mon - Sat
FULL MOON at 07:33 9 February Sun
Waning Gibbous 10 - 14 February Mon - Fri
Last Quarter 15 - 16 February Sat - Sun
Waning Crescent 17 - 22 February Mon - Sat
NEW MOON at 15:31 23 February Sun
Waxing Crescent 24 - 29 February Mon - Sat

Moon Phase Calendar 2020 for March

Moon Phase Date Day
Waxing Crescent 1 March Sun
First Quarter 2 March Mon
Waxing Gibbous 3 - 8 March Tue - Sun
FULL MOON at 17:47 9 March Mon
Waning Gibbous 10 - 15 March Tue - Sun
Last Quarter 16 March Mon
Waning Crescent 17 - 23 March Tue - Mon
NEW MOON at 09:28 24 March Tue
Waxing Crescent 25 - 31 March Wed - Tue

Moon Phase Calendar 2020 for April

Moon Phase Date Day
First Quarter 1 April Wed
Waxing Gibbous 2 - 7 April Thu - Tue
FULL MOON at 02:34 8 April Wed
Waning Gibbous 9 - 13 April Thu - Mon
Last Quarter 14 - 15 April Tue - Wed
Waning Crescent 16 - 22 April Thu - Wed
NEW MOON at 02:25 23 April Thu
Waxing Crescent 24 - 29 April Fri - Wed
First Quarter 30 April Thu

Moon Phase Calendar 2020 for May

Moon Phase Date Day
Waxing Gibbous 1 - 6 May Fri - Wed
FULL MOON at 10:45 7 May Thu
Waning Gibbous 8 - 13 May Fri - Wed
Last Quarter 14 May Thu
Waning Crescent 15 - 21 May Fri - Thu
NEW MOON at 17:38 22 May Fri
Waxing Crescent 23 - 29 May Sat - Fri
First Quarter 30 May Sat
Waxing Gibbous 31 May Sun

Moon Phase Calendar 2020 for June

Moon Phase Date Day
Waxing Gibbous 1 - 4 June Mon - Thu
FULL MOON at 19:12 5 June Fri
Waning Gibbous 6 - 12 June Sat - Fri
Last Quarter 13 June Sat
Waning Crescent 14 - 20 June Sun - Sat
NEW MOON at 06:41 21 June Sun
Waxing Crescent 22 - 27 June Mon - Sat
First Quarter 28 June Sun
Waxing Gibbous 29 - 30 June Mon - Tue

Moon Phase Calendar 2020 for July

Moon Phase Date Day
Waxing Gibbous 1 - 4 July Wed - Sat
FULL MOON at 04:44 5 July Sun
Waning Gibbous 6 - 11 July Mon - Sat
Last Quarter 12 - 13 July Sun - Mon
Waning Crescent 14 - 19 July Tue - Sun
NEW MOON at 17:32 20 July Mon
Waxing Crescent 21 - 26 July Tue - Sun
First Quarter 27 July Mon
Waxing Gibbous 28 - 31 July Tue - Fri

Moon Phase Calendar 2020 for August

Moon Phase Date Day
Waxing Gibbous 1 - 2 August Sat - Sun
FULL MOON at 15:58 3 August Mon
Waning Gibbous 4 - 10 August Tue - Mon
Last Quarter 11 August Tue
Waning Crescent 12 - 18 August Wed - Tue
NEW MOON at 02:41 19 August Wed
Waxing Crescent 20 - 24 August Thu - Mon
First Quarter 25 August Tue
Waxing Gibbous 26 - 31 August Wed - Mon

Moon Phase Calendar 2020 for September

Moon Phase Date Day
Waxing Gibbous 1 September Tue
FULL MOON at 05:21 2 September Wed
Waning Gibbous 3 - 9 September Thu - Wed
Last Quarter 10 September Thu
Waning Crescent 11 - 16 September Fri - Wed
NEW MOON at 11:00 17 September Thu
Waxing Crescent 18 - 23 September Fri - Wed
First Quarter 24 September Thu
Waxing Gibbous 25 - 30 September Fri - Wed

Moon Phase Calendar 2020 for October

Moon Phase Date Day
FULL MOON at 21:05 1 October Thu
Waning Gibbous 2 - 8 October Fri - Thu
Last Quarter 9 - 10 October Fri - Sat
Waning Crescent 11 - 15 October Sun - Thu
NEW MOON at 19:30 16 October Fri
Waxing Crescent 17 - 22 October Sat - Thu
First Quarter 23 October Fri
Waxing Gibbous 24 - 30 October Sat - Fri
FULL MOON at 14:49 31 October Sat

Moon Phase Calendar 2020 for November

Moon Phase Date Day
Waning Gibbous 7 November Sun -Sat
Last Quarter 8 November Sun
Waning Crescent 9 - 14 November Mon - Sat
NEW MOON at 05:07 15 November Sun
Waxing Crescent 16 - 21 November Mon - Sat
First Quarter 22 November Sun
Waxing Gibbous 23 - 29 November Mon - Sun
FULL MOON at 09:29 30 November Mon

Moon Phase Calendar 2020 for December

Moon Phase Date Day
Waning Gibbous 1 - 6 December Tue - Sun
Last Quarter 7 - 8 December Mon - Tue
Waning Crescent 9 - 13 December Wed - Sun
NEW MOON at 16:16 14 December Mon
Waxing Crescent 15 - 20 December Tue - Sun
First Quarter 21 - 22 December Mon - Tue
Waxing Gibbous 23 - 29 December Wed - Tue
FULL MOON at 03:28 30 December Wed
Waning Gibbous 31 December Thu

It starts from the full moon, where the moon is posited in front of Earth and gains high reflectance due to the light of Sun. Hence, the indirect sunlight which is reflected from the earth falls on it to make it appear white. The gravitational force of Moon is greater on the Earth’s facing side than it is at the center of the earth. This is what gives us high tides twice a day and low tides following 6 hours later.

Moon Phases in 2020

There are different phases of the moon which completes the lunar cycle in a month. The lunar cycle makes the lunar calendar, where the moon cycles in eight distinct phases with four different phases occurring in a week’s time. Here described are the different Moon Phase Calendar 2020:

  1. New Moon is a small part of the moon which can be seen as an arc. The side of the moon receives no direct sunlight when the moon is between the earth and sun. This is why the least amount of light which gets reflected from the earth can be seen in the form of new moon. This is the first part of the moon phase.
  2. Waxing crescent is a part which is a bit larger than the new moon, as the side of the moon that we can see gets more illuminated by the direct sunlight. This is due to the movement of moon around earth. Putting your ideas into reality can prove to be fruitful during this time.
  3. First quarter is a phase when the half moon or a semi-circle can be seen in the sky due to the moon being 90 degrees away from the sun and half illuminated. It is known as the first quarter due to the fact that the moon has traveled about a quarter of the distance around the earth since the appearance of new moon.
  4. Waxing gibbous is the condition when the appearance of moon seems larger than the one in the first quarter but smaller than the full moon. Here, sunlight falls on more than half part of the moon’s face. This is the phase where moon’s more than half side gets illuminated.
  5. Full Moon is the moon which is 180 degrees away from the sun and aligned with the earth, hereby making the sun, moon and earth aligned. With an occurrence of the perfect alignment, the lunar eclipse can be seen. During this time, psychic abilities of people increases.
  6. Waning gibbous is the same as waxing gibbous phase but the cycle now moves in the decreasing order as the size of the moon is more than half moon but smaller than the full moon. Also, the brightness starts to decrease.
  7. Last Quarter is the phase similar to first quarter. The only change is that the size has decreased from waning gibbous moon. Moonlight decreases while the waning cycle goes on. It is believed to be the time to cleanse the soul and inspire people.
  8. Waning crescent is the last and final state when the moon can be seen as an silver arc in the sky, just like the waxing crescent phase. During this time, the native tends to meditate and let go of unnecessary stress.

Moon Phase Calendar 2020: Benefits Of Lunar Calendar

  • It holds importance in many religions hence many rituals are performed according to it.
  • It is also associated with women regarding the menstrual cycle, as the lunar gravity affects the conception.
  • Stargazers find the new moon night an opportunity where new stars can be discovered as there is brighter light and the sky seems to be bright.
  • They are the best while planning a vacation to the beach or the mountains.

Hope you like the article about Moon and find the information interesting. Come back for more.

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