Stock Market in 2020: Share Market Predictions 2020

Stock Market 2020 Predictions bring lots of opportunities and chances for monetary investment and profits, and is expected to offer desirable results. Evaluating Share Market through Vedic Astrology helps to remain one step ahead and understand how planetary transits and conjunctions affect the mood and impact of the market. Below we have mentioned all the transits taking place throughout the year 2020 based on which Stock Market 2020 Predictions are carried out:

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Stock Market Prediction 2019


  1. Since the beginning of the year, Jupiter will be transiting through Sagittarius sign
  2. After that, it will remain posited in Capricorn from 30th March to 30th June.
  3. On 14th May, it will assume its retrograde motion.
  4. On 30th June, it will enter Sagittarius in retrograde motion.
  5. On 13th September, it will assume direct motion.
  6. It will enter the Capricorn sign on 20th November and remain there for the rest of the year. It will rise in the East on 10th January


  1. Saturn will transit through Sagittarius sign till 24th January.
  2. Thereafter, it will transit through Capricorn sign for the rest of the year.
  3. Saturn will be in retrograde motion from 11th May and assume direct motion on 29th September. It will rise in the East on 30th January

Rahu and Ketu (Mean)

  1. Rahu and Ketu will transit in Gemini and Sagittarius respectively upto 23rd September.
  2. From 23rd September Rahu and Ketu (Mean) will move to Taurus & Scorpio respectively and remain there for the rest of the year


  1. Uranus will transit in Aries sign throughout the year.
  2. It will become direct on 11th January and assume retrograde motion on 15th August.


  1. Neptune will transit in Aquarius throughout the whole year.
  2. After this, it will move in retrograde motion from 23rd June to 29th November


  1. Since the beginning of the year, Pluto will transit through Sagittarius sign.
  2. On the 25th, It will move to Capricorn and enter Sagittarius in retrograde motion on 28th June.
  3. Pluto will move into Capricorn on 30th December.
  4. From 26th April to 4th October, it will transit in retrograde motion.


  1. Mars will move in retrograde motion on 10th Sep.
  2. It will attain direct motion on 14th November and not set throughout the year.


  1. Venus will move in retrograde motion on 13th May & attain direct motion on 25th June.
  2. It will set in the West on 31st May and rise in the East on 9th June

Based on the above details, we have brought to you share market predictions 2020. Read along and find if 2020 will be the year of the Bulls or Bears.

Share Market Predictions 2020 for January

In the beginning of the month according to Stock Market 2020 Predictions, Sun will remain posited in Sagittarius, accompanied by Pluto, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn & Ketu. Mars will be in Scorpio sign, Rahu in Gemini, Venus in Capricorn, Moon in Aquarius and Uranus in Aries.

The first day of the year will see the conjunction of five planets (Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn & Ketu) in Sagittarius. This planetary placement seems good for the Bulls. Mercury will enter Poorva Ashadha Nakshatra on 2nd day of the New Year 2020 and thereby conjoin Sun in same Nakshatra. Commodities & Bullion market will see an uptrend after a minor downfall initially. With the advent of Venus in Aquarius sign on the 8th, the stocks of Textiles (Raymond), FMCG (HUL, ITC) & Sugar (EID) are likely to see an uptrend whereas stocks related to commodities, cotton, sugar and ghee will see an upsurge in the demand. Gold & Silver will become the darling of the speculators as Mercury enters Capricorn on 13th.

Sun will conjoin Mercury on 15th in Capricorn, which will add fuel to the fire. The demand of Wheat, Jaggery, Sugar, Cotton, Textiles & Bullion will increase further. The stocks of Capital goods (Crompton greaves) will remain in demand. Saturn will enter Capricorn on 24th and conjoin with Mercury & Sun. This will create volatility in the atmosphere. The traders & speculators should keep booking profit on every rise. Mercury will conjoin Venus in Aquarius on 31st and Mars will aspect both of these planets. This indicates a volatile rise of the Bulls.

Share Market Predictions 2020 for February

According to Stock Market 2020 Predictions, Sun will remain placed in the Capricorn zodiac sign conjoined with Saturn in the month’s beginning. Mercury, Venus & Neptune will be placed in Aquarius. Moon will conjoin with Uranus in Aries sign, whereas Jupiter, Ketu & Pluto will be placed in Sagittarius. Mars will be transiting through Scorpio whereas Rahu will continue travelling in Gemini sign.

Venus will enter Pisces on 3rd Feb and be aspected by Saturn, which may result in a temporary downfall. But gradually, there will be an inflation in the stocks of White goods (Symphony, Blue Star), and IT & Software (TCS, Infosys) companies will be noticed. A rise in the prices and rates of Crude OIl will be witnessed. The traders mustn't fall in the trap, since the demand is likely to increase. Global conditions will keep the traders & speculators uneasy & restless till 12th Feb.

Stock Market 2020 predicts that the planet Mercury will become retrograde on 17th. Bearish sentiments will pull down the indices. However, the markets and indices will witness an upsurge on 22nd. Pharma (Sun, Pfizer, Dr Reddys), Media and Capital goods (Havells) stocks will be in demand as per Stock Market 2020 Predictions. Venus will enter Aries and be aspected by Jupiter. Stocks of FMCG, wheat, edibles, oil, mustard, wool and jaggery are likely to go downwards whereas the indices will experience a bullish trend.

Share Market Predictions 2020 for March

During the month of March, Sun, with Neptune & Mercury, will be in Aquarius as per Share Market 2020 Predictions. Mars, Jupiter & Ketu will transit through Sagittarius sign. Saturn and Pluto’s conjunction will take place in Capricorn sign. Moon, Venus and Uranus will jointly transit through Libra. In the middle of the month, Sun will move to Pisces sign and Moon will transit through Scorpio. Retrograde Mercury in Aquarius will attain direct motion on 10th. This will infuse positive sentiments in regards with stocks of banking (HDFC ), insurance, paper (West Coast, Tamil Newsprint, Trident), logistics (Blue Dart) and tyre sector companies.

Investors will take an interest in acquiring the stocks of White goods companies (Blue Star, Amber, Whirlpool). The stocks of Power, Electrical & Gas (IGL) sector companies will rise from 13th onwards. Profit booking will be observed between 18th to 20th. Mars will enter its exalted sign Capricorn on 22nd and conjoin Saturn. This planetary combination will create an uneasy scenario on a global level. Edibles like oil, wheat, rice, and jaggery are likely to see an uptrend due to the increase in demand and shortage of supply. The Indices may see a downfall between 25th to 27th. Investors will have an inclination towards buying gold. Sentiments in the stock market are likely to improve after 27th as per Share Market 2020 Predictions.

Rahu Transit 2020 & Effects on Zodiac Sign

Share Market Predictions 2020 for April

In the month of April, the planetary positions will be like this - Sun in Pisces. Mars, Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn. Mercury & Neptune will transit through Aquarius. Rahu and Moon will jointly travel in Gemini sign whereas Venus will be placed in Taurus.

During the middle of the month, Sun will enter Ashwini Nakshatra, and Aries sign on 13th. Mars will have 4th aspect on Sun in Aries and is already conjoining Jupiter & Saturn in Capricorn. Cotton, Coconut, Mustard and Bullion will undergo positive buying trends. The stocks of IT (TCS) and FMCG (HUL, Nestle & Britannia) will remain in green. On 17th, Mercury will advance through Revati Nakshatra and is being aspected by Saturn. Blue chip front runners will witness a rise in demand. Smart and prudent investors will indulge in purchasing the stocks of IT, software (Infosys, Wipro), heavy industries (Reliance), banks (HDFC) and chemical sectors at low rates.

Mercury will conjoin Sun in fiery sign Aries on 24th as per Share Market 2020 Predictions. This conjunction will be aspected by the fiery planet Mars, leading to inflation. The graph of the indices will see an uptrend. This month, overall mood and sentiments are likely to remain bullish. Midcaps indices will also see an uptrend.

Share Market Predictions 2020 for May

In the month of May, the planets Sun, Mercury & Uranus will transit through Aries. Mars, Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto will travel together in Capricorn sign. Moon will pass through Cancer, Venus through Taurus and Rahu through Gemini sign. Fiery sign Mars will enter Aquarius and aspect Venus in Taurus. This will boost the demand for cotton, fashion, jewellery, watches (Titan), silver, paints (Asian Paints) & hospitality (Indian Hotels) sector companies.

Saturn will move in retrograde motion on 11th according to as per Share Market 2020. Sun will enter in Kritika Nakshatra on the same day. This will create a demand in the stocks of Steel (JSW Steel, Tata Steel), Automobiles (TVS Motors, Maruti), Auto ancillaries (Motherson), Oil, Gas & Petroleum (HPCL, BPCL, MGL, IGL) sector companies.

Mercury will enter Rohini Nakshatra on 13th. IT and software sector companies will see an upsurge in the demand on 13th when Venus turns retrograde in Taurus. Fashion, Cosmetics and FMCG stocks will also see a rise in the rates. Mercury will rise in the West on 16th. This will set a bullish tone in the sentiments. Rahu & Mercury will enter Mrigasira Nakshatra & conjoin Venus on 20th. Stock market is likely to experience volatility till the 28th. Long side traders are advised to book profit on every rise. Stock Market 2020 says that on the 29th, Retrograde Venus & aspect of fiery sign Mars on Sun & Venus will move the Spot & Equity market’s graph upwards.

Share Market Predictions 2020 for June

According to the Stock Market Predictions 2020, Sun conjoined with Venus will transit through Taurus, whereas Mercury & Rahu will travel through Gemini sign. Moon will pass through Gemini, Mars through Aquarius and combined Jupiter & Saturn will transit from Capricorn. Fiery planet Mars will enter Purva Bhadrapad Nakshatra on 3rd. Edible oils, Bullion (gold & silver), Cotton, Textiles stocks, FMCG stocks and Crude oil stocks will see an upsurge in the demand.

Stock Market 2020 Predictions says that the Sun will get into a conjunction with Rahu in Mrigasira Nakshatra on 7th. This creates a shortage in the quantity of petroleum, beverages, rice, pearl, water and silver. The rates of aqua culture (Avanti feeds), rice (KRBL) and beverage stocks (Varun Beverages) are likely to increase. Sun will enter Gemini and conjoin Mercury & Rahu on 14th. This planetary phenomenon is capable of creating a restless environment.

Rainfall will likely be lesser than expected. Stockists of the grains will earn handsomely due to a rise in the prices. Stocks of sugar, rice, wheat, edibles, metals and steel will see an uptrend. Uptrend is likely to continue due to the entry of Mars in the Pisces sign on 18th. Mars will aspect the conjunction of Sun, Rahu & Mercury and in turn attain the aspect from Saturn. Mercury is moving in retrograde direction. As a result, speculators should avoid short-selling the stocks of Banks (HDFC, ICICI & SBI). This month, the stars are likely to favour the long-side traders as per Stock Market 2020.

Share Market Predictions 2020 for July

The markets are likely to see mix trends till 4th according to the Stock Market Predictions 2020. With the advent of Sun in Punarvasu Nakshatra, the stocks of perfumery, coconut products (Marico, Dabur) and rice (KRBL) will see an increase in the demand. Mercury will resume a direct motion on 12th. Banking, Paper (JK, West Coast), Logistics (Blue Dart) & Insurance (LIC, GIC) stocks will see a rise after the initial hitch. As Sun enters Cancer on 16th, it will thereby form a 180 degrees conjunction with Saturn. Bullish sentiments will predominate the markets despite bearish interferences.

Sun will enter Pushya Nakshatra, ruled by enemy Saturn, on 19th. The stocks of metals, steel, capital goods (Havells) and consumer goods (Godrej consumer, ITC, Dabur) will remain in demand. IT & software stocks will become the darling of the investors on 23rd when Venus conjoins Rahu in Mrigasira Nakshatra. Prudent investors will make use of every opportunity to buy good quality stocks on every fall. The last week of the month will have a bullish undercurrent according to the Share Market Predictions 2020.

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Share Market Predictions 2020 for August

Beginning of the month of August 2020 will witness many interesting planetary phenomena according to the Stock Market Predictions 2020. Venus will enter Gemini to conjoin Rahu and will have opposite aspect with conjunction of Ketu & Jupiter. Fiery sign Mars will aspect the conjunction of Venus & Rahu. Volatility will prevail in the market. Smart traders will keep booking profit on every rise. With the advent of Mercury in Pushya Nakshatra on 4th, bullion will see downtrend.

The chief planet of commerce & trade, Mercury will enter Ashlesha Nakshatra to conjoin Sun. The stocks of Gas, Mines (Coal India, Vedanta), Affordable housing (Ashiana, Eldeco) and Cement (Ultratech) sector will be seen going northwards. The uptrend is likely to suddenly reverse the direction, as Mars will enter Aries and disturb Mercury by aspecting it.

Overall, the markets are likely to see an uptrend till 21st. From 22nd, change of planetary positions will infuse bearish sentiments in the market. The commodities market will experience a deflation till 29th. Last day of the month will witness Venus entering in watery & movable sign Cancer zodiac sign. This Venus will attain the aspect from Mars. This combination will bring smiles on the lips of the Bulls as per Share Market 2020.

Share Market Predictions 2020 for September

Till 10th, the market will be hesitant to show a bullish inclination. Mars will be in retrograde motion and start moving from 10th. Bulls would like to strike but Jupiter’s aspect on Mars will not let them act wholeheartedly. Soon, the uptrend will fizzle out. Jupiter will assume direct motion from 13th, and Sun will also enter Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra on the same day. This planetary combination will lead to an inflation in the commodities. The stocks of woollen garments (Monte Carlo, Lux Ind) will be seen in demand according to 2020 Stock Market Predictions.

Prudent investors will start taking an interest in the stocks of Automobiles and Auto ancillaries. Sun’s entry in Virgo on 16th will see Mercury conjoining Sun. The Bears will pull down the indices. Lack of any enthusiastic purchases will be noticed till 21st. Smart traders will keep buying the front-runner stocks on every fall.

Mercury will enter Libra on 22nd, and come under the aspect of Mars & Saturn. This astral phenomenon has the potential to ignite the “buying passion” in the Bulls. Saturn will assume direct motion in Capricorn on 29th. As per the 2020 Share Market Predictions, the trend of the markets, especially the stocks of Steel, Automobiles, Housing, Gas and Petroleum, will see a quick reversal.

Share Market Predictions 2020 for October

Retrograde Mars will enter Pisces on 4th. This Mars will form several important aspects with other major planets. Mars will aspect Sun and in turn get aspect from Saturn. This will create volatility in the market. The stocks of Plywood, Cement, Housing, Real Estate and Heavy Industry sectors will be in demand. Mercury in Libra will assume retrograde motion on 14th and attain the aspect from Mars & Saturn.

The Bulls will dominate the market by showing an interest in purchasing the stocks of Insurance, Banking, AMC (HDFC AMC) and Paints sector companies. The stocks of Air conditioners & Refrigerators (Voltas) will see a reduction in the demand. Sun will enter Libra on 17th and conjoin Mercury, and be aspected by Mars & Saturn in accordance with the predictions for Stock Market 2020.

Indices may show a downtrend before going northwards. Venus will enter its debilitated sign Virgo on 23rd. Mars is transiting seven signs away from Virgo in Pisces. Stocks of Rice (KRBL), FMCG (ITC, HindUni), Woollen clothes (Monte Carlo, Lux Ind) and Nightwears (Lovable, Page) will see a rise in the demand. Venus will enter Hasta Nakshatra on 31st. Hence, beverages & bottling stocks (Varun Beverages) will lose the sheen.

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Share Market Predictions 2020 for November

Mercury in Libra will assume direct motion on 3rd. Conjunction of Sun & Mercury will get the aspect from Mars and Saturn. Indices are likely to go northwards. The stocks of Automobiles (Maruti), Banking, Paper, Cable (Finolex, Sterlite) and Logistics (Gati, Blue Dart) will be in demand. Sun will enter Vishakha Nakshatra on 6th. This will induce a demand in metal, gas, petroleum and cement stocks according to the Stock Market Predictions 2020.

Venus will enter Libra and conjoin Mercury on 17th. Mars & Saturn will aspect this conjunction. Fiery planet Mars will add fuel to the bullish fire. Jupiter will enter Capricorn and conjoin Saturn on 20th. Jupiter & Saturn will transit through the same Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra ruled by Sun. The bullishness is likely to continue during this phase.

With the advent of Mercury in Vishaka Nakshatra on 21st, the demand in bullion will decline. Disturbance & volatility will be felt due to unexpected political & natural events. The Bulls may lose interest between 23rd to 27th. Sentiments are likely to improve, and things will remain positive on an overall note.

Share Market Predictions 2020 for December

Mercury will enter Jyestha Nakshatra on 8th and conjoin Sun in the same Nakshatra. This conjunction of Sun & Mercury creates volatility in the sentiments. Traders are advised to trade/speculate cautiously. The combust state of Mercury will keep the Bulls under pressure as per Share Market 2020 Predictions. Active traders would shy away from trading actively. Long-side speculators may like to watch and wait rather than buying mindlessly.

Venus will enter the fixed & watery sign Scorpio on 11th. Conjunction of Venus, Sun, Mercury & Ketu in Scorpio will increase the demand of IT, Software, Pharma (Sun, Divis, Pfizer) and Textiles sector companies. Mars will enter Aries on 24th and aspect the conjunction of Venus & Ketu in Scorpio. The stocks of Copper (Hindustan Copper), MCX Copper, Gold & Silver, Footwear (Relaxo) and Sugar (E.I.D Parry) will see an upsurge in their demand. The uptrend movement in the indices as per Share Market 2020 will keep the Bulls happy.

DISCLAIMER : These inferences regarding Stock Market 2020 Predictions are purely based on planetary conditions. Neither the editor/publisher, nor the author is responsible for any loss. These astrological inferences are neither an invitation nor a suggestion/recommendation to trade in the Stock Market. Consult the Registered Financial Advisor before investing. The author may have invested in mentioned stocks.

Predictions By: Rajiv S Khattar

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