Lunar Eclipse 2020 Dates: Sutak Time & Rituals

Several astronomical events hold high importance in Vedic Astrology. Lunar Eclipse, being one of them, is regarded as a significant celestial phenomenon which impacts astrology as well as zodiac signs in numerous ways. In this article, we will know more about Lunar Eclipse 2020 dates, time, Sutak Period observed during the eclipse, rituals to follow and do’s and don’ts to keep in mind. There are four Lunar Eclipses occurring in the year 2020. Find out the areas where it is visible and duration. If you want to know the occurence of Lunar Eclipse today, refer to the below table.

Lunar Eclipse 2020 Dates

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए, यहां क्लिक करें : चंद्र ग्रहण 2020

The predictions are based on your moon sign. Know your moon sign: Moon Sign

Lunar Eclipse 2020

Date Type Duration Visibility Sutak Period
10-11* January Penumbral Lunar Eclipse From 22:37 to 02:42 India, Europe, Africa, Asia and parts of Australia Will not be observed
5-6* June Penumbral Lunar Eclipse From 23:16 to 02:34 India, Europe, as well as some parts of Africa, Asia and Australia Will not be observed
5 July Penumbral Lunar Eclipse From 08:38 to 11:21 America, Southwest Europe and some parts of Africa. Will not be observed
30 November Penumbral Lunar Eclipse From 13:04 to 17:22 Asia, Australia, the Pacific Ocean and parts of the Americas. Will not be observed

Note: Timings given for the above table is as per Indian Standard Time (IST).

*Note: Although these Penumbral Lunar Eclipses will be visible in India, however, their Sutak Period will not be observed because Vedic Astrology does not recognise them as a valid Eclipse.

Let’s know about these dates, what nakshatra they are falling under and which zodiac signs will undergo major changes as a result of Lunar Eclipse:

  • First Lunar Eclipse: The First and Penumbral Lunar Eclipse will occur on 10-11 January 2020, Friday-Saturday, and be visible from 22:37 to 02:42. Hindu Panchang says that first eclipse will be seen during the Punarvasu Nakshatra Shukla Paksha on the Poornima in Gemini sign. Therefore, Gemini natives will undergo major changes during this period.
  • Second Lunar Eclipse: The Second and Penumbral Lunar Eclipse will occur on 5-6 June 2020, Friday-Saturday, and be visible from 23:16 to 02:34. As per the Hindu Panchang, the second eclipse will take place during Shukla Paksha on the Poornima during Jyeshta Nakshatra in Scorpio zodiac sign. Therefore, Scorpio natives will undergo major changes during this period.
  • Third Lunar Eclipse: The Third and Penumbral Lunar Eclipse will occur on 5 July 2020, Sunday, and be visible from 08:38 to 11:21. As per the Hindu Panchang, the third eclipse will occur during Shukla Paksha on Poornima tithi in Purva Ashadha Nakshatra and Sagittarius sign. Therefore, Sagittarius natives will undergo major changes during this period.
  • Fourth Lunar Eclipse: The Fourth and Penumbral Lunar Eclipse will occur on 30 November 2020, Monday, and be visible from 13:04 to 17:22. As per the Hindu Panchang, the Fourth and last eclipse will occur during Shukla Paksha on Poornima tithi in Rohini Nakshatra and Taurus sign. Therefore, Taurus natives will undergo major changes during this period.

What Is A Lunar Eclipse?

Lunar Eclipse, as per astronomy, occurs when the planet Moon remains posited in a straight line with the Sun and Earth, and passes behind the Earth, hereby hiding behind its shadow. We can say that the Earth is seen posited between the Sun and the Moon, which reduces the visibility of the Moon to a minimum. It must be noted that this event occurs on a Full Moon night. This event is known as Chandra Grahan in hindi, and holds high astrological importance. It is believed that the atmosphere is surrounded by negative energy, and the period of Sutak begins. There are three kinds of Lunar Eclipse:

  • Full Lunar Eclipse: A Full Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Earth covers the Moon entirely.
  • Partial Lunar Eclipse: A Partial Lunar Eclipse can be seen when the Earth covers the Moon partially.
  • Penumbral Lunar Eclipse: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse can be seen when the Moon moves in its path through the Earth’s Penumbra, hereby dimming the Moon’s surface and creating a fragmented image due to the rays of the Sun

Lunar Eclipse in Vedic Astrology

Moon, although not a planet, is considered one in the Vedic Astrology, and known as a significant part of the Navagrahas. It rules over the zodiac sign Cancer, and gets exalted in Taurus, i.e. remains strong and debilitated in Scorpio, i.e. remains weak. It is the benefactor of Mother in a birth chart, as it feminine in nature, receptive and nocturnal. To attain a prosperous family life, sharp mind, emotional bent and great personality, one must have a strong Moon in his/her kundli. However, an afflicted Moon causes changeability in nature, and hindered physical growth. Wearing the gemstone Pearl helps to strengthen the placement of the Moon in one’s Kundli and attain beneficial results.

Lunar Eclipse occurs as Rahu or Ketu gets placed with it in a specific house or sign. Rahu and Ketu are the two nodes of the Moon itself, with Rahu being the north node and Ketu being the south node. In mythology, it has been stated that Lord Vishnu tried to eliminate Swarbhanu, a demon who tricked the Lord into drinking the “Immortal Nectar of Life” gained after the event of Samundra Manthan between the Gods and Demons. Being immortal, he didn’t die but had his head and torso separated. This happened as the Sun and Moon told the Lord about Swarbhanu’s deceitful plan. Therefore, the head became Rahu, and torso became Ketu. it is said that due to this event, Rahu and Ketu curses the Moon and Sun, and as a result forms the eclipse.

Precautions during Lunar Eclipse 2020

  • Chant the Mantra: “ॐ क्षीरपुत्राय विद्महे अमृत तत्वाय धीमहि तन्नो चन्द्रः प्रचोदयात्” / “oṃ kṣīraputrāya vidmahe amṛta tatvāya dhīmahi tanno candraḥ pracodayāt”.
  • Venerate the Lord Moon, and perform meditation.
  • Avoid initiating any new task or project in this duration.
  • Put the Basil or Tulsi leaves in the food items before the eclipse begins. Do not touch the plant during the eclipse.
  • Avoid cooking foods, eating them or drinking water during this period.
  • Pregnant ladies must refrain from using sharp objects such as knives, scissors or cutter, and avoid going out, as it can affect the growth of the unborn child.
  • The pictures or idols of the deities mustn’t be touched in this duration. .
  • Natives must not comb their hair, brush their teeth or go to the bathroom.
  • After the Lunar Eclipse ends, Gangajal must be sprinkled all around the house for purification.
  • Donate to a needy or Brahmin after the eclipse ends.

Lunar Eclipse 2020: Sutak Kaal - Inauspicious Period During Lunar Eclipse

As per astrology, an inauspicious period begins before the occurrence of the Lunar Eclipse 2020, which is called as the Sutak Period. In this duration, carrying out any auspicious or beneficial task must be refrained. This period is observed nine hours before the eclipse begins. However, these precautions aren’t followed by small kids, newborns, natives who are not healthy and elderly people.

Lunar Eclipse 2020: Watching Lunar Eclipse- Safe Or Not?

In contrast with the Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse can be seen with naked eyes. Astrologically or scientifically, Lunar Eclipse 2020 sightings can be seen easily at night, as there aren’t any harmful rays to affect your eyes. You don’t need to wear any protective glasses or indirect method to watch the Lunar Eclipse. However, Pregnant ladies are advised not to come out at night or see this eclipse, as it can harm the unborn baby and hinder its growth.

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