Nakshatra Horoscope 2020: Discover Your Future With The Stars!

Nakshatra Horoscope 2020 is here with predictions for your upcoming year, according to your birth constellation.

Vedic Astrology divides the astrological plane into 27 parts, and each of them is considered a nakshatra. Moon moves through this plane and resides in each of these nakshatras, or lunar mansions for approximately a day. Thus, a month in the lunar calendar comprises of roughly 27 days. Often, astrologers quote the planetary movements and placement of nakshatras while making predictions. So how are these lunar mansions connected with our fate and future? Jyotish scriptures offer great importance to these nakshatras, and their influence on a native is considered vast.

The nakshatra, in which the Moon resided, at the time of your birth is considered your birth nakshatra. It influences not only your character but also your personality and every other aspect of your life. Let us take a look at what these nakshatras and their placement in 2020 have to say about your future.

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Let us move on to the Nakshatra Horoscope 2020 Predictions:

Nakshatra Horoscope 2020

Ashwini Nakshatra

Natives born under the Ashwini Nakshatra are ruled by the planet Mars and belong to the zodiac sign Aries. They will see progress in their career graph between 30 March to 30 June 2020, after which you will witness some ups and downs in your success. There are also indications of significant conflicts between you and your spouse, due to some misunderstandings. As for your financial life, you will have a tough time saving money until 6 May 2020 as per Nakshatra Horoscope 2020. After this, things will gradually start improving. Be attentive between the 18 January to 27 March 2020, as there are high possibilities of accidents, in this duration.

Bharani Nakshatra

Natives born under Bharani Nakshatra are ruled by the planet Venus and belong to the zodiac sign Aries. They should try to be cautious in terms of their career between 17 February to 7 May 2020, as there are chances of you losing your job or an important client. According to Nakshatra Horoscope 2020, your new year will be average for your married life. Although your relations with your partner will be good too, however, you still need to remain cautious between 17 March to 8 June 2020. High expenses will disrupt your balance sheet, therefore, remain cautious between 1 February to 28 April 2020. Those struggling with a disease from a long time will finally see an improvement in their health after 9 March 2020. Conversely, natives who are fit and well will remain free of all major problems until 16 July 2020, after which, some unexpected health issues concerning your chest area are probable.

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Krittika Nakshatra

Natives born under Krittika Nakshatra are ruled by the planet Sun and belong to the zodiac signs Aries & Taurus. Conflicts with seniors or bosses are on the cards for you, predicts Krittika Nakshatra Horoscope 2020. Thus, you need to remain careful in the first quarter of the year. Moreover, throughout the year, ensure that you are not harsh or argumentative. Marital life of the natives will be pleasant till 3 March 2020. After this, you will have to face some ups and downs up to 9 July 2020, but after that, you and your spouse will have smooth sailing ahead. Try not to be obstinate about anything. Coming to your financial life, do not lend any money on the mere basis of a blind trust; otherwise, you will lose it. Someone from your family can fall ill, due to which you will be tensed. This mental stress can also bring a decline in your health. Take care of yourself, and do not worry too much because everything will be alright soon.

Rohini Nakshatra

Natives born under Rohini Nakshatra are ruled by the planet Moon and belong to the zodiac sign Taurus. A new job is on the cards for these natives, as per the predictions of Nakshatra Horoscope 2020. Thus, your efforts need to pick up the pace before 4 April 2020. As for the business personnel of this nakshatra, some new clients will get added to your enterprise. Some sudden changes in the behaviour of your spouse are indicated, between 23 January to 17 March 2020. At this time, they will be seen nitpicking even the slightest of points, making a mountain of a molehill. Some tax-related enquiries are possible for natives this year. Therefore, keep your balance sheet managed ad ready. Try to go in for a full-body checkup between 15 January to 18 February 2020, as problems related to your stomach are indicated before 1 July 2020.

Mrigashira Nakshatra

Natives born under Mrigashira Nakshatra are ruled by the planet Mars and belong to the zodiac signs Taurus & Gemini. The first two months of the year will be essential in fulfilment of the demands and aspirations of these natives. Your seniors or boss will heed your words, and they will remain in your favour. This is a good time for trying for a baby for couples. Whereas, those who are already expecting will need to be attentive throughout the time. Nakshatra Horoscope 2020 indicates some mishappening occurring this year. Monetary losses from 9 February to 20 June 2020 are on the cards for natives of this nakshatra, therefore, remain cautious about your purse or wallet. Some of you may struggle with muscles-related problems between February to May. You should immediately consult a doctor and take the help of medicines when this happens.

Ardra Nakshatra

Natives born under Ardra Nakshatra are ruled by the planet Rahu and belong to the zodiac sign Gemini. They need to keep their calm while discussing anything with their client or teammates. Your rude or hyper behaviour can taint your image, claims the Horoscope 2020 for Ardra Nakshatra. The stars are indicating a possibility of extramarital affairs for your spouse. Thus, you need to keep an eye on the situation and ensure that you keep your life partner happy. The best time for investments in the share market will be between 4 February to 24 May 2020. There are even yogas of natives winning a lottery at this time. As per Nakshatra Horoscope 2020, your health will see some major ups and downs from mid-May until the end of November.

Punarvasu Nakshatra

Natives born under Punarvasu Nakshatra are ruled by the planet Jupiter and belong to the zodiac signs Gemini & Cancer. According to Nakshatra Horoscope 2020, you will have a great start in your professional life this year. There are also high chances of an unexpected promotion falling in your lap, in February. As for you love lives, intimacy and understanding will grow and deepen from 17 January 2020 onwards. You will see a tremendous change in your spouse’s behaviour, which will bring you great relief. Something new that your partner dabbles in, whether it is a job or business will increase the inflow of funds from mid-April in your home. Healthwise, many of you may bring a significant change in your diet, after the first phase of February 2020.

Pushya Nakshatra

Natives born under the Pushya Nakshatra, are ruled by the planet Saturn and belong to the zodiac sign Cancer. You will be approached with astounding offers for a new job opportunity from mid-January onwards, which will fill you with great joy. There are also good possibilities for these proposals coming from a foreign or multi-national company. On the whole, this will be the best time for a job change, if you have been thinking about it says Nakshatra Horoscope 2020. You need to put in some extra effort if you wish to keep the love and affection between you and your partner, alive. Your lazy demeanour can even lead to a breakup, after June. Financially, this is a good time for long-term investments like retirement plans. Apart from that, you can receive substantial profits from a property sale this year; however, the auspicious time for the same is from February to April, only. This year will finally bring relief for natives struggling with a long-term health problem.

Ashlesha Nakshatra

Natives born under the Ashlesha Nakshatra, are ruled by the planet Mercury and belong to the zodiac sign Cancer. These natives will get to handle many projects, which will be directly under their supervision. As a result, you will be quite busy throughout the year, claims Nakshatra Horoscope 2020. Most of your conflicts arise because you do not share your daily life incidences with your partner. Thus, try to be more communicative with them, as this is their only complaint. There will be a definitive increase in your financial transactions after March. Also, keep an eye on your instalment for a loan that you took, and ensure that you don’t miss it; otherwise, you will have to pay a hefty penalty after May 2020. The predictions by Nakshatra Horoscope 2020 says that skin-related problems will trouble you throughout the year. Therefore, consult a good dermatologist, because any self-medication may result in severe allergic reactions.

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Magha Nakshatra

Natives born under Magha Nakshatra, are ruled by the planet Mercury and belong to the zodiac sign Leo. You can lose your job in the first two quarters of the year. Thus, remain considerate at work, and do not get into any altercations with your seniors. In case of any marital discord get professional advice or consultation, rather than taking any proactive decisions. Be practical in all that you do, instead of depending on hypotheses, advises Nakshatra Horoscope 2020. Financial disputes between you and your business partner will lead to a hefty loss. Thus, try and seek the help of a neutral person instead. Healthwise, the duration of February to June is not favourable for natives suffering from any nerve-related problem. During this time, you need to stay away from all tensions and stay calm.

Purva Phalguni Nakshatra

Natives born under Purva Phalguni Nakshatra, are ruled by the planet Venus and belong to the zodiac sign Leo. They will be praised for their creativity and systematic approach at their workplace. Your boss will also be very pleased and delighted with your work. Your strongest and weakest points this year will be your spouse, explains Horoscope 2020 for Purva Phalguni Nakshatra. As long as you keep them happy, you will have luck and success throughout the year. The family finances will improve from the first week of April, and any unnecessary expenditure will also diminish. Healthwise, there are possibilities of you suffering from some blood-related problems from the end of January to the end of March. Thus, you need to consult your doctor immediately.

Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra

Natives born under Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra, are ruled by the planet Sun and belong to the zodiac signs Leo & Virgo. You need to remember that your boss can make and ruin your career quite easily. Therefore, do not be argumentative and remain under their wing. After the month of May, your boss will refer you for a good project. You will sport an uncompromising headstrong attitude this year, in your marital life, which will be the cause of great discontent between you and your spouse.

Therefore, remember to avoid spreading any unhappiness in your life, advises Nakshatra Horoscope 2020. Some legal problems based on financial disputes are on the cards for many. Healthwise, problems related to your bones will begin mid-year and will continue to trouble you until the end. Instead of going the regular route, get homoeopathic medicines for your issues, because they will be more effective.

Hasta Nakshatra

Natives born under Hasta Nakshatra, are ruled by the planet Moon and belong to the zodiac sign Virgo. Due to an increase in your aspirations or dreams for your professional life, these natives will remain restless at their workplace this year. Before doing anything or making any decision, ensure that there is stability to your thinking. You will be extra demanding in your marital life, which will create some day to day problems with your spouse. Financially, your expenses will be much higher than your savings this year. Thus, try to avoid keeping cash in hand (liquid assets) and instead, invest it. Mental stress will trouble you throughout the year says Horoscope 2020 for Hasta Nakshatra. Therefore, through all the ups and downs, try to keep your thinking positive.

Chitra Nakshatra

Natives born under Chitra Nakshatra, are ruled by the planet Mars and belong to the zodiac signs Virgo & Libra. You will need to beware until mid-July as your competitors in your professional life will remain active and strong. However, after that, you will dominate the place, syas Nakshatra Horoscope 2020. Thus, keep a backup plan ready and in place. A strong argument based on cooperation will disrupt your marital life between February to May. At this time, you need to bend slightly to the will of your spouse, because that will keep your marriage safe. Any property transactions (land/plots) will be beneficial and greatly profitable for natives this year. After May, some stomach-related disorders will trouble you; thus, you need to stick to a balanced diet.

Swati Nakshatra

Natives born under Swati Nakshatra, are ruled by the planet Rahu and belong to the zodiac sign Libra. A sudden transfer to a different office or workplace will lower the enthusiasm of natives. However, you need not worry because, after mid-August, things will improve and change as per your desire. A new infatuation will bring tensions to your marital life. Remember that this passing fancy is fleeting, but your marriage is eternal, and remain loyal to your spouse. Sudden funds through your investment in shares or stock profits are indicated this year by Nakshatra Horoscope 2020. Healthwise, a sudden chronic disease can trouble you after April, thus get regular medical checkups.

Vishakha Nakshatra

Natives born under Vishakha Nakshatra, are ruled by the planet Jupiter and belong to the zodiac signs Libra & Scorpio. This year, they should maintain a close relationship with their senior officials, and respect them. They will be your strong support system at your workplace, suggests Nakshatra Horoscope 2020. New strength and bonding will deepen the bond in your marital life, but you also need to do your part by being a little more understanding. Your spouse is expecting a lot from you, and with some effort, you can fulfil them. A wise investment idea for the year 2020 will be fixed deposits in your bank. The more funds you keep in your account, the more you save this year, explains the Horoscope 2020 for Vishakha Nakshatra. Healthwise, the major problem you will have to struggle with is obesity. Therefore, you should maintain a balanced diet and remain as active as possible.

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Anuradha Nakshatra

Natives born under Anuradha Nakshatra, are ruled by the planet Saturn and belong to the zodiac sign Scorpio. Your progress this year will be plodding, till August 2020. However, you need not worry things will pick up the pace soon afterwards, and you will actively move towards success. A pregnancy, after much waiting and praying, will be a major point of eternal happiness in the marital life of natives. However, financially, there are possibilities of a monetary loss because of your colleague or business partner. Thus, try not to lend anyone money without ensuring some sort of security, warns Nakshatra Horoscope 2020. As for your health, cervical problems can give you a stressful time until June.

Jyeshta Nakshatra

Natives born under Jyeshta Nakshatra, are ruled by the planet Mercury and belong to the zodiac sign Scorpio. These natives will be praised at their workplace, due to their diligence and communication skills this year. To make this year even better for your professional life, ensure that you are approachable and seem more reliable to your colleagues and seniors. The arrival of a new member will bring joy to your marital life, and the blessing of a baby will deepen your bond with your spouse. Do not become the guarantor for anybody taking loan this year; otherwise, you will end up paying for them. Healthwise, some throat-related issues may persist for a long time this year, cautions Nakshatra Horoscope 2020.

Moola Nakshatra

Natives born under Moola Nakshatra, are ruled by the planet Ketu and belong to the zodiac sign Sagittarius. As the year begins, these natives will feel dejected in their professional life. In such a situation, do not let this frustration fester, and instead communicate your innermost feelings with your close colleagues or best friends. Things will improve after 1 April. As for your marital life, things may not be agreeable until May states Nakshatra Horoscope 2020. You will feel alone, despite having a supportive spouse at this time. If you have applied for a loan, then you will receive the approval after the last week of April. However, ensure that you utilize your loan amount carefully because any wrong investment will only end up adding to your burden. Healthwise, you will suffer from some problems regarding your joints this year.

Purva Ashadha Nakshatra

Natives born under Purva Ashadha Nakshatra, are ruled by the planet Venus and belong to the zodiac sign Sagittarius. From the end of January to mid-May, these people can expect a hike in their current salary. Your spouse will give you an astounding surprise between 3 February to 18 April 2020. This is something that you have been waiting for, for a long time, incites Nakshatra Horoscope 2020. Things will receive a significant boost on your financial front, from the end of February, and you can also look forward to substantial savings this year. Healthwise, a major cause of concern for you will be your private parts, thus, follow all necessary precautions to avoid a health issue.

Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra

Natives born under the influence of Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra, are ruled by the planet Sun and belong to the zodiac signs Sagittarius & Capricorn. These people will receive astounding support from their boss and senior officials, in their professional life. You will find them by your side, in any major case that occurs at your workplace. Your father or an elder of the family will be the cause of significant discomfort in your marital life. Financially, Nakshatra Horoscope 2020 is indicating an elevation in your wealth as some disputed property finally gets transferred to you. As for your health, some problems concerning your teeth can trouble you after 20 February, thus visit a dentist as soon as possible.

Shravana Nakshatra

Natives born under Shravana Nakshatra, are ruled by the planet Moon and belong to the zodiac sign Capricorn. Many work-related trips are on the cards for you. However, although these journeys will be tiring, they will turn out to be vastly successful and profitable for you. Your mother will be the most prominent solution provider for all your marital discords, explains Nakshatra Horoscope 2020. Consult her for your problems, but ensure that no one is stepping on another’s toes in the process. At least two faulty expenses are on the cards for you this year, therefore, check and recheck before doing any expenditure. Your left eye will cause you some problems which you need to deal with, timely.

Dhanishta Nakshatra

Natives born under the Dhanishta Nakshatra, are ruled by the planet Mars and belong to the zodiac signs Capricorn & Aquarius. You can look forward to tremendous success this year. Promotion with an expected hike is also on the cards for many. Your brother-in-law will turn out to be vital this year, in helping your bond with your spouse grow stronger. Any disputes that you were facing will fade away before the month of March, soothes Horoscope 2020 for Dhanishta Nakshatra. Any property dealings until 17 May will prove to be unrewarding and become the cause of loss, therefore avoid any such transaction until after said time. Healthwise, some problems concerning your hands will trouble you during the middle of the year, thus, keep an eye on the same.

Shatabhisha Nakshatra

Natives born under Shatabhisha Nakshatra, are ruled by the planet Rahu and belong to the zodiac sign Aquarius. A job offer from abroad is on the cards for you this year. As for those who are already on foreign soil, you can also receive a similar offer, for yet another country. Try not to be impulsive in your married life because this is not a promising year for you. Nakshatra Horoscope 2020 is even pointing out that separation is on the cards for some. There are indications of money coming in through wagers like mutual funds, gambling, or lottery, this year. Healthwise, your thighs and abdomen can cause some problems; therefore, follow necessary precautions to avoid the same.

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Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra

Natives born under Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra, are ruled by the planet Jupiter and belong to the zodiac signs Aquarius & Pisces. Daily struggles in your professional life will be the norm until 18 February. After that, things will finally improve, and you will find relief. You and your spouse can plan on changing your current place of residence for a new one this year. This is a good idea for you both and the duration of January to April will be the best time for such a shift. You can profitably invest in some property this year, as long as it is far from the city, as per Nakshatra Horoscope 2020. If you have diabetes, then ensure that you follow all the guidelines to keep your sugar levels in control; otherwise, your kidneys will profoundly be impacted this year.

Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra

Natives born under Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra, are ruled by the planet Saturn and belong to the zodiac sign Pisces. Any changes in your professional life that you are contemplating will be beneficial, as long as they occur between April to June. A job opportunity abroad as well as residing there is on the cards for many. Your marital life will be as pleasant as you desire it to be, explains Nakshatra Horoscope 2020. However, try not to be adamant in your desires or wishes. Remain careful in all your monetary transaction, because the possibilities of losses through cheating are high. Healthwise, allergies related to your fingers will be a major concern this year. Thus, visit a dermatologist as soon as possible, instead of self-medicating.

Revati Nakshatra

Natives born under Revati Nakshatra, are ruled by the planet Mercury and belong to the zodiac sign Pisces. At least two job changes are on the cards for you. Until mid-August, childless couples will remain frustrated, which will turn into conflicts between you two. Do not let this stress come between your bond, cautions Nakshatra Horoscope 2020. After the given time, your chances of conceiving will rise exponentially; however, you do need to take some medical help for the same. Some additional, and maybe even unwanted charges can be imposed on your account by the bank, thus, keep an eye on your passbook. As for your health, your ears, nose, or throat can be the cause of concern for you, this year.

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