Mercury Retrograde Meaning: Know its Impact and other associated facts

Mercury Retrograde Mercury retrograde Meaning happens to be the most pertinent term in the realm of astrology. It is hailed to be a great celestial event which is capable of generating many outcomes in an individual's life. Mercury retrograde is given a special status not only in the domain of Indian astrology, but also in the approaches of Western astrology. When the dualistic planet Mercury makes its transit in a retrograde motion, most of the people are seen remaining at the receiving end of its positive as well as negative results. It is because the planet Mercury is considered to be the significator of one’s communication skills primarily. Additionally, it also governs business ventures, intellectual abilities and academics. As per classical Roman mythology, this particular planet is given the status of a messenger, who circulates messages between various Gods and it is the rightful owner of this title because Mercury as we call it Budh, in Vedic astrology has a tremendous speed which completes one orbit of the Sun speedily as compared to the other planets. It revolves around the Sun in 88 days whereas Earth revolves around the Sun in approx 365 days.

Since we are discussing Mercury retrograde meaning in this article, readers should also know some more trivia about the concerned planet, before we finally address the elephant in the room, which is Mercury retrograde meaning. Vedic astrology states that Mercury is the ruling Lord of one’s fourth house and tenth house, which happen to the bhavas of happiness and career significantly. Moreover, it rules over body parts like chest, skin, nervous system, nose, lungs, nerves, navel, gallbladder, tongue, arms, hair and face. Since it is airy planet and also governs one’s speech, the concerned planet denotes professions like Sales, Insurance, Orators and also individuals who are associated with publicity. Amongst the days of the week, it rules over Wednesday and the colour associated with Budh is green. The zodiac signs which it rules over are Virgo and Gemini.

As it has been already mentioned, the planet Mercury is dualistic in nature, which is why it generates results as per the planets it gets posited with. Let us now discover what the various states of Mercury demonstrate.

  • Exalted Mercury : It has been acknowledged by professional experts that Mercury is the significator of communication abilities. Hence, when it remains in an exalted state in one’s Kundli, then the concerned native possesses excellent communication skills. Excellent merchant attributes will be present in you and you will be at ease while presenting your thoughts in front of others.
  • Beneficial Mercury : When the planet Mercury remains posited in a beneficial state, nativse will be gifted a considerable amount of intellectual abilities. Such natives will also develop the urge to know and learn every possible thing.
  • Debilitated Mercury : A native with a debilitated Mercury in his/her Kundli may fall prey to various mood swings. Such a native may also exhibit tendencies of gambling, cheating , showing off and many such fraudulent activities.

Considering the huge significance and responsibilities attributed to this planet, each and every movement associated with this planet becomes important for natives belonging to all the 12 zodiac signs. The transit, retrograde, combust and direct movement of this planet has different results in store including the positive and the negative ones. But the most important one in the lot is Mercury Retrograde and it is considered to be a celestial event of great significance. Keeping this importance in mind, we have brought to you exclusively the Mercury retrograde meaning. Finally, let us move onto the Mercury retrograde meaning and various other associated facts with this phenomenon.

Mercury Retrograde Meaning : What is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury Retrograde meaning is probably one of the most highly searched terms in the realm of astrology. This phenomenon actually comes into the light when the dualistic planet starts moving in a backward direction. The traditional approaches of astronomy state that all the planets revolve around the Sun. But, since we are discussing the Mercury retrograde meaning today, it should be kept in mind that astrology considers the Earth as the reference point and this is how the planetary movements are taken into account.

But in reality, none of the planets move backwards but only appear to do so because only their relative motion can be spectated from the Earth. Hence, the phenomenon of this planet only appearing to move backwards can be termed as the Mercury retrograde meaning. Many have given birth to this misconception that Mercury retrograde only stores negative outcomes. Hence, the delaying of fights, business losses, break ups, dismantled schedules, we tend to blame everything on the retrograde motion of the dualistic planet, Mercury. But it turns out that, Mercury retrograde is not responsible for all the negative things happening in our lives. Some of the favourable outcomes taking place during in your life during this celestial event can also be attributed to it. Because of its dualistic nature, Mercury retrograde will generate positive results, when it remains posited with beneficial planets. On the contrary, the opposite will come into the forefront when it gets placed with malefic planets. Let us now discover some more details about Mercury retrograde meaning and find out what this event has in store for all the twelve zodiac signs.

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Mercury Retrograde Meaning : Impact on Aries Natives

While discovering Mercury retrograde meaning, Aries natives should know that this particular sign is being ruled by the fire element. When a retrograde Mercury transits in your sign then primarily, you will develop an urge to go after new innovations and technologies. But at the same time, your temper may also increase since the ruling Lord of your sign happens to be Mars.

Mercury Retrograde Meaning : Impact on Taurus Natives

While talking about the fate of Taurus natives during Mercury retrograde, it can be stated that being affiliated to an earthy sign, most of them may have to face monetary difficulties during the time when the dualistic planet is transiting in a retrograde motion. Apart from this, some matters of the bygone era may also resurface, which the Taurus natives will find it difficult to deal with.

Mercury Retrograde Meaning : Impact on Gemini Natives

As a result, you’ll become talkative and exaggerate things a lot. You’ll repeat one thing multiple times, which can make people around you irritated. You’ll check everything repeatedly, but at the same time, There will be an improvement in your speech and sources of communication, and you’ll actively take part in social activities. During this time, you’ll feel refreshed and energetic and enjoy even the smallest moments of life.

Mercury Retrograde Meaning : Impact on Cancer Natives

When retrograde Mercury transits in a retrograde motion to the zodiac sign of Cancer, the emotional side of the natives may come into the forefront. Some of the old connections may also come out of the closet and make things somewhat difficult for you. Hence, it is advised to remain only careful and not give in to the nostalgia. Only then, you will be able to get a better hold of yourself.

Mercury Retrograde Meaning : Impact on Leo Natives

As the Mercury retrograde transits in the zodiac sign Leo, some of the natives may undergo a spiritual tone and remain at peace because of ot. While some others may witness an increment in their temper because of being under the governance of Mars, who happens to be their ruling lord. Some new ideas may also take house in your mind and you are advised to implement them successfully.

Mercury Retrograde Meaning : Impact on Virgo Natives

When the dualistic planet Mercury takes nest in the Virgo zodiac sign, some of you may seek the guidance of your intuition and it may ultimately deceive you. Finances will also crumble disabling the balance of your budget for the time being when the planet Mercury is transiting in a retrograde motion.

Mercury Retrograde Meaning : Impact on Libra Natives

For natives affiliated to the zodiac sign of Libra, Mercury happens to be the ruling lord of your sixth and twelfth houses. Hence the aspects represented by them like communications, academic pursuits and travel are most likely to get affected by this astronomical event. Social circle of Virgo natives is most likely to get an increment. As a result, paths can be crossed with many old friends.

Mercury Retrograde Meaning : Impact on Scorpio Natives

For the inhabitants belonging to the zodiac sign Scorpio, Mercury or Budh is known as the significator of their eighth and eleventh houses. During this time, the emotional side of the natives may remain on the forefront. Some of the lot may also contemplate a job switch which should be postponed under any given circumstances. A prospective favourable period for your career will only come into effect when the planet gets back to move in a direct motion once again.

Mercury Retrograde Meaning : Impact on Sagittarius Natives

Sagittarius is another zodiac sign, which comes under the governance of Mars. Hence, during the time when the planet Mercury transits in the zodiac sign Sagittarius in a retrograde motion, the temper may increase to a great extent. Journeys may get impacted along with your communication skills. At the same time, students may also suffer because of retrograde Mercury affecting their respective academic lives.

Mercury Retrograde Meaning : Impact on Capricorn Natives

When retrograde Mercury transits in the Capricorn sign, financial moves of the associated natives may take a drastic turn. Difficulties will also be witnessed while managing the weekly or monthly budget. Hence, any loans should not be undertaken during this time. Love relationships may also face blows which is why it is advised to refrain from communicating with your partner during this time.

Mercury Retrograde Meaning : Impact on Aquarius Natives

For the ones belonging to the Aquarius zodiac sign, Mercury is the ruler of your fifth and eighth houses. The talkative personality of the natives may make it difficult for them to make things going. Some of the lot may also find it difficult to put their words in front of others.

Mercury Retrograde Meaning : Impact on Pisces Natives

For the last sign in the zodiac circle, Mercury retrograde may hamper the familial relationships. Journeys may be taken to a favourable destination which will ultimately provide with great relaxation. It would also be beneficial if the Pisceans trust their intuitions during this time.

We hope that you like this article of ours on Mercury retrograde meaning. Thankyou for staying connected with AstroSage!!

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