Monthly Aquarius Horoscope

January, 2017


This month Saturn will transit from your 10th house, which would provide you fruitful results. Your work would get better and you’ll be more determined. Venus and ketu will be residing in your 1st house and will be aspecting the 4th house, that presages a hard time for mother’s health. Siblings will be supportive. Parents will be understanding and make sure that you are happy in whatever you do. Ketu will be transiting in your 1st house which is not a good indication for your health. You might have to face minor health ailments. Spiritualism will find its home in your heart this month. You might go on a pilgrimage or a religious trip. Jupiter will be transiting through your 8th house, which would get you financial gains. Family would be cordial and you’ll get the taste of warmth. Sun will be transiting in your 9th house that’ll benefit the natives involved in share market and lottery. Although, avoid any hasty investment, due to the movement of Rahu from your 7th house.


The month advises you to be cautious in money related matters. With the transit of Rahu in your 7th house, you’re advised not to make any huge investment in this duration. Despite of your efforts at work, you won’t be able to earn much. Share market and lottery might get you benefits, but it’s advised that you refrain from making any hasty investments. Jupiter would aspect your 2nd house, which might fetch you some monetary gains. This month, your expenses are expected to skyrocket. Natives involved in Life insurance and occult sciences will get lucky this month. After 14th of January, you’ll garner benefits from foreign sources. The end of the month shows the sign of wealth accumulation, with your toils reaping benefits.


Although your health will be peachy, but with the transit of Mars and Ketu in your 1st house you might have to face some minor health ailments. You might get hot under the collar. Saturn would move to your 10th house, which would affect your concentration and focal powers. You’ll work hard in this duration and make sure that your toils reap results. In accordance to your work, you’ll have to focus on your well being as well. Maintain minimum 6 hours of sleep; eat a clean and balanced diet. Natives with high blood pressure might feel mentally inconvenient. Plan a vacation to a calm and serene place to cleanse your mind and air fresh thoughts into your system. Meditation and yoga would help you battle the mental agony. The period after 20th of January will bring in miraculous changes in your health.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Married life might be tumultuous this month. Health of your partner will get affected, and minor health ailments could be expected. You and your partner would have to work out your differences with efficiency and methodology. You’ll have to keep your temper in checks and make sure that you use a warm tone with your partner. A conflict of ideas might play a major role in breathing in ego and problems in your relationship. Abstain from debates and arguments. Married couples will see their love grow and strengthen with each passing day. You’ll be supportive of each other’s interests and empower to become a better person. Singles will find someone interesting this month.

Family & Friends

This month you’ll have to work very hard to maintain peace and calm at your home, due to Saturn aspecting your 4th house. In lieu of getting into arguments and confrontations, it’s advised that you act rational and mature. Planet Jupiter will be aspecting your 2nd house, which would help you get out of difficult situations.Your parents will require extra care this month. Children would harbinger happiness in life; achievement would follow their path. Siblings would be very supportive; brothers involved in trading will lend a caring hand towards you. This month you could meet some old friends and reminisce glory days with them.


Refrain from castigating others. Help the needy and do good to get good.

Lucky Days

The dates 4, 8, 9,13, 17, 22, 23, and 27 will be lucky for you. Any auspicious function or affair must take place on the mentioned dates to elevate their luck quotient.

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