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Monthly Aquarius Horoscope

April, 2019


You are an individual who does every work steadily. Therefore, there is a possibility of achieving success in the field of your work. Executing a task with a whole lot of responsibility fetches you success according to time. You have this quality in you. In addition to self-confidence and strength, you also have a lot of patience. Hence, you get to see good progress in your work. In addition to a good social status, you also get opportunities for attaining a higher position at workplace.

The situation is also good for wealth and real estate acquisition because Jupiter and Saturn are communicating in the Sagittarius zodiac, which ensures perfect conditions related to wealth, real estate and relations with relatives, self-respect, self-confidence etc. If you are a politician, then you may get opportunities of reaping political gains. You would receive both people's support and your party's co-operation and in the political arena, you can surely get success. The possibility of getting the comfort of a house, vehicle etc is good because Mercury and Venus are communicating in Aquarius zodiac, which is good for receiving the pleasure of a house, love from parents etc. If you are trying to purchase a house in this month, then your efforts would turn to be successful. Situations regarding children might be stressful and in romantic relationships as well, the situations can remain stressful. The enemy might create a lot of stress and health-related issues might crop up. Therefore, make an attempt to remain cautious of your enemies. Stay away from unnecessary disputes and refrain from bad association. This would prove to be advantageous for you.

There is a strong chance of an overseas tour and the marital life is also expected to improve. You can wish for a cordial relation with your spouse. Luck will favor you during this month and there is a possibility of achieving success in every task that you choose to undertake. There is a possibility of business-related conditions remaining favorable. If you’re engaged in any kind of business or are employed in a job, then you might achieve tremendous success in the same.

Conditions from the perspective of economy are likely to remain favorable. There is a possibility of a reduction in unnecessary tours during in this month, which won’t lead to any complex issue pertaining to expenditures etc. In this month, the dates viz: 8th, 9th, 17th, 18th and 28th, 29th might create tension for you. On these dates, be careful about doing any work or any kind of auspicious works. You will be barred from doing good works on these days.


Economic situation may be in your favor during this month. If you are trying to reinforce your financial condition, then it might be successful because Jupiter is communicating in the Sagittarius zodiac, which ensures that every attempt made to benefit economically turns to be successful. If you have already invested in something, then the dividends received from the same would be quite good. If you have lended money to any of your relatives, then it might be disadvantageous for you.

Being careful of your own people can be better for your economic growth. It is important for you to be cautious during exchange of money and any kind of financial transactions. You should try to keep the financial conditions strong. You can go ahead with any kind of investment during this month. Such investment can be of any kind, for example related to a business or related to insurance etc., or investing in any other domain would prove to be economically beneficial for you. However, wherever you choose to invest, it is necessary to gather complete information about the same, which ensures that your financial condition always remains better.


In this month, you may have to suffer from any kind of fever, cold and cough or any type of injury or any disease related to blood. Therefore, it can be better for you to settle any health related problems. There is a possibility of any type of infection etc. as well. Therefore, be cautious about your health.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Conditions regarding romantic relationships are likely to remain stressful during this month. There could be a bitterness in the relationship with boyfriend or girlfriend. If you love someone and want to express your love then you should wait in this month. In the wake of doing well, things might get worse because Dragon’s Head is communicating in Gemini zodiac, which can lead to stressful situations in romantic relationships.

If you want to share some kind of important things, then also you should wait during this month. If you want to talk about any kind of work-related matters, then also you should definitely wait.

Attempts to maintain mutual feelings for each other during this month can give a better direction to your romantic relationship. In this month, conditions regarding your marital life might be favorable. You can receive support from your life partner and maintain better relationship with your spouse. In this month, you can choose to go somewhere for a casual outing with your spouse.

Having a warm relationship with your spouse can allow you to receive tremendous support in your area of work as well as your overseas travel etc. In addition to domestic relations, relations can also be improved in areas of work and cooperation can also be received.

Family & Friends

The conditions in the family are likely to remain favorable due to mutual harmony. With better interaction with the people within the family, a growth in the family’s progress can be witnessed. Also, the support of family members can be received in any important work. You should make every possible effort to maintain the balance of the family, because this will lead to your own growth. As necessary, you would also be able to receive the family’s support. The members within the family would render you complete support in several matters that concern you and also tend to affect you in some way or the other.

In addition to receiving parents’ support, there are also chances of having a good relationship with the parents. You will have good relations with your siblings etc. as well. Some kind of auspicious work might also get completed during the second half of this month or any kind of yagya rituals might take place in the house, which would increase the possibility of happiness and peace in the house. Every kind of work can be completed successfully with the family’s support. There is a possibility that things from child’s side, the child’s happiness, child's education, etc. are likely to remain. There can be a little mental stress and domestic disputes at the workplace. Therefore, we should make every effort to improve our harmony with everyone in the family.


You should donate cleaning items in the temple on every Saturday. For example, you can donate a bottle of phenyl, broom or any other kind of material in the temple. In addition to this, donating black colored articles, immersing coconut or coal pieces in running water etc. on Saturdays is quite beneficial. You should such kind of remedy.

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