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Monthly Virgo Horoscope

July, 2018


You are shy and soft-spoken. You are quite patient by nature. You are thoughtful and have a sharp mind. You remain stable in what you do. You are logical and interested in literature. You have a dynamic memory but your confidence level is low. Therefore, you are unable to make firm decisions in your life. You are thoughtful, soft-spoken and responsible by nature. There may, however, crop up problems due to confusion. In the beginning of July 2018, there are fair chances of your progression in daily jobs. You may plan to sell or buy house or vehicle during this period. Your business may see some high and lows this time. These times may bring about a change in your profession. This period is favorable for you to gain more wealth and even acquire immoveable property. Your relations with your family may also improve. There is possibility of achieving growth in your business due to new professional relations. Venus transiting in Cancer zodiac may bring you more worldly pleasures. You may have better chances of growth and development during this period but you need to take right decision on time. You may be able to buy a new house or vehicle. If you are a student, you may study well and perform excellently in exams. If you are a job seeker, you may secure a better job this time. You may achieve success soon. Do not get involved in any kind of arguments with others. Your relations with your enemies may remain normal this month. If you are stuck in a conflict, remember that conflicts can be resolved through discussion. You may travel abroad during this period. Your marital life may remain blissful too. Your plans to go abroad may even be successful.
Since Saturn is transiting in Libra, you may travel to some foreign country. Your marital life may also become better as presaged by planetary positions. You may also grow professionally better this time. You may, however, be mentally stressed due to which your business may affect. You may not only be successful in your business but also earn huge profits. Implementing a task with confidence may prove beneficial for you. Trust your instincts and do not rely on others this month, as their actions may turn out harmful for you. Business partnership may not prove to be a safe bet for you. Set your goals in life and work hard to achieve those objectives. It is always advantageous to act according to time and situation. You may need to act more responsibly during this period. If you put in all your efforts at work and move ahead with firm determination, success will not stay away from you.


During July 2018, you may have to face highs and lows from a financial point of view. You may work harder and attain low profits. If you conduct business by adopting the right approach and in the right direction, you may surely succeed. You may suffer financial loss this time. There are fair chances of you making financial gains but they come after a long wait. You may need to keep calm, be patient and continue your efforts in the direction of monetary gains. Those who plan to start a new venture may benefit in future. Your new business may bring you success and profits. You may also be able to acquire immoveable property during this period. If you are sincere and authoritative in your business, you may make sure shot monetary gains. In fact, you may give a tough blow to your competitors. Your opponents may be impressed by your business performance. Be careful at the time of transacting money. Deal wisely with people and do not lend money to your debtors. There is possibility of suffering financial loss due to insolvency on others’ part.


Your health condition may remain stable during this month. No unnecessary problem may crop up during this period. You may, however, face such situations infrequently that may bring health-related problems. It may be beneficial for you to act according to time and situation. You may also need to watch your diet and exercise regularly to stay healthy and fit. There may be times when you prefer to eat out. Your health may not deteriorate if you incorporate nutrition in your diet and take hygienic food only. Working out in the gym may improve your digestion thus, resolving trivial health-related problems.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

During this month, your love life may undergo stress. You may need to maintain healthier relations with your lover. Be genuine in your approach and do not try to butter him or her. You may otherwise face trouble. Trivial issues may give birth to big problems. Circumstances may arise when you have to separate from one another. Keep secrets from your partner, as revealing them may not be safe this time. Not only you may be required to focus more on work but also maintain harmonious relations with your lover. Your married life will remain healthy during this month. Your family outlook may improve due to a healthier relationship between you and your spouse. Your business may see better growth. You may achieve success at work when you establish lovelier relations with your husband or wife. You may also gain support of your in-laws when you have a happy family. If your spouse is satisfied, your in-laws may also extend their support. There are fair chances of growth in business. Your relatives may also support you during this period. Your love life may be unfavorable but marital life remains stable. You should, therefore, act in accordance with time and situation. Those who act at the right time and in favorable situation, have greater chances of success.

Family & Friends

You may have to face family-related complications during this month. Your family condition may deteriorate due to tiffs among family members. Avoid making a mountain out of a molehill. Family disturbance may also affect your business. You need to keep your personal and professional lives separate. It is crucial for you to bring about more compatibility in your family or you may have to suffer losses. You may play an instrumental role in the family during this month. Your close ones may have more expectations from you. It is time to focus more on your family life. Maintaining balancing between your personal and professional life is key here. You can only succeed when spouse and kids are happy. Personal life needs to be peaceful for success at work. Every person in your family has a major role in your success, so you need to maintain healthier relations with people around you. You need to support others more than they do. You may have to live up to expectations of your loved ones. When there is love, compatibility and balance among your near and dear ones, you may not only stay happier but also grow better. You may resolve all your problems with your will power and firm determination.


Donate cleaning material to a poor Brahmin or in a temple. You may also support poor people, as doing so may bring you more luck. Your time may begin to favor you more, if you donate food, clothes or any essentials to poor people. Feeding birds may also prove beneficial for you this time.

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