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Monthly Virgo Horoscope

November, 2018


You have good thinking and reasoning skills, hence you are generally able to make sound decisions. But sometimes you tend to act impulsively and make hasty decisions that lead to disappointment later. Hence, you need to learn to be more patient and meticulous. Don’t start any work without proper thought or planning. You might get in contact with some socially influential people this month, which might lead to some sort of financial or professional gain. There are high prospects of buying a high-end vehicle this month. Because Venus is transiting in Swayama rashi, hence you will make significant gains in material wealth as well as splurge on entertainment related activities like movies, shopping, travelling etc. The month is not great in terms of wealth accumulation, especially in the first half of the month. However, situation might change in the second half. Family relations might not be too great. Due to mental instability or anxiety, you might end up spoiling things. If you have been eagerly awaiting a new promotion at work, then you will get some good news this month. But remember that a promotion comes along with added responsibilities and more work. By completing any pending work, you might make considerable financial as well as material gains. If you are a politician, you will make significant progress in your political career. Your popularity will increase and you will get immense support from the public. You will overpower your rivals and clearly have an edge over them. If you are a student preparing for any competitive exam, then you will get success; you might face some challenges along the way though. Your hard work will eventually pay off. You might face few health problems this month. Also, you might also experience some trouble from the children. If you have been planning to travel abroad for work, then it will be successful. Due to Jupiter transit in Scorpio, problems related to foreign travel or marriage life might emerge. You will receive full support from the spouse. Your luck is mostly on your side this month, and if you are running any business, then you will make excellent progress. You will particularly be successful in businesses related to sports good manufacturing, art exhibition, banking or finance. There will be few ups and downs from a financial perspective. You will make profits only when times are favorable. However, you need to be slightly careful while dealing with financial or business matters. 2nd, 3rd, 11th, 12th, 20th, 21st of the month are not favorable. Don’t start any new project or make any important business decision during these days. Also, don’t schedule or plan any meeting on these days, as it might not work out well.


Few problems might arise on the financial front this month. You investment plans might not work out the way you expected. You might have to struggle extra hard to make financial gains. You can plan to expand your business or altogether start a new business to create new income, but problems will surely surface. Hence, you don’t need to exert yourself too much as it won’t lead you anywhere. On the contrary, it might lead to more problems or losses. You need to plan and work as per the situation, and in a realistic manner. For the same reason, avoid any new financial investments, or starting any new business projects. Focus on your existing business only. If you are planning to travel abroad for business, or forge new business relationship with foreign clients, then you will achieve good results. Foreign travel will definitely create new opportunities for expanding your business. However, any work done in hurry or without proper planning will only result into disappointment.


You might develop few health issues related to stomach or other infections. Hence, it is important that you look after your health. You might also develop swelling or pain in your feet. Consult an expert without any delay.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Your love life will improve this month. Your good relationship with the partner and his/her support will help you make progress in the career and business. As Rahu is transiting into Cancer, you might experience few challenges in your love life. Due to difference in the opinion, occasional conflicts or disagreements might arise. Arguments might also arise in matters related to vacation, travel or even shopping. Hence, you must do whatever you can to avoid any conflicts or unnecessary confrontations. Any issue can be resolved through mutual understanding and communication. Your efforts to sort out the issues will be successful. Also, keep in mind that a third person might be intentionally trying to instigate you and harm your relationship. You need to trust your partner and avoid believing in hearsay. Marriage life will be good. You will receive all the love and support that you expect from your spouse. Not only from your spouse, you will get exceptional support and respect from your in-laws too. Prospects of a vacation to a foreign destination are high. But for this, you need to have good relationship with each other first. Focus on building mutual trust and respect with your spouse.

Family & Friends

Your family life will be mostly good this month. However, few minor issues might crop up every now or then. Differences in opinion might lead to minor clashes. But, issues can be resolved with mutual understanding and peaceful discussions. You must try to maintain peace and harmony in the family. This is crucial for overall progress and the normal functioning of the family. You will get support as well as respect from the family in both personal as well as professional matters. The support will get even stronger if you share mutual understanding and respect with your family. Support from parents is crucial to your progress. Parents will provide you the crucial support or guidance you need in order to succeed in career or profession. You will always have your parents’ blessings with you. However, your parents might experience few health challenges once in a while. Hence, you must look after their health and get them proper medical treatment whenever needed. You will also be quite satisfied with your children’s progress in education or career. By and large, your family life will be satisfactory.


Donate green-colored objects wrapped in a green cloth to a poor person. Feed green grass or green lentils to the cow. On Wednesdays, try to use green colored objects and wear green colored clothes as much as you can. Also offer your support or help to the students. Donate pens or notepads or books to the needy children. Hopefully, by performing all these rituals your health will improve.

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