Monthly Virgo Horoscope

January, 2017


This month, Jupiter will be moving to your first house brimming you with an inclination towards spirituality and religious thoughts. You will be filled with positivity and happiness in this duration which will keep you feeling exuberant and merry throughout. As Rahu will be on a move through your twelfth house, you can expect humongous monetary and professional benefits from foreign sources this month. Over exerting yourself might give you sleepless nights and health issues related to your legs and feet in this period. The placement of the planet Saturn in your third house will urge you to work harder in this duration. You will be brimming with diligence and dedication to achieve your goals this month. Your multitasking abilities will also be on an all time high. If your father is suffering from a chronic disease or has been facing a lot of health issues off late, then he should take extra care of his health in this period. Mercury and Sun will be in conjunction in your fourth house in this month which will attract a lot of foreign influence in your professional life. You get financial benefits foreign lands during this period. Your partner will be constantly supportive of you as you might undergo from mental anxiety and stress in the upcoming year. Your partner is expected to enjoy the best of their health in this period. As Mars and Ketu will be placed in your sixth house, your emotional durability is predicted to manifold in this duration and you will easily adapt to different situations while maintaining your focus. Also you will have an upper edge over your competitors and foes in this duration. Students belonging to this sign can expect record breaking success in this period.


You might have to stay extra cautious in matters related to your finances in this month. Taking a loan to fulfil the needs and wants of your family members might seem like a good option in this period. You will find yourself inclined towards luxurious items and furnishing your house in the best way possible will become your priority in this period. Your urges and desires might increase your expenses this month hence, try to abstain from overspending and maintain a budget for all your expenses. As Saturn will be making a move towards your third house and Ketu is also expected to move in the sixth house which is being governed by Mars, your hard work to earn more this month might bear fruit. If you are associated with the field of medicine and hospitals, chances of you earning more than your expectations are high. Hefty benefits might be in store for you this month. Those who are professionally associated with fields related to fire, electricity, machinery, vehicles and automobiles and spirituality might be successful in finding new ways of increasing revenues this month.


You are predicted to enjoy this period as your health will be in its top shape. Though you might gain a few extra kilos as the planet Jupiter will be transiting to your first house during this period. Try to inculcate clean and fresh eating in your daily regime. Also regular workouts, yoga and aerobics will help you maintain your health and gain strength. Abstain from excessively spicy food items and fried food. This will not only increase your weight but also make you lethargic and sluggish. You might suffer from health issues pertaining to your stomach and/ or legs during this while. Hence, take adequate precautions and avoid any habits that might be injurious to your health.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

This month seems to be pleasant and joyous for your married life. Your partner is expected to be completely supportive of you in this period. You will not find yourself to be alone in your endeavours and happiness as your partner will always have your back. Your partner might develop a strong inclination towards spirituality during this period. They might indulge in religious practices as well and might find solace in making donations and doing charity. This period might also prove to be professionally gainful for your partner if they are involved with a firm or have a business of their own. You might plan a pilgrimage or a trip that will feed your craving for spiritual calmness and tranquility. Those who are in a love relation will have a wonderful year as well. Your beloved will support you in every way possible and will always be there whenever you will need them. Your partner might also gift you an expensive gift of your choice in this duration just to see you happy and content. This month might give you ample of opportunities to spend time together and take utmost advantage of the beautiful weather. Your love relation is predicted to gain strength and maturity this month.

Family & Friends

The lord of your second house, Venus will be transiting from your sixth house which might lead to tiffs and misconceptions in your familial relations this month. It is advisable that you must try to maintain your sanity and mental calm even if such situations erupt at your domestic front. Try to remind them of the unity and comfort they have shared all this while and such misunderstandings can be looked over for the sake of happiness and peace in the family. Members of your immediate family might need added care in this duration as their health might decline. Health issues of your family members might cost you more than your expectations during this period. You might consider asking for a loan to furnish the expenses of your family. Your children might succeed exceptionally well in their studies this month. You will forget all your worries and toil when you will see your children succeed and get closer to achieve what they have aimed for. You might turn towards spirituality to find solace and tranquility in this period. You might plan a pilgrimage or think of getting associated to a religious organisation this month. This duration will give you ample opportunities to spend some quality time with your family members. These reunions might help reduce the stress and sourness that your family relations might have gained in this period and move towards a happier and united domestic life.


Handing out stationery items such as notebooks, pens, pencils, diaries etc to students might prove to be auspicious for you.

Lucky Days

05, 14, 19, 23 and 29 of this month is expected to be felicitous for you.

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