Monthly Virgo Horoscope

March, 2018


The monthly horoscope for March 2018 predicts that you will be bestowed with exceptional logical and analytical skills. You will perform your tasks with a well-set strategy, which will pave your way to success. Your inquisitive nature will help you to learn more and more. You will think well before putting your money into the share market or any business. Because of this cautious nature of yours, there are fewer chances of financial losses in this month. The transit of Sun and Mercury in Aquarius will help you achieve success in any piece of work that you do. You will establish good connections at your career front. Financially, the month will be good for you. The transit of Saturn in the Zodiac Sign Sagittarius will help you in gaining the possession of vehicles and land. You will exhibit a friendly nature while dealing with your family members. Your family members will cooperate with you in your good and bad times. Your married life will happy and blissful. The flow of income might be erratic but overall your income will exceed your expenditures. Also, the second half of the month will shower monetary gains upon you. Backed by your luck, you will witness a financial progress during this month. Because of the transit of the fiery planet Mars into Scorpio, your friends will lend their helping hand whenever you will need it. Beginning a new venture will be beneficial for you. As far as your health is considered, you need to be alert in order to stay in good shape.


Hurdles might lie on your path when it comes to making money, but you will be able to overcome them with your efforts and determination. Some unexpected monetary gains will make you happy during this month. The month might be erratic and their might be some fluctuations in your financial conditions due to the transit of Rahu in Cancer. Delay in getting the desired results might frustrate you. Be patient and continue with your efforts if you want positive results for yourself. Carry out your transitions carefully and avoid unnecessary expenditures. Actions performed in haste might disappoint you with the outcomes, so you are advised not to do things in a hurry. The financial conditions seem to be good for you during this month, but the transit of Rahu will interfere in your money matters and cause problems. Being watchful will help you to avoid losses during this month.


There are chances that you might be hit by some health issues related to your digestive tract. If you eat a balanced diet and avoid eating unhygienic food, this problem might be avoided. Stay away from eating oily and spicy food as well. Be careful while being on road, so as to ensure your safety. Exercise regularly and do not let your workload affect your health.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

The position of the planets predicts that you might have to face some issues in your love life during March. The transit of the shadow planet Ketu in Capricorn will prove to cause major obstructions in your love life. Your relationship with your love partner would be negatively affected due to this transit. During this time, it will be good for you to take every step in your relationship with caution and utmost care. Try not to say anything to your loved one that might ruin their mood. If you are trying to express your love to someone by proposing them, you should wait for some time as March does not seem to be a suitable time for doing this. Married couples will have an average married life during this time period. You will feel a sense of attachment with your partner. The transit of the planet Jupiter in the Zodiac Sign Libra will prove to be favourable for your married life. The love of your spouse for you will grow multifold and passion would be rekindled in your relationship.

Family & Friends

There might be some issues among your family members. Some discussions might take the form of severe arguments, affecting the peace of the house. You would be required to avoid being a part of such arguments. Also, try to keep your anger in control otherwise you might end up hurting the feelings of your beloved family members, which you might have to repent later. A difference of opinion might create a rift between you and your father. Do not let this spoil your relationship with him. Try to understand him and clearly state your point of view to him in a friendly manner. The relationship of your father with your mother might also be affected during this month. Tensed situations will prevail in the house, which you should be ready to fight with. Try your best to ensure a healthy relationship with everyone in your family. Your children will be the silver lining in the clouds and will bring you some good news. You will be a proud parent and will be happy and contented with your children during the month of March.


Donating green colored objects on Wednesday will be good for your career. Venerate Lord Ganesha on Wednesday and offer him Durva. This will help you to bring an end all your woes.

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