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Monthly Virgo Horoscope

May, 2019


Your confidence might stoop down during this month’s time. Any work that you try to do may face disruptions. There may be physical and mental problems. In addition to the thinking ability, the ability to make decisions might also get affected because Mercury along with the Sun is communicating in Aries zodiac, which can have an impact on your professional life which demands a considerable amount of confidence on your part.
In matters of real estate acquisition, this month would be quite progressive. Undertaking any work after a lot of thinking and analysis would turn to be successful. You may maintain good relations with your relatives and conditions from the perspective of economic gains would be favorable. If you are employed in a job, then you might attain a higher position during the second half of this month. The chances of achieving success in works done using courage and strength are less. You may get a good opportunity to purchase a house, vehicle etc. in this month.
There is a possibility of achieving success in the political arena. If you are a politician then you can get opportunities to obtain political gains. You can have good relations with your top officials. You will also receive impressive assistance in the areas of work. You can enjoy a good relationship with your parents.
Situations will remain in the favour of your child. You may also achieve success in the case of a love affair. Your enemies may remain the reason of your concern during this time. He/she may try to create disruption in all your activities. Therefore, try to be wary of enemies. It is better to maintain a distance from a dispute rather than becoming a part of it. There is a strong chance of an overseas travel. If you want to travel abroad for work or for a casual vacation, then the tour would be successful.
In this month, conditions pertaining to marital life will remain favorable. Mutual harmony with the husband and wife is likely to get better. You might witness a sudden progress in your area of work during this month. Destiny will accompany you. Whichever work you choose to do, there is a chance of achieving success in the same.
If you are employed in a job, then your luck will favor you for career growth. If you are into business, then there may be fluctuations pertaining to it. However, there will be progress in business during the second half of this month.
Economic conditions may remain favorable. Unnecessary travel might cause some kind of problems. You may have to suffer from physical and financial problems. Therefore, it may be better for you to do any work wisely. In this month, the dates viz: 4th,5th,13th , 14th and 22nd, 23rd are not suitable for you. You should abstain yourself from undertaking any important work on these days and also refrain from starting any auspicious task on these days.
The month of May 2019 is expected to be full of professional commitments. In addition to this, you can always enjoy the benefits of remaining away from the pitfalls associated with family disputes and arguments. There may be a dissimilar likelihood that your responsibility of obeying the commands of the elders would be above everything else. For absolute family welfare, you should refrain from talking ill about others or even your own family members. There might be certain situations wherein you may feel left out but it is solely your family’s support, love and care that would enable you to combat all kinds of hindrances.


Economic conditions are likely to remain normal in this month because Mercury along with Sun is transiting in Aries, which can cause a rise in stressful situations regarding your career. Due to constant fluctuations in business, economic gains are likely to fall. Therefore, preparing a proper framework and gathering sufficient information would prove to be beneficial before completing a task. If you are making up your mind for any investment in this month, then you should wait because investing might increase your financial problems.
If you are employed and want to pursue a side business this month, then you should wait for some time. Currently, indulging in any business might be disadvantageous for you. It is better to work according to the time and situation. All in all, your economic condition is likely to improve throughout the month of May 2019. Whichever business project you intend to initiate can be worked upon during this month, and all kinds of efforts put into making things work can succeed.


There may be a possibility of you suffering from stomach-related disorders this month. There may also be a possibility of some injury. You may have to suffer from joints pain etc. Therefore, you should be very careful about your health.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

There will be mixed results in matters related to love and relationships. Occasionally, some or the other kind of problem might crop up, which may cause mutual differences with the boyfriend or girlfriend. Every possible effort made to maintain a warm relationship with the partner can prove to be rewarding. If you love your boyfriend or girlfriend very dearly, then you can also get an opportunity to express your feelings.
However, refrain from doing anything in haste. If you want to share some important things, then you should wait for the right moment. Do not create an atmosphere which might make the mutual compatibility between the two of you worse. If you have already planned for a vacation, then you should abort it right away. Try to maintain a casual attitude towards each other. Do not try to come very close to each other; otherwise, you may have to face loss.
To improve the conditions that are already favourable concerning your romantic relationship, it is necessary to meet fewer times. In this month, the situation regarding marital life is expected to remain, and you’ll receive immense support from your life partner. Also, there is a possibility of enjoying great relations with the in-laws.

Family & Friends

Family situations might remain stressful in this month. Apart from deteriorating relations with your kin, disharmony within the family members might lead to stressful situations. Due to some unnecessary debates, there might be a tensed atmosphere at home. An imbalance in the family might compel you to face several problems. In addition to domestic life, there might be a negative effect on the professional life as well.
Relationship with parents might also get worse, and there are also fewer chances of receiving support from them. There might be a stressful situation regarding the health of your parents. Therefore, on the familial front, things would remain under the weather. Hence, make every possible effort to maintain the persistent mutual harmony intact in the family. The thought of working properly with everyone and the thought of working together with everyone in the family would help you in achieving a tremendous amount of success. You might remain happy with your children. In the same way, maintaining a better relationship with family members can easily illuminate your home’s environment and lead to the overall welfare of the family. There may be equal participation of family members in all auspicious works.
This is indeed a fantastic month, and throughout the month, there are excellent prospects of having a brilliant relationship with the family members. Those hitched amongst you might get a considerable match, and those of you who are married are expected to receive a tremendous amount of love and support from their respective spouses. Youngsters also might remain good-natured and perform brilliantly in their examinations. Furthermore, teenagers would get inclined towards some or the other kind of extra-curricular exercises. This would make the entire family happy, and there would be happiness everywhere. On the other hand, the elderly people within the family are likely to get a bit disturbed due to the causal arguments among the family members. If you want the overall welfare and development of the family, then you must put in every possible effort to perform all your domestic duties responsibly.


You can choose to donate materials related to sports. You can also give education-related articles to the needy students and green coloured articles. It might be good for you to offer Durva grass to Lord Ganesha.

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