Monthly Virgo Horoscope

May, 2016


Lord of your sign, Jupiter, is currently posited in your twelfth house. Rahu is also present in this house. Presence of Rahu along with Jupiter is making conjuction for an eclipse. This might lead to loss of mental peace. However, doing rigorous hard work will surely lead to success in your business. You must complete your works with full dedication and toil. Your vigour might be on rise this month. Thus, it might not be beneficial to increase your business responsibilities. Stay away from taking any kind of loans. You might try to switch your job this month. Your seniors might support you at your workfront. You might have to face many ups and downs during this month. Time might also bring some changes in your financial, social and family statuses. Stay careful. Changes during this month might prove beneficial for you. Change in job is also possible. You might also remain unsatisfied with the rights and responsibilities provided to you at your workfront. Time is not good for investing in the share market. Month might remain good for those engaged in business. It might give fruitful outcomes to them. You might get assigned with new projects during this month. If you are a student, you might plan to learn a new foreign language. Hard work of students will surely pay them off during exams. For those who have dropped their studies from between might plan to resume their studies this month.


If you have a bad habit of consuming any of the intoxicating products you must stop consuming it. Else you might get overpowered with different types of diseases. Getting too much aggressive is going to harm you. You must do Pranayam in order to get mental peace and rest.

Family & Friends

Your love affair might change into marriage. You might also plan to hangout with your lover. Someone might be the reason of fuss between you and your spouse. Some benefits might come your way from your mother or any other mother like figure. You might also plan to purchase a new vehicle. Venus, the significator of conjugal house is posited in a weak position in your eighth house. This might attract you toward a person of an opposite sex. This might be the reason for loss of dedication toward your partner. Remain faithful toward your partner and avoid any illegal affairs. You might find pleasure in physical activities. This might affect your reputation. Some misunderstandings might also occur with your spouse. Chances of getting a transfer are high. Relatives from your mother’s side might bother you. Keep good relations with your neighbours. You might spend more on cosmetic products this month. Your interest might shift towards spirituality. Try to concentrate on one place. Transit of Rahu in your sign is providing you restlessness.

Trade & Finance

Leadership qualities in your work might arise in you during this month. Try to be soft towards your subordinates and colleagues,as their support might help you in succeeding. You might invest in property after taking advice from your brothers. Enemies might try to harm you, stay cautious. If you want to travel abroad, than time is favorable for you to get visa. You might have to travel to nearby places this month for your work. Your success will depend on your hard work. Be polite, as harshness might occur in your voice. Do not get indulged into any kind of quarrels with anyone. You might have a tight or busy schedule if you are in a job. Time is crucial to act with perseverance. You might relish challenge and get succeeded in this month. Stock market might attract you, but do not invest before taking proper advice from someone.


Two face Rudraksha will improve your financial status. Problems in your financial life might also decrease. Two face Rudraksha is the Rudraksha of Chandra Deva. It’s auspiciousness provides you with money and wealth. Before wearing this Rudraksha, you must first take bath with Gangajal.Offer Chandan (sandalwood), Dhoop and Deep to Lord Shiva. Chant " Om Namah:” 108 times before wearing it. Face toward north while wearing this Rudraksha. This is the simplest method for wearing Rudraksha.

Lucky Days

Auspicious Dates: 2, 3, 12, 13, 22, 23, 29, 30
Inauspicious dates: 6, 7, 14, 15, 16, 24, 25, 26

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