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Monthly Leo Horoscope

February, 2019


You are a kind of person who does wishes to work in accordance to his/her will. There is a good possibility of attaining a higher position at workplace, honour and respect according to time as a result of implementing projects responsibly. You have great chances of attaining success due to works undertake with a whole lot of courage and strength. You have a strong desire to live with self-respect.

The ability to lead is found inside you. Therefore, you are successful in executing tasks with any kind of position because the Sun is communicating in Capricorn zodiac, which indicates possibility of achieving success due to works undertaken with courage and enthusiasm.

After 15th January, there may be a possibility of traveling abroad due to work. Your relations with close relatives are likely to remain normal. Situations regarding money and money acquisition are also likely to remain favourable for you. If you’re putting in efforts to earn money then you’re likely to succeed during the second half of February 2019. If you are employed in a job, then there are chances that you may attain a higher position or post. Also, from work perspective, the financial situations are likely to get strengthened.

There is a possibility of receiving support from brothers and friends. In addition to attainment of respect and honour, there is also a good possibility of purchasing a house, vehicle etc. You will get good opportunities to attain political benefits in this month. If you have any kind of dispute related to property or are making continuous efforts to deal with any kind of problem, then you are likely to succeed during this month.

If any kind of family dispute is going on, then the same would turn to be in your favour. The effort made for political gains is going to be successful. If you are a politician, then you may be able to hold a firm grip in the field of politics. Conditions are likely to remain favourable from the perspective of offspring and you are likely to receive support in a romantic relationship.

Conditions pertaining to an overseas travel and marital life are likely to remain favourable throughout this month. You will stay happy due to continuous support received from your life partner. There will be extensive profit due to overseas assignments and business with overseas companies. You may have to face ups and downs regarding your health. Luck will accompany you brilliantly. You are likely to succeed in whichever task that you plan to do because Mars is communicating with Aries zodiac, which forms a good possibility of good fortune related to work areas.

From the perspective of business and work, situations are likely to remain favourable. Venus is transiting into Sagittarius zodiac, which can prove to be tremendously advantageous in terms of career. You will also have good financial benefits. However, keep in mind that you may be expected to travel unnecessarily for multiple times, which may result in an increase in problems associated with health and finances. Therefore, try to avoid travelling etc. During this month, the dates viz: 9th, 10th, 18th, 19th and 28th are not suitable for you. You will be barred from doing any auspicious works on these days and refrain from starting any important project on any of these days.


During the early days of this month, the economic conditions may remain a bit stressful. However, in the second half, there may be good opportunities for getting an economic advantage. The time period will be favourable in terms of career advancement. Whether you are doing a job or business, there is a good possibility that you will be receiving huge profits from all sides.

Therefore, you can earn good money from your working areas with courage and strength, because in this month your fortune will also be well supported and good success can be achieved in the areas of business. In terms of real estate, conditions are favourable. But any work done in haste can be disadvantageous.

Therefore, perform any kind of task only after a lot of planning, which will ensure excellent prospects of attaining economic benefits. Try going on an overseas tour etc. in accordance to the necessity. There might be a situations wherein a little carelessness may lead to some kind of difficulty. Therefore, you need to be focused on your work and business. Also, your initiative to strengthen the economic policies would prove to be highly advantageous.


During this month, there might be a possibility of suffering from hay fever. Additionally, there is also a possibility of any type of infections or skin related infections or blood related disorders, etc. Under such a scenario, it is absolutely essential to stay cautious about your health.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

During this month, your mind will be happy regarding love relationships. Due to extensively good mutual harmony with your boyfriend/girlfriend, you’ll have good feelings for each other. In addition to an increase in love for each other, there is a good possibility of receiving good cooperation in the areas of work. If you love your boyfriend/girlfriend, then it will be good for you to express your love in this month. In the second half of this month, as per time and circumstances, you can choose to express your love to your boyfriend/girlfriend with a nice gift because conditions regarding love relationships are likely to remain favourable throughout this month.

Venus is communicating in Sagittarius zodiac, which can bring in very good conditions for love relations. If you’re planning to travel somewhere with your boyfriend/girlfriend during the second half of this month, then you may get success in the same. The amount of love that you’ll have for each other would ensure a commendable progress in your romantic relationship in addition to the areas of work. During this month, conditions regarding marital life are likely to remain favourable. There is a clear possibility of receiving support from the life partner. You may also receive support from the life partner for an overseas travel plan.

Family & Friends

During this month, there is a possibility of having a good relationship with everyone in the family. With a phenomenal mutual harmony among the family members, there may be progress in the family along with an overall development of the entire household. By maintaining a good rapport with everyone in the family, there is a possibility of receiving all kinds of cooperation. In the family, you might be viewed with a lot of respect. A lot might be expected from you within the family. Therefore, you should also serve your responsibilities towards the family. All in all, you are a family-oriented and a responsible individual. Therefore, your feelings towards the family always remain good. In addition to having a warm relationship with the parents, you are also likely to receive support from them. Conditions regarding the children will remain favourable. Your child’s health and education etc. will be gratifying for you.

During the second half of this month, there may be some festive work in the home or there might be a possibility of completion of any kind of auspicious work. Auspicious work is likely to get completed. Your opinions for the family members must be good and all your expectations from the family might get completed during this month.


Throughout this month, make it a point to offer water to Sun on a daily basis. Also, read the Aditya Hridaya Stotra on a daily basis. On every Sunday, donate red coloured items and try feeding the insects and animals. This will increase your self-confidence and you will enjoy good success in the areas of work.

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