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Monthly Leo Horoscope

April, 2019


You will be an ambitious person during the month of April. You will aim for the sky and will try to reach for the stars. You will have high expectations and will not hold back in working hard to achieve your goals. You will be praised for your indefatigable efforts and for the determination with which you perform your work. You will manage your time well and will never fail to complete your tasks within the deadline. You will be honored in the society and praises will be showered upon you. Sudden monetary gains are on the cards. You will have a good relationship with your relatives. You will be able to establish connections with people of the elite strata of the society. These connections will serve to be advantageous for you in the future. Those who are employed in the private or the public sector might get a promotion or a bonus in the second half of the month. You will enjoy a friendly relationship with your colleagues. Your seniors will favour you and will appreciate your efforts. You will be a short tempered person, who will tend to get angry way too frequently. Your anger will prove to be destructive for you and therefore, you should try to keep it in control. It will disrupt your relationships and will adversely affect your performance. Also, it will have a negative influence on your health. If you are a politician, you will get in the advantageous zone during this month. You will be so influential that even your opponents will bow down before you. However, you will require diplomatic skills for doing this. You will enjoy materialistic pleasures and luxuries. You will be happy with your love partner during this month. Your family life will be peaceful. You are likely to achieve success in matters of litigation. You might set your foot on a foreign journey. The journey will be productive and will beget fruitful results. Your married life will not be much of a problem if you are understanding and mature enough to establish a friendship relationship with your spouse. Your health will be overall good and you should not ignore minor health ailments. Your luck will be by your side and you will do well at your career front. If you are a student, you will score good marks in your examinations and will make your parents proud with your performance in the field of academics. You might get a chance to get enrolled in an institute of your choice. The love and blessings of your family members will be your guiding light. You will manage your personal and professional life well. Monetary benefits will fall in your lap. Undertaking too many journeys might turn out to be pressuring for your health, which you need to be careful about. The 4th, 5th, 13th, 14th, 22nd, and 23rd of this month seem to be unlucky for you. Thus, you should be alert on these dates. It will be better if you do not perform any important task on these dates.


The month will begin with some financial problems in your life. You need not be disheartened if your efforts to make money fail repeatedly. This will be a tough time for you but if get over it with your hope and positivity intact, you will do well in the coming future. You should not worry much as your luck will be by your side and surprise monetary gains will maintain a good inflow of income. You will do well at your career front. You will have the support of your seniors and the cooperation of your colleagues. Making an investment during this month will be a good for you as it ensures promising returns. People involved in business will have a time favourable enough to expand their business. Also, starting a new venture during this month seems to be a good idea for you. Be cautious in financial transactions. Rely on yourself rather than on others. Spend your money wisely. Do not cut your necessary expenses and deprive yourself of basic necessities in order to save money. Try to follow a mature and professional approach in order to gain financial stability.


You will have an average health during this month. The transit of the planet Saturn in the Zodiac Sign Sagittarius will be favourable for your health. However, you should be cautious as there are chances of some kind of physical injury or physical pain. Avoid rash driving and adhere to traffic rules. Consult a doctor if you are hit by any infection during this period.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Leos should be careful in their love life during this month as there are chances that your relationship with your loved one might get spoiled. This will lead to stress and tension, that will affect your health. There are chances that you might get embroiled in war of words with your partner. You should not utter any disrespectful word as it might lead to separation of you two. If your partner is angry, you should calm him/her down instead of doing the same. Do not complicate things by possessing a vindictive nature. If you live your partner, do it with all your heart. You should postpone any plan of going on a trip with them during this month. It looks like the tables will turn for your betterment and you will witness a better bonding with your partner during the second half in the month of April. If you love someone and are thinking of proposing them, you should wait for a while as the month does not seem to be favorable for you in this case. Married couples will enjoy a good relationship with each other. Your spouse will be your pillar of strength and will not let you down by any means. Your journeys will be fruitful and you will have the cooperation of your life partner. You will rule over the heart of your in-laws and they will shower their love and blessings upon you.

Family & Friends

You will be the apple of the eye of your parents. They will support you in whatever way they can and will always be your well-wisher. It will be by their blessings and motivation that you will be able to overcome hurdles and achieve success. You will have a cordial relationship with your siblings. They will be your helping hand, whenever need be. Mutual harmony among family members will create a peaceful environment at your home front. You will play an important role in eliminating problems of the family. As a responsible member of the family, it will be your duty to find solutions to problems that persist in your family. You will be treated with respect for your efforts and affection towards your family members. Your family members will have high hopes and you will live up to their expectations. You should not turn your back when it comes to fulfilling your responsibilities. You might be blessed with a child if you have been looking forward to it. Your children will bask in luxuries and you will be happy and satisfied to see them progressing in their studies. You should be careful about their health and diet. The organisation of an auspicious activity in your home premises will bring a wave of joy at your home front.


You should offer water to Lord Sun and recite Aditya Hridaya Stotra regularly. Donate red colored objects on Sunday. This will help you to overcome your difficulties. Chanting the Gayatri Mantra will pan out to be beneficial for you.

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