Monthly Pisces Horoscope

February, 2018


During the month of February, you will be quite indecisive and will take a lot of time in making decisions due to which your tasks might not get completed within the time limit. You might ponder over trivial matters and because of this, you might remain entangled in your thoughts. Your lack of confidence in yourself might make you prone to a number of problems. Hence, you should be confident in what you do. If you do a task with full determination and confidence, you have a high probability of getting success in it. This month will be good for your finance and relationships. In this month, you will gain the respect and admiration of others. You will have the support of your siblings and parents. This month is progressive for your position and status at your workplace. If you are a politician, you will gain loads of support from the public. Chances of gaining land related profits are quite high during this period. You might get worries relating to your children and your enemies might try to put hurdles on your path. So, remaining cautious about your foes will be good for you. You might get to travel to a foreign land this month because Mercury is transiting in Capricorn. Your plans of going for a long journey might get executed. Problems related to your health might arise during this month. Too much travelling might have a bad impact on your health. Your destiny will be in your favor because of the transit of Mars in Scorpio. At your career front, you will get to climb the ladder of success. Although, in the beginning of the month, problems might arise in the tasks that you do. You will be able to get over these problems and emerge victorious. You might get good financial gains during this time, which will improve your standard of living.


This month will be good for your career. If you are involved in a business, then you will prosper during this month. There might be some ups and downs, during which you might have to face problems related to finance. You will witness yourself growing financially during this month. You are advised not to lend your hard-earned money to others during this period.Do not carry out financial transactions in haste otherwise, it might backfire and you might have to suffer losses. Take the time to think well before you make a decision related to money. Believe in yourself and work as hard as you can. With your efforts and determination, your ideas will be met with success. There are high chances that you will get profits during this month.


The month will be average for your health. There might be some petty issues like pimples, lesions, fever, etc., which you will be able to tackle easily. Travelling a lot might put a strain on your body. Also, you should not consume anything unhygienic during your journeys as it might upset your stomach. Take care of your physical as well as mental well being.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

The month will pose favorable situations for your love life. If you love someone, you should mould your feelings into words and convey it to them. Your feelings will be reciprocated and you will find yourself in seventh heaven. You might surprise your love partner with gifts. The transit of Mercury and Venus in Capricorn will be favorable for your married life. The cooperation and support of your life partner will help you in your career front. It will be better for you if you maintain a harmonious relationship with your life partner.

Family & Friends

As per the February Horoscope 2018, it is evident that you will get a number of opportunities to improve your relationship with your blood relatives. You will share a bond of affection and love with your family members and will cooperate with them. During this time, you will realize that maintaining harmony with the members of the family is an important part of life. As a result, you will not hold back in fulfilling your duties towards your family. Your parents will be your pillar of support and your children will look up to you as an example. With the love and support of your family members, you will be able to achieve numerous benefits. If you have been planning to start a new business, doing so with the cooperation of your family will turn out to be beneficial for you.


Feeding fishes will be helpful for you. You should offer something to a Brahmin on Thursday. Respecting and serving the Brahmins and your teachers will help you to achieve success. Donating yellow colored objects and wearing yellow clothes on Thursday will help you to eradicate your problems.

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