Monthly Pisces Horoscope

January, 2017


This month Saturn would transit from your 9th house, which would bear the fruits of labour and success. Kinsmen will support you and try to uplift your spirits, whenever required. Father’s health might degrade in this duration. You’ll outsmart your rivals by taking the high road. Students preparing for competitive exams will hit a homerun. Jupiter will transit from your 7th house, which would boost your immune system. You might go for a business trip this month. The period would urge you to try out spirituality. With the transit of rahu in your 6th house your gallantry and valor would increase. You’ll be more adaptable to situations and will try to find out quick way outs. This period would also make you emotionally susceptible. Your rivals won’t be able to tarnish your aura. Sun and mercury would transit from your 10th house in this duration, which would get you name and fame at your vocation. You’ll earn glory due to your hard work. This period would also make sure that you spend quality time with your family. With the transit of Mars, Ketu, and Venus in your 12th house, you might start facing some troubles in your left eye. You might get insomnia by the end of this month. Abstain from taking too much stress, no matter what. Your siblings must take proper care of their health; they might go for an overseas trip this month as well.


This month you’ll spend lavishly on goods and entertainment, which could boost your expenditure. Stay cautious in money related matters. Do not overspend. Financial gains from foreign sources can be expected. An income hike or a promotion is expected in this month. You might be in for a treat this month as you’ll get long overdue glory. Partner would be highly supportive; an achievement could help you both financially. Lottery and share market might not prove to be lucrative for you. Abstain from hasty decisions and investments. With Rahu’s transit in your 6th house, you’ll outwit your rivals. This period would see you working hard to make ends meet. People related to the vocation of electronics, electricals, export- import, clothing, or spirituality would garner a lot of cash in this duration.


The month will see you in the pink of your health. You’ll be energised and your vitality would enable you to act swift on your feet. You’ll cherish each and every moment. Religious activities will lure you in this period, which would help you attain a higher level of spirituality. A guru or saint would bless you in this period with their divine presence. You’ll be concerned about your well being and make it a point to follow a strict health regime. You’ll work diligently on cleansing your aura. It’s advised that you eat green and healthy to be in the best of shape. Although your health will be peachy in this duration, but it’s still advised that you do not neglect your health due to work pressure.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

The time will be blissful for married life. Married couples will enjoy the month in the warmth of their partner. Beloved will be cooperative and understanding. Their uncanny support will enable you to strive harder and work on your betterment. Your partner might get inclined towards religious activities. A pilgrimage is also on the cards for you. Partner will work in sync with you. Children will be the harbinger of joy in your life. You’ll be pleased with their accomplishments. Love related matters would revitalise you. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet your beloved and spend time with them. This period would morph your partner into a lover and they’ll be more than happy to spend every moment of their forever with you. With the end of the month, you’ll experience that the past month has shaped you into a different person altogether.

Family & Friends

The time looks brilliant for family life. You might buy a vehicle for your comfort. You’ll consider taking a loan in this duration. Your kith would have to take care of their health, as the time isn’t too auspicious for them. Spirituality and meditation would find their home inside your heart in this period. You might also consider joining a religious institute. Your child might accomplish something big at their educational institution. Your elder siblings and cousins would lend a supportive hand to you in this duration. You might taste success at work due to their help. Your partner would get glory and fame at their vocation; a promotion is highly probable. Your kith and kin would be very happy due to you spending quality time with them. You might go on a romantic date with your partner this month.


Participate with your heart and soul in someone’s marriage to get auspiciousness in your life.

Lucky Days

Dates 3, 7,12, 13, 19, and 26 will be propitious for you. Any important event or function must be organised on these dates to get the most benefits.

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