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Monthly Pisces Horoscope

June, 2019


Your mind may not be at peace during this month’s time. There is probability of you developing anxiety and also facing other problems. Your decision-making abilities may get affected due to unnecessary thoughts. As a result, your business may be endangered. You may, therefore, try to be aware of your business by getting rid of any unneeded thoughts and moving ahead with confidence. You may gain better success this way. Since Saturn is transiting in Sagittarius, you may accomplish better success in business along with rise in your respect and reputation. You may even have a stronger hold on materialism and spiritualism. You may gain substantially in terms of wealth, moveable property, and relationships at this time. Your relation with your close ones may improve. You may succeed in your efforts to accumulate wealth at this time. You may avail opportunities to get promoted to a higher rank or designation in the company with your enthusiasm and courage. Your best friends may support you more at this time. You may enjoy the comforts and conveniences of property and vehicle this month. You may develop a strong relation with your parents. This is the time when your parents may support you more than before. Using your mind and speech power may earn you success in the field of politics. Your decision-making abilities may become sharper in addition to thinking and understanding. If you are trying to pursue any academic course, you may be successful in pursuing it. There are fair chances of you getting happiness and support from your child. Your luck may favor you more this month. You may earn better success in the field of your work. As Mars is transiting in Gemini, there is a higher probability of luck betterment and wealth gain. Circumstances related to your health may be favorable. Your enemies may also be normal with you. Matters related to love may be in your favor. You may witness happiness, peace, and prosperity in foreign trip and marital life. If you are planning a foreign trip or are trying for it, your plans may become successful at this time. Conditions related to your marital life may be propitious in the latter half of this month. Mutual relationship between husband and wife may get better. Your health may see highs and lows at this time. You may, however, avail better opportunities for betterment of your luck. Situations related to your business are likely to remain in your favour. If you run a business, there are chances of you making significant monetary gains from the aid of it. Thus, you may financial benefit from your business. This is the time when your business may prosper better than before. Stay confident and your efforts to make any work successful may succeed. Try to be aware of your business besides being focused. 3, 4, 12, 13, 27, and 28 dates of this month, i.e. June 2019, may be stressful for you. You may be need to be careful on these days. It may be harmful for you to discuss important work on these days.


You may avail opportunities to gain financially, as a new person joins your business. This implies that someone new may prove lucky for your business. There are chances that you may befriend someone who will prove to be important to your work, while travelling abroad or going on a business trip to the same. This person may pave your way for financial gains from your business. Circumstances related to your area of operation may be favorable at this time, irrespective of your area of operation. You may avail better chances to attain wealth from your area of operation. In addition to this, your business may have many prospects to gain wealth. You may, therefore, be serious and stable in developing interest towards any kind of work. If you are in a business, you may only plan to expand it. Expanding your business at this time may prove fruitful for you. This month, i.e. June 2019 promises the best opportunities for business expansion. You may, therefore, try to book profits through business expansion. In case you are working, it may be beneficial for you to invest from the point of view of your business. You may invest in your side business, while working. Likewise, you may have better prospects to earn more and become richer. You may, however, have to maintain balance between your core area of operation and side business. You may not blindly trust anybody this month. Be very careful when dealing in money matters. Do not transact without giving it a second thought. You may even refrain from lending money to strangers or unreliable people. You can always donate money to help the poor and the needy but lending money to someone may prove to be harmful. It is better for you to protect your hard-earned wealth. Overall, it may be the best time to invest and expand your business. You may, however, need to keep your ears and eyes open. The same is said because people may deceive you easily. It is not good to trust people blindly. Act with prudence and according to time and situation. Only then can your luck be more favorable.


You may suffer from health problems related to blood pressure this month. You may also develop diabetes at this time. You may even suffer from medical problems like indigestion and gas. Health should not be neglected. Seek medical advice as and when you face any kind of health issue. Your negligence may be the primary reason for a big health problem which will develop in the future. Remember, “Prevention is better than cure”.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Circumstances related to your love life may be favorable this month. Not only may relations between lovers become lovelier at this time but also, there may be mutual support in all facets of life. You may be satisfied with the words and actions of your lover this month. You may become happier in every way possible. You may try to develop lovelier relation with your lover at this time. You may also avail opportunity to express love towards your girlfriend or boyfriend. Confidence present in you may grow when your love life is happier. You may discuss your profession or business with your lover. Your plans to hang around may become successful too. If you are a person with great level of self-confidence, you may not rely on others; thus, staying independent. In addition to this, mutual love may also increase with your lover’s engagement in your business. It may be better for you to trust your girlfriend or boyfriend fully, in case you wish your image to remain intact. You may need to act according to time and situation. It is fruitful to act with prudence. You may need to be wise enough to move ahead in any field of work. Your married life may remain stressful this month. Circumstances may, however, become favorable later. Your spouse may support you more at this time. You may also have access to conveniences in the family. Overall, this month, i.e. June 2019 promises favorable time for love and marital relations. Yet, you may have to think wisely before moving ahead in your relationships.

Family & Friends

Your family condition may remain propitious during this month. You may witness certain highs and lows at this time. There are chances of conflict in the family due to mutual disagreement and difference of opinion among your close ones. They may get involved in disputes over wealth and any immovable property. Your relation with your parents may deteriorate. But, you may be stressed due to your parents’ ill health. You may, therefore, need to be more aware of their health. You may even try to shoulder your responsibilities by expressing good feelings towards your close ones. You may accomplish success in every arena of life through love and support of your family. You may, therefore, be able to get rid of stress and mental disturbance. Stay confident and try to maintain better compatibility with your dear ones. There may be prosperity in your family this way. Circumstances related to your child may remain favorable at this time. You may develop stronger feelings for happiness and support from your child. You may be satisfied with the performance of your child in academics and his or her environment. It may be important for you to be more aware about your family. You may develop the feeling of support in your heart for your close ones. You may have to pay more heed to your family, so that your family life is at peace and harmony. It may be better for you to take time out of your busy life and devote it to your near and dear ones. It is necessary for you understand their problems well.


It is important for you to serve cows every Thursday. You may even support a poor Brahmin to resolve your problems. Feed cows with jaggery and gram lentil. Your feelings to serve and support the helpless, the poor, and the needy may act as remedies. Donate clothes to a Brahmin. Use yellow-colored objects on Thursdays. Situations may turn in your favor this way.

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