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Monthly Aries Horoscope

May, 2017


This month Saturn will transit through the ninth house from your moon sign. Consequent to which you are likely to go on long business trips. You will gain more in your job with less efforts and will also be rewarded by your higher Officials. There are also indications of earning honour and respect at your workplace due to Jupiter's transit in the sixth house from your moon sign. Peace and prosperity will also increase in your family. You may also go for a pilgrimage to a religious place. Some physical problems and some disparities among your children due to Dragon's head (Rahu) transit in the fifth house are likely. You need to be cautious against stomach and cardiac problems. There can be significant monetary gain due to Dragon's tail's (Ketu) transit in the eleventh house from your moon sign. There are high chances of sudden financial gains in betting, lotteries & share market. Students engaged in research, spiritualism, and psychology subjects stand to get successful in this period. There's also indications of monetary gains from abroad due to the position of Venus in the twelfth house.You are likely to gain unexpectedly in your business. Your life partner has possibility to gain considerably in his/her workplace. There are indications of big success for the children in their studies, due to the transit of Sun and Mercury in the first house from your moon sign. You may be promoted to a higher post in your workplace. The cooperation of your siblings and friends will be quite helpful in your success. You will spend more time with your family members due to the transit of Mars in second house from your moon sign. You will be busy in earning money in this duration.


There will be good cash flow this month. You will continue to encash your efforts proportionately. You will be able to come out of debts, if you have taken loans. You can consider finding new sources of income in which you are very likely to succeed. Professionals will have possibilities to touch higher positions. Those engaged in foreign services or having foreign source of income may get desirable results. Those engaged in Art, Acting, Designing, Fashion, Architect, Cosmetics, Spa & beauty enhancement business etc, are likely to make more profits.Those engaged in betting, lotteries and share market are going through golden phase where they will gain enormously if they invest very carefully.


This month is going to be excellent in terms of health. You will be very active and energetic, due to the position of exalted Sun in the first house from your moon sign. This time you will enjoy a stable peace of mind and the company of your spiritual thoughts. You will feel courageous and confident, however minor headaches might trouble you. Some natives might face health problems due to boil, rashes and other skin related issues. Infuse boiling water with neem leaves; let it cool and then mix it with your bathing water, to help it cure your well being. Those affected with heart related problems need to be more cautious in this duration. Regular morning walk will prove beneficial for you.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

This is very appropriate time for Married life. You will have very good mutual understanding. The time looks amazing for investing your energy in new relations and friendships. Although, your are advised to stay cautious while stepping into any love affair, due to the position of Rahu in the fifth house from your moon sign. New Love relations may hurt your feelings, if it does not go for long. You will have more of cooperation from opposite sex around middle of the month. Married natives with extramarital intentions may have tendencies to flirt in this period. Somebody close to you may come up with love proposals. You may involve with him/her in spending time seeking entertainment and pleasure drives. These love relations may blossom into marital bliss for some.

Family & Friends

This month you will be spending more time with your family members. Long pending essential works at domestic front are likely to be accomplished in this period. Pregnant ladies are advised to exercise and take care of their well being, as this period indicates health complications. You will get influenced and benefited by some close friend or influential member of your family. This month you will have good amount of cash flow and hence you’ll enjoy spending on your family members for providing them a luxurious life. You may face some differences with your father on some matters due to Saturn's transit in the ninth house. Your interest in religious matters, spiritualism and charity will naturally increase. Jupiter's aspect on the second house from your moon sign indicates, that there are chances that a religious or auspicious function might take place at your home. There's a indications of a big success in the studies of your kids. They also need to take care of their health as well. Kids may however, have some differences with you.


Apply Kesar (saffron) tilak on your forehead everyday.

Lucky Days

3, 7, 12, 16, 21, 25, 30

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