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» Monthly Aries Horoscope

April, 2014
Mercury, the ruler of your sign, will be in your the 11th

medical connotations. Ketu is in Aries. This has got the risk of physical and psychological discomfort. The Sun will

also be in your twelfth house. Therefore, spare your strength, sleep as much as possible, reduce consumption of

toxins and stimulants. And if something goes wrong, see a doctor immediately.

house, a restrictive house that diminishes strength and has
Love/Marriage/Personal Relations
Venus will be in your 11th

sentimentally potential situations. But there'll be some Venusians stress that won't let events unfold smoothly,

without headaches. You might experience moments of elation and great boldness, others of frustration and

inhibition, you might also sometimes underestimate and have surprises, while unexpected sentimental things can

happen to you. Don't stop, keep your flexibility and sense of humor.

house with Mercury, a period in which you'll have charm, you'll attract love and
Trade & Finance
Mars is in the 6th

a crisis. The message is the same: a reevaluation is in order, maybe even a fundamental change. Regarding the

home, family, properties, the real estate, agriculture or hotels, you'll make efforts to overcome a problem. In

everything you do, you'll be helped by your intuition, you'll be able to benefit from some secret support and

you'll have the advantage of discretion. Financially, you can rely more on the side income rather than the direct,

constant one.

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Lucky colors: Blue, Blue-green
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