Monthly Aries Horoscope

April, 2017


This month Saturn will be transiting in your ninth house; as a result you may go on a pilgrimage. Indifference could develop between you and your father. Your Father will have to take care of his health. Possibilities of attaining job related long travel for you. You will benefit more from less labour in your work-area. In this time period, your enemies will remain subdued. Transit of Rahu, the dragon's' head in the fifth house is not a favourable sign for the health of children. Some problems in education might lead to discontinuation. Students may go abroad to pursue their higher education. You will have to take care of your health as you are likely to suffer from abdominal disorder. Transit of Jupiter from sixth house will beat your opponents. Distinct possibilities of promotion and recognition in your job are seen You could spend some money for religious purposes. Economic conditions will improve. Transit of Ketu - the dragons' tail from the eleventh house shall prove beneficial from a number of sources. Sudden financial benefit from foreign sources is possible. The spouse must focus on their health. Transition of Venus and the Sun in twelfth house may bring in tremendous wealth from foreign sources. You can earn enough money from Stock market, speculation-lottery. A family member may face health issues. Major signs of unexpected profit in business are there. Your life partner could attain greater achievements in his or her chosen field.


On the financial front, this period can be extremely good. Chances of receiving funds from foreign sources due to the presence of Venus, the lord of the second house, in the twelfth house. Your efforts for increasing your income will be on the higher side. The perennial shortage of funds faced by you will disappear. Availability of abundant funds will help you look for opportunities to expand into the business. If you are trying for a bank loan, you will succeed. Good chances of getting back loaned out money. If your profession is related to theater, art, music or trading of cosmetics, spices, antique items and religious items, you can earn good money in this period.


Health-wise it can be quite a good month. Due to the presence of Mars in your sign, you will remain full of passion, energy and courage. You will be able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously due to your high energy levels. You will execute any odd job, with elation and excitement. You will show high entrepreneurial skills and resolution levels. In this period, religious interest will grow and you will donate money and time to public service, leading you to success at your work. You will be concerned about your fitness and will continue with exercising and jogging on a daily basis. You would be happy to plan outings with your life partner. If you happen to suffer from indigestion, typhoid, jaundice or abdominal diseases, please observe special care and treatment.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

This month is good for your married life. You will have excellent rapport with your spouse and you will receive full support. You will be happy to see your life partner enjoying major success at work. During this period, your spouse needs to take care of his/her health. However, there are almost no chances of any major physical problems, due to the aspect of Jupiter over Venus. Love life requires you to move with abundant caution. Rahu sits in the fifth house and could weaken your relationship and lead to a break-up. Baseless doubts can cause misunderstandings in relationship. To the extent possible, try to harmonize relationships this month. It would be better for you to respect the feelings of your love. Those who wish to propose to someone should put the idea on hold for now.

Family & Friends

This period seems very good for your family. Your focus will be on the comfort and providing amenities to your kins. You can expect to take up incremental works like home renovation, decoration works, and the purchase of luxury goods. Squandering of money on avoidable expenses can lead to problems in the long run, so it is best to refrain from them. Mother's health will be fine. You will receive full cooperation and affection from your mother. Rahu, the dragon’s head will transit in the fifth house, causing problems related to health and education of children. Chances of considering or buying a new property or a vehicle. Father's health can be cause of concern. Support or advice of friends and siblings can bring success in the workplace. Your job travel can take you to distant places.


It will be beneficial if you wear more of red colored clothes.

Lucky Days

9, 18, 27

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