Monthly Aries Horoscope

February, 2017


This month Saturn will transit through your ninth house. As a result, you will earn more than the invested hard work. Health related problems will occur for your father, so he needs to be more cautious. Luck will stay on your side and you will make progress in your career. You are likely to get promotion and appreciation at your workplace. You may go on a long journey related to your work. Because of the dragon’s head (Rahu) transit in the fifth house, children might have to struggle hard in education. During this period they need to be careful with their health. There are chances that you can earn money through gambling. Stomach related problems are going to trouble you. Due to transit of Jupiter in the sixth house, your capacity to endure struggle would increase. Your efficiency at work will also increase and you will excel over your opponents. Lots of positive developments are expected in your career. If we talk about your job, you might get respect and promotion with an increment. Dragon’s tail (Ketu) transit in the eleventh house from your moon sign will be beneficial for you in everyway. You will be more courageous and will feel more energetic. On the other hand, transit of dragon’s tail won’t be much good for your life partner's health. Due to transit of Venus and Mars in the XII house from your moon sign, you may go on foreign trips for your business. During this period your spouse may also travel to abroad.


This month you you will struggle hard to improve your financial condition. You will get more even if you have done just a little bit of hard work. You can also expect promotion or a higher post in your job. Your spouse might achieve huge success at their vocation, due to which you might be able to elevate your financial status. If you are in business then chances are high of getting unexpected success. If your work is related to milk, milk made products, water, antique items, beauty products, art, music, travel agency then chances are that you might be able to ride on the gravy train . You may also get profit from stock market, lottery and gambling. On the other hand, if your work is associated with foreign sources then this is a very favorable period for you and also good for you in terms of finance.


Transiting position of the lord of the sign in twelfth house may affect health. Aspect of Rahu posited in the fifth house from your moon sign will be on the first house from your moon sign, causing health issues for you. So, avoiding fast foods will be better for you. Take proper care of your eating habits. It will be good for you to take care of your health and don’t avoid it for your work, because health is wealth. Keeping your daily life routine regular will be very beneficial for you. It will save you from haste and rush. Early morning walk is the best tonic for your health.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Time is favorable for your marital life. You will get full support and love from your spouse. Partner would be caring; you both will bring out the best in each other. During this period, your partner is expected to garner huge success in both personal and professional life which will bring happiness for you. You may also plan a foreign trip with your partner. If we talk about love affairs, this is not a good time, so you need to be more cautious. Dragon’s head posited fifth house may create misunderstanding in your relationship. So avoid getting in arguments and doubting your lover. Your lover may face some health issues. But soon your relationship with your partner will improve and you will enjoy your love life because of the exalted position of Venus, which is the significator of love. If you are single, then chances are that someone might become the apple of your eye very soon.

Family & Friends

Your familial life is going to be average and you might spend a lot on luxurious items for your family and for you as well. Some of you may plan a long journey with your family. This month your child will be unable to concentrate on his studies and this might be one of the reasons for your anxiety. But it will be great if you understand them and lend a caring ear to their problems. Work as a team with them to combat their issues. You are expected to get full support of your siblings and you will spend quality time with your friends and relatives at your home.


After getting up in the morning, before keeping your foot on the floor (because Mars is the son of earth) greet the earth.

Lucky Days

9, 18, 27

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