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» Monthly Capricorn Horoscope

April, 2014
Ketu occupies Aries and mars occupies Virgo. The situation is much the same as it was in the previous month: work

capacity, physical energy and good morale, but with a predisposition to small accidents, inflammations, infections,

burns, cuts and other small accidents. You'll have initiative in medical problems, you'll take measures, interact

easily with doctors and you might even take a trip on such purposes.
Love/Marriage/Personal Relations
Saturn, the lord occupies Libra and is exalted with Rahu. You'll go through a period in which some older topics to

meditate on come back to attention. They are about relationships in general, some of them concerning directly the

couple relationship. The problems will be defined in terms of wishes and possibilities, enthusiasm and obstacles,

private space and responsibilities, overcoming some prejudices or rigidity, understanding the other's mentality and

aspirations, etc. On putting these aspects together will depend your happiness not only in Apr 2014, but for a long

time from now on.
Trade & Finance
Venus and Mercury is favorable in the 2nd

You'll face the last restrictions that will try to stop novelty, change, the possible beginning of a great adventure.

Aprbe these obstacles will not even be so harmful, maybe their role is to help you find a better place in the middle

of events, objectives and aspirations, to assess your chances, resources and risks more correctly. The better you

inform yourself, the more chances for success you'll have. You'll spend much money on health, shape and body

care, but your resources seem to be regenerating.

house. However there is a negative influence from Rahu on Saturn.

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» Capricorn Characteristics

People born under Capricorn sign are deep thinkers. Capricornia’s are ruled by Saturn, whose symbol is the goat. Capricorn is...

» Capricorn Facts

Lucky number: 6, 9 and 8
Lucky Color: White, red and blue
Lucky Day: Tuesday, Saturday

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» Capricorn Compatibility

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