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Monthly Capricorn Horoscope

June, 2018


There can be chances of growth in your pride and honor from the stateside and there is a possibility of increase in your profits from the work related to partnership. Any work done with haste and excitement can lead to losses. Therefore, trying to be aware towards your work and doing any work with proper thinking and understanding and working according to a strategy can be beneficial for you. There is no need to come under any kind of provocation. It would be better for you, if you do your work in a well-planned manner before time as per your understanding. There is a possibility of occurring of some new work in this month. If you have made any work related plans or if you are planning to start a new work, then you can probably do it, in this month. The Mars is transiting in the Capricorn, which can make you achieve good success with the work done with self-confidence. If you want to work in partnership with any of your friends, then you can do it. Money related expenses are on the surge in this month. If there is an increase in any kind of expenses then your mental stress can rise. Therefore, it is necessary to control the expenses. In this month, being in touch with some of the officials can lead you to achieve good success in the field of work. If you do any kind of tender related work, then it can be beneficial for you. If you work under someone as an employee, then you have to maintain good contacts with your higher officials so, as to bring growth in your working position in your workplace. There are chances of obtaining good opportunities of economic benefits. You should try to be careful while working on any of your tasks and should do your work with proper thinking, so that it can be beneficial for you. If you are a student and you are pursuing your studies, then there is a possibility for you to likely get good success from participating in a contest. From the career point of view, you may be able to see growth in this month. If you are looking for a job then there is a possibility for you to, likely get it. Stress may arise from outside travels and in your married life. There can be interruptions in outstation travelling. If you are planning an outstation trip related to any of your work, then it would be better for you, if you try to avoid it this month. You may have to face difficulties related to your travel and health-related disorders could arise. The conditions are generally good in terms of your career. It would be better to work wisely, if you want to give direction to any task. Your destiny will be on your side. Your efforts can get to good success. According to your economic terms, this period will be progressive for you. If you perform any kind of money related transactions or any kind of purchase or sale in this month, then it can be very rewarding for you.


Strengthening of economic conditions this month is on the cards. With the help of a good friend or a contact with a reputed person, can make you obtain good opportunities for economic benefits. Your efforts to earn good success with the means of your work can be successful. Your economic conditions will be favorable in this month. The more effort you make, the better your success can be. There will be little mental disturbance and tension. There can be distractions in your mind, but you can expect to gain great success from your attempts to concentrate your mind in the areas of work. The investments related to money can be profitable for you. If you are trying to do any work with an objective of earning money for yourself, then it can be successful. Do not invest your money in property related areas at all, because the time is not favorable for it. Saturn is transiting into Sagittarius zodiac sign, which is likely to cause damage due to investing your money in property related areas. The efforts made by you indicate signs of achieving good profits. Any work done with stability and with seriousness can get you good opportunities to gain economic benefits. You should try to work according to your situation and circumstances. You should be sure to take necessary precautions with the transactions related to your money. Due to unnecessary travels, your financial problems can also arise.


In the physical form, you may have to face problems related to skin infections, etc in this month. Some problems may arise in the legs. There may also be possibilities of occurrence of fever, temperature etc. in the second half of this month. Therefore, it is necessary to take health-related care.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

In this month, the situations may be adverse for love relations. Problems can arise due to any kind of mutual disputes. So keep in mind to maintain a mutual harmony with your beloved boyfriend/girlfriend. There should be no rise in any kind of mutual tensions. Try to discuss with each other and with expressing empathy you should try to do your work. Due to any other person, there can be a crack in your love relationship. There is a possibility of any kind of unnecessary problems to, likely arise. So you should not believe in any other person's words. While keeping trust on yourself, you can love someone and talk to someone. In this month, if you try to make an effort to promote any kind work along with your boyfriend/girlfriend, then you can gain good success in that work. The conditions regarding your married life in this month can be quite stressful. Small minute problems can cause huge problems. Due to the mutual disputes between husband and wife the situations of separation may arise. Because of this, there can be situations from your in-laws that can cause you stress, as well as you may even have to face interruptions in your outdoor trips. In such conditions try to take care of such things and try to stop any unwanted problems from coming. You should make sincere efforts to maintain harmony between husband and wife.

Family & Friends

In this month, the mutual harmony with the family can be better. You can desire to achieve success in any work with the help of each other. You may have to face a little much condition of ups and downs. However, the mutual harmony can be better. Having a proper co-ordination can also have its good effects on your working areas. The possibility of receiving parental support is good. There is a possibility of spending some of your money in this month on your mother. However, the chances for you to get your father's cooperation are possible. Your fate will also be with you this month. With the blessings of your parents, you can launch some new ventures. In this month, from the family point of view the conditions will generally be auspicious. There are chances for the balance in the family to be intact. Concerns can take place from the children’s side and issues related to the health of the child may arise. A difficulty may arise due to mental disturbances and stressful situations. Your responsibilities in the home family can be very important. With the efforts put in by you, the development of your house can be good. In the house, even any kind of event can be a festive celebration. Your relations can be good with your close relatives. However, the possibility of unnecessary expenditure is going to increase. Therefore, you should try to maintain a balance in the family.


Donate black things on Saturdays and anoint Shani Dev with mustard oil or sesame oil in Shani temple can be beneficial for you. Apart from this, lighting up a sesame oil lamp and reciting of Shani Chalisa etc. can be beneficial. Apart from this, you can also chant Mahamrityunjaya mantra.

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