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Monthly Capricorn Horoscope

April, 2019


You are an individual who lives a life that is full of struggles and hardships. You may have to face all kinds of challenges in your life. You might encounter opportunities that would enable you to receive economic gains under situations that are filled of hardships and stress. If you want any kind of luxurious amenities, then for achieving the same, you might be expected to put in a lot of efforts. However, there is a clear possibility of acquiring money and real estate only under situations wherein you have to face numerous challenges and stressful conditions.

Therefore, you shouldn’t refrain from performing any kind of challenging task. There is a possibility that the conditions pertaining to economic gains would remain favorable because Mars is transiting into Taurus zodiac, which can prove to be highly advantageous in terms of gaining economic benefits. Any attempt made for benefiting economically is expected to become successful. From the perspective of career, the month is likely to bring good news. Also, there is a high possibility of acquiring money and real estate. If you do a job or undertake a specific type of business, then there is a good possibility of acquiring money via your existing job or a business undertaking.

Fate is also expected to render you complete support during this month because Mercury and Venus are communicating in the Aquarius zodiac, which is creating an opportunity of bringing progress related to the business undertaking. You might fetch good profits due to an overseas travel etc. During this month, your marital life is also expected to get better. If you have an intention of traveling abroad due to work etc, then the same is expected to get fulfilled during this month.

The enemy side is going to be in normal condition. Therefore, if there is an ongoing family dispute or business dispute or any other kind of arguments or disputes, then any attempt to resolve the same via mutual co-ordination will prove to be absolutely successful. From the perspective of health, the conditions are likely to improve towards the end of the month. Conditions pertaining to the children are expected to remain good and quite favorable.

If you are a student and are preparing for an important subject, then you may achieve tremendous amount of success in the chosen area of study. You may have to face opposition from your own people who are close to you. If you are in the political arena then you may get good opportunities to reap impressive political benefits. You may also expect to receive good support from all the members in your family. You would turn to be successful in terms of relations with the parents and receiving support and co-operation from the parents. You would be able to achieve success in works undertaken using courage and excitement.

You are likely to receive brilliant opportunities in the area of job etc. The time period is expected to remain favorable with regards to children and any kind of romantic relationship. Your relations with close relatives are expected to improve during this month of April 2019. Your fortune is likely to favor you in a commendable way and you will be able to achieve tremendous success in the areas of work. During this month, the dates viz: 6th, 7th, 15th, 16th and 26th and 27th are expected to create mental unrest for you. Therefore, refrain from undertaking any kind of important tasks on these days. Doing the same would prove to be highly beneficial for you.


During this month of April 2019, there are some brilliant possibilities of receiving amazing opportunities of reaping maximum economic benefits because Mars is communicating in Taurus zodiac, which is indicating some impressive economic benefits due to continuous efforts put in by the person. If you are engaged in some or the other kind of business, then you may receive an instant opportunity of reaping instant economic benefits and a stable financial situation. In addition to your areas of work, there may be a progress in the areas pertaining to acquisition of money and real estate. If you are employed in some kind of job and are interested in investing your money in a particular company etc. then you can proceed ahead with the same only after gathering complete details about the specific investment policy. Following this piece of advice would strengthen you financial situation by a commendable limit. Every possible effort made in order to earn money would prove to be tremendously successful. You might come across multiple opportunities of reaping economic benefits throughout your lifespan. Abiding by these opportunities would allow you to achieve success in a thorough way. Working after considering the current time and situation would allow you to profit to the fullest without having you to worry about facing any kind of financial losses. Your initiative to gain economic benefits would get fulfilled in a phenomenal manner.

You should try to maintain a normal relation with your relatives and also make it a point to avoid any kind of lending or borrowing of money with any of your friends or colleagues. Do any kind of work or execute any kind of project with a whole lot of seriousness and stability, which will ensure that you don’t have to suffer from any kind of economic losses.


During this month, some or the other kind of problems related to health might arise. However, there is no possibility of any kind of serious health issue during this month but some kind of small problems might also keep you stressed mentally. Therefore, it can be quite beneficial for you to be aware of your health and take proper care of the same.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

During this month, you are likely to stay completed satisfied and full of contentment pertaining to your romantic relationship with a special someone. Your synergy with the boyfriend or girlfriend is likely to improve and you might come across an opportunity of removing all the arguments for initiating a new start to the romantic relationship with your loved one. If you love your boyfriend or girlfriend very dearly and intend to spend some quality time with him or her, then you can receive a brilliant opportunity of executing such a plan with a high success rate.

You can receive support from your boyfriend or girlfriend in the areas of work. If there is a plan of roaming around, then putting in the required amount of efforts would allow you to accomplish the same on an instant basis. There is a high possibility of conditions remain favorable according to the time and situation. Conditions related to marital life are expected to remain auspicious during this month. There is an impressive possibility of receiving support from the life partner during this month of April 2019.

If you love your husband or wife very dearly, then you might receive an opportunity of going out on a casual lunch or dinner date with him or her. Also, there is a clear possibility of achieving success due to continuous support rendered by your husband or wife. Even from the in-laws side, you can expect tremendous support as per time. Also, a tour to abroad etc. would allow you to reap maximum profits both personally as well as professionally.

Family & Friends

There is a possibility of having a good relationship with the family during this month. Your mutual harmony with your brother, sister, father and son is likely to improve in the month of April 2019. This can introduce a whole lot of happiness in the entire family and also among the family members. Occasionally, some or the other kind of dispute may arise but there is no likeliness of occurrence of any kind of serious problem associated with family life. Due to mutual co-ordination with each of the family members, there are chances of receiving support in the family matters as well as matters related to work.

If you want your family’s support in any kind of work, then you can receive the same during the month of April 2019. You might be viewed with a whole lot of respect and honor during this month. You are also liable to some kind of family responsibilities and it is absolutely essential for you to fulfill these responsibilities perfectly. If you are able to undertake the tasks with a lot of responsibility, then your dominance in the family is likely to increase by huge heaps and bounds.

It is an amazing achievement to maintain the overall balance of the home. In addition to maintaining a healthy relationship with the parents and receiving their incredible support, you will also receive a whole lot satisfaction from the children's side. Due to favorable conditions pertaining to children’s education and career etc; your mental state is likely to get better and improvised. Good feelings might arise for the children. There will be happy environment at home and within the entire family.


On every Saturday of the week, lighting a sesame oil-based lamp under the Peepal tree or lighting a lamp in a nearby temple of Lord Shani, donating black colored goods and reciting Hanuman Chalisa etc. can prove to be tremendously beneficial for you. It will also be beneficial for you to provide support and service to a group of poor people.

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