Monthly Capricorn Horoscope

January, 2017


This month Saturn would transit from your 11th house, which would make you feel rejoiced and rejuvenated. Health will be brilliant. All your prolonged tasks would gain momentum. Rahu will transit in your 8th house, which might create some health problems for you. Take care of your eyes. Do not put much strain on them; sleep adequately. You might go on a trip this month. Your mother will have to take care of her health. The movement of Jupiter from your 9th house would increase your vitality. Your immune system would be strong and you’ll gain strength. Your siblings would get glory at their vocation. Your relations with them would be amazing and being so supportive you’ll enjoy the family bliss. Going for a pilgrimage is also possible for some. The transit of Sun and Mercury in your 10th house will lure you to go trips and excursions. Ketu, Mars and Venus will transit in your 2nd house, that’ll create problems at the familial front. Lack of harmony would breathe in conflicts and problems.


The month will be financially strong for you. You might have to keep a tab on your expenses. You’ll get plenty of opportunities in this period to earn well. Your toils would be less and you’ll achieve much more than that. Investing in share market and lottery will not be a good option for you in this duration. Ketu would be residing in your 2nd house, which would increase your expenses. Natives involved in food related business, perfumes, art, and electronics and machinery would gain large benefits in this duration. The period after 20th of January would increase your valor and strength and you’ll accumulate a lot of wealth. The end of the month would be auspicious for you.


Saturn will transit through your 11th house, which would be the harbinger of good health in your life. Although, Rahu will transit through your 8th house, which could elevate some of your health problems. With work, its important that you take care of your health as well. During this time. Take care of your eyes. This month you’ll live a rejuvenated life. You’ll be bouncing with excitement and make sure everyone around you feels your happiness. Your work ethics will make you the star performer, but make sure that you take some time out for your well being. Eat a healthy and balanced diet, and refrain from consuming junks. Practice meditation and yoga to stay at the top of your game.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

This will be a dull month for your married life. The house lord of 7th house, Moon will be aspected by Jupiter. This activity would bring harmony in your married life. Your partner would be sympathetic towards your feelings. Love affairs will require you to be cautious, as 5th house lord Venus will conjunct with Mars and Ketu. Your lover shall take care of their health in this duration. To strengthen your love, you must understand the value of trust and loyalty. Understand your partner and make sure that you don’t let anything breathe in between your relationship. Plan an outing with lover to spend some quality time with them.

Family & Friends

This month Ketu, Mars and Venus will be in your 2nd house. This would affect the harmony at home. You’ll have to work harder in order to achieve something. Abstain from taking behind others back in order to avoid arguments and confrontations. Handle every issue politely; do not get into unnecessary arguments. Children might have to face ill health this month; education will have to face many obstacles. Students might get lured to get into technical education. Mother would have to remain cautious about her health. Jupiter would be in your 9th house, which might increase spirituality in your father’s mind. You might also get interested in trying spirituality and meditation. Joining a religious institute or sect is also possible for some. Siblings would achiveve something big in this duration.


Avoid consuming alcohol and non vegetarian foods.

Lucky Days

4, 8, 9 13, 16, and 25 will be auspicious dates for you. Do all your important works on these dates.

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