Monthly Libra Horoscope

June, 2016


Good outcomes are predicted for you this month. Politicians may find the competition hard this month, but do not worry as success is assured if appropriate hard work is done. You must behave politely with your children or some differences might occur between you two. Some ups and downs in your life are also predicted. You must drive safe and stay cautious as you might hurt yourself this month. You may not find yourself capable for taking appropriate decisions. Keep your mind stable and engage yourself in spirituality. You must finish your work calmly and patiently. Take advice from your friend whenever you find it necessary. You might also plan to visit pilgrimage this month. You may have to suffer from any physical hardship during this small vacation. Benefits from your work are also predicted according to your dedication and hardwork. You might plan some business tours this month. Do not get yourself into unnecessary tensions. Support from your life partner is also predicted. You might also plan to invest in property after middle of this month. Profits from your mother are also foreseen. Some unexpected gains are also expected. Your expenditure on luxurious items might also increase. Relations with your siblings might get sour this month. Try to work in coordination with your colleagues and subordinates.


You might find yourself alive and well this month. However, some mental or physical stress might bother you during this period. You might also experience little fatigue due to excess burden of responsibilities at your work. Stay careful as your blood pressure might also show an increase this month. Try to indulge yourself into meditation in order to keep yourself healthy and tension free.

Family & Friends

You may have a happy family life during this month. You might plan a small vacation with your family. This may make you cheerful and joyous. Your family may like your company. Relationships with your siblings might remain cordial this month. Keep control on your speech. Speak polite and calm. Do not take alcohol and non vegetarian diet. Consuming nutritious food is recommended for you. Do not trust your friends blindly, as they might try to create a strife in your house. Make yourself responsible for fulfilling the needs of your family. You must follow all your duties willfully this month. Your lover might get angry over you. There is a need to act wisely during this period. Some small disagreements might turn into quarrels. Your lover might also start feeling proud this month. Some profits are also predicted from your father after little misunderstandings between you two. Relationships with your mother may remain cordial. Health of your father may make you feel tensed.

Trade & Finance

Profits are predicted for you after doing much hard work. Promotions and rise in salary are also predicted for you this month. If you are searching for a job, your search might ends this month. Interview given during this period might bring success for you. However, time might not be too good for those who are doing any business. Take advice from your seniors and more experienced people before signing or finalising any deal. Do not sign on any document without reading them. New source of incomes are predicted for you this month. You might also invest in new plans this month. You may create your own identity at your workplace. Prosperity is also predicted in future for you. Always remember actions speaks louder than words, thus, always believe in completing your work. Foreign tours from your office are also foreseen. Support from any old or elderly person. Your hard work might award you with good income.


Sampoorna Rog Nashak Yantra is the Yantra for increasing your immunity and distancing yourself from diseases. This Yantra comprises of powers from gods. Establish this Yantra in your house on Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Offers all the Yantras with Roli (sacred thread), rice, Dhoop and Deep. Keep this Yantra in north-east facing in your home. Chant this Mantra for 108 times.

Lucky Days

Auspicious dates: 1, 11, 12, 21, 22, 27 28
Inauspicious dates: 4, 5, 13, 14, 15, 23, 24

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