Monthly Libra Horoscope

March, 2018


During this month, you might have a hard time in saving your pennies for future use. The transit of Jupiter in Libra will push you to the right path and will help you to achieve your desired goals, if you give your best shot in what you do. Therefore, you should not indulge in any immoral activity that might taint your reputation and create hurdles in your way to success. During this month, the transit of Venus in the Zodiac Sign Aquarius will help you achieve your goals, provided that you are serious about the work that you will do. If you perform your tasks with determination and hard work, there is a racing certainty that your ordeals will be met with success. It is important that you trust yourself and do not rely on others for making your dreams come true. Trusting others blindly might be counterproductive for you and your plans will end up blowing up in your face. You should have confidence in your own self and should realize your own potential. The month seems to be financially rewarding for you. The people born under the Moon Sign Libra will be able to get their hands on a promotion at their workplace. Also, an increment in salary or an elevation in status awaits for you during this month. Those who are involved in business will witness the expansion of their line of work. There might be a rise and falls at your career front but monetary gains are on the cards. Because of the transit of the Sun in Aquarius, you will have a cordial relationship with your family members and your relationship with your lover will also get better. You might succumb to skin problems and would be required to take care of your health during this month.


You will witness a rise in your career during the month of March. The tasks that you perform at your work front will help you to earn benefits. Make efforts in doing your work with utmost sincerity if you want to gain the maximum benefits. The transit of the Sun in the Zodiac Sign Aquarius will be favourable for you in terms of monetary profits. If you have invested your money earlier, you might be able to get beneficial returns through the same. Also, retrieving the money that you have lent to someone will be an easy thing to do. As a result, you will be able to gain your money back. Investing your money in the share market seems to be a good option for you, as it is bound to yield promising results. However, you should consider investing during the latter half of the month during which the conditions will be more favorable for you. Make sure that you do not spend your money recklessly if you do not want to face monetary problems.


There are chances that you might have to face a blood loss or blood-related problems during this month. Take the necessary precautions to safeguard yourself against such calamities. Also, you are recommended to maintain personal hygiene as it might help you to keep skin related problems at bay. Ensure that your surroundings are clean and meditate to keep your body physically as well as mentally fit. Drink adequate water and keep yourself well hydrated.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Love relationship with your partner will get better during this month. If you want to give a present to your loved one, you might surprise them with one during this month. This will make your partner happy. Let your partner know how dear you hold them to your heart. You will be able to spend time with your beloved and will make memories that you will cherish all your life. Your love partner will bestow their love and affection in you during this month. Try to cooperate with them as this will help you at your work front too. Those who are married will witness a gradual improvement in their relationship with their spouse. Some petty issues might arise but you will be able to overcome them soon. Major issues in your married life are unlikely during this month. You might go on a trip with your partner to make them happy.

Family & Friends

You might have to face some problems at your home front during the month of March. You might have to suffer through problems because of the ongoing fights and quarrels that will keep you tensed during this month. As a result of mental tension, your health might dwindle. Try your best to sort out the problems at your home. Take care of the health of your parents too. Their blessings will be a boon for you and their teachings will push you towards success. Respect your parents and seek their advice. A new vehicle would be welcomed in your home and will be a source of happiness for the family members. Your family will luxuriate in comforts. Your children will perform better in their academics. They will be the apple of your eye and you will love to see them progress in their life. You should try to maintain an amicable relationship with your siblings. Your friends will support you and you will feel lucky to have them by your side.


Donate white colored eatables like rice, sugar, salt, milk, curd, etc. or other white colored objects to the needy people on Fridays. This will help you in eradicating your health issues. Observe a fast on Friday and donate in temples as much as you can. This will help you in different aspects of your life.

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