Monthly Libra Horoscope

February, 2016


You might feel restless at your work. Diseases related to nervous system and stomach might bother you this month. Try to take help from your friends in order to get relieved from stress. Environment at home might remain normal this month. Support from any female colleague is also predicted for you. Do not take any important decisions during this month. Some stress and mental unrestness might also arrive due to the current ongoing Shani Sade Sati Dasha. You might try to indulge yourself into creative works to feel stress relieved. Time is crucial to bring good changes in your personality. Month is also favorable for presenting your expertise in any art work. If you are a student, you might plan to begin your career in this field. You might also plan to strategize and implement your new plannings. Time may not prove much favorable for investing money. Your talents may be praised by people around you. You might unnecessarily get suspicious over your partner. You must stop such situations or you might have to suffer from regrets. Someone might also raise a voice against you. You might find yourself excited for doing works dedicated toward society or community. Do not worry as fruits for your social service and rewards for your work might come later. Positive results are predicted for you for the work done by you earlier. Try to self analyse yourself and mend your defects. You might also get awarded according to your qualifications. Time is favorable for getting praise, honour, promotions and prosperity. Social service might attract you this month.


Your mind might get disturbed due to the arousal of bad thoughts in your mind. Time might not be on your side this month. Your mind might be full of bad thoughts, but you will still manage to look calm from inside. Time is not favorable for you. Start worshiping Lord Vishnu. You can also worship Aaradhya Deva of your house. Take good care of your diet. Eat healthy food. You might also suffer from stomach related problems. You might have a burning sensation in lower part of your abdomen. If you are a woman, your haemoglobin might drop down.

Family & Friends

Try to maintain gentle and patient behavior with your elder siblings this month. Share happiness, love and affection with your family during this period. This might make your family’s environment cheerful. Make sure you are spending ample time with your family. If you are in a relationship than there are chances that your partner might hurt your feelings during this period. You might have to work hard to make your bond strong with your partner. Try to maintain love and affection in your married life. Your partner may spend unnecessarily this month which might increase your expenditures. You might also get financially weak this month. You may feel pleasurable after going on a vacation with your friends this month. Your siblings or father might be the reason behind taking money on debts this month. Too much of versatility might create problems for you this month. Some disputes might also arise within your family regarding paternal wealth or property. You might find yourself mentally weak during this month. Do not let negative thoughts overpower your mind. Blessings from your father, family, teachers might help you in gaining luck.

Trade & Finance

Relations with your seniors might turn stressful for a short duration of time this month. However, situations might turn your side during the later part of this month. Chances of getting promotions during this period are also high. You must do a self evaluation of your inner thoughts. Try to improve your financial status after evaluating all problems in your business/ work. Try to indulge yourself more in hard work in order to bring positive change in your financial conditions. Progress and development is predicted for you. Your salary might also increase this month. Some profits are also predicted for you from your father’s side or some other fatherly like figure. Rising problems may provoke you to get diplomatic this month. Your may start speaking like a politician. However, you must make sure that you can use this diplomacy only to a certain extent in order to get your works done. You might get benefitted with some property business. You may try to turn your luck more hard than normal to get the desired results. You might have to face many problems at your work/business, inspite after so much of toil. Think twice before you invest in the stock market.


According to astrology, unfavorability of Saturn is the cause for accidents; thus, postpone travels. In such situations one must establish Griha Pida Nivarak Shani Yantra. Worshiping this Yantra might provide you with many benefits. Worship this Yantra with full devotion by lighting mustard oil lamp or Deepak in front of the Yantra. This will give you many benefits. Offer blue or black flowers. Worshiping this Yantra will help you in waving off problems related to money, job or business and prosperity. Keep this yantra at the place of worship in your house on either Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Offer Yantra with Roli (sacred thread), rice, flowers, Dhoop and Deep. Keep this Yantra in north-east direction of your home.

Lucky Days

Auspicious dates: 5, 6, 12, 13, 22, 23, 24
Inauspicious dates: 7, 8, 16, 17, 25, 26

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