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Monthly Libra Horoscope

May, 2018


You will be a responsible person during this month. You will be the kind of person whose actions will be based on their situations and you maintain a balance between your person and professional life. There are chances that you might acquire land or a vehicle. Income from various sources will be obtained. You might meet a new person who would be a blessing in disguise for you. You will be a persistent person who will not hold back in tackling adverse situations. This remarkable trait possessed by you will open the gateways of success for you. You will be able to maintain good relations with your kith and kin. Your connection with the elite strata of the society and with higher officials will serve as a tool for you to bag a promotion or an elevation in status at your work front. Work done with confidence and enthusiasm will beget productive results. Your mind will be money oriented and obtaining monetary gains will lead to personal satisfaction. You will be more inclined towards performing social works. You will be able to bask in materialistic pleasures. If you are involved in politics, you will rule the heart of the public and will gain the support of the common masses. Students will be able to ace any test that they take during this stretch of time. Those trying their luck in competitive exams will be able to race ahead of others with their hard work and tenacity. The transit of the planet Saturn in Sagittarius will help you to lay your hands on the job that you have been waiting for. Do not let yourself get entangled in any kind of conflicts, else you might suffer. Your physical and your mental health might not be up to the mark during this month, which would affect various spheres of your life. Therefore, it should be on the top of your priority list if you want to live a happy life. Journeys undertaken during this period will produce the desired outcomes, especially if they are work. related. You might have to face obstacles in your journeys, but you will be able to cope up with them easily. Your state of mind would affect your performance and hence your career. You will be backed by your luck and many golden opportunities will knock your door. You might consider investing in the real estate sector as it expected to give favorable returns. None of your efforts will go in vain and you will get the results sooner or later. It will be good for you if you adapt to the given situations.


There will be several rises and falls at your career front. It is predicted that the problems that arise will cause you mental worries and will lead to sleepless nights. You are advised to stay calm as being worried will further affect your decisions and will also impact your performance at your work. The chances of monetary gains are good. However, it is possible that you will not be able to get the benefits on time and there will be a delay in getting your hands on them. Any transaction of money should be done carefully and you should not trust anyone blindly in money matters. Lending your money to others would prove to be detrimental to your financial status. Expanding your business will be easy in the latter half of the month. Do not get influenced by others and think well before taking any big step. Your luck will push you towards success, but you should avoid depending on luck and should rather rely on your hard work. There might be some financial problems in the mid-phase of the month, which should be carefully dealt with. Pressure and workload will disrupt the peace of your mind. Facing financial problems will add to your woes. Planning a well-defined strategy and adhering to it will help you. Do not let these situations become a reason for grave problems. Thus, you should tackle them in the most efficient manner. Avoid performing anything in a hurry and do not rush to completing your tasks at the last minute.


Be very cautious about your health as you might have to face heart-related problems during the span of this month. Adhere to traffic rules while driving or being on road. Adopt safety measures and avoid reckless driving to ensure your safety and well-being. Consume a balanced diet to make sure that your body does not get devoid of the essential nutrients required for its proper functioning.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Observing the position of the planets, it can be predicted that your love life will take a turn for your own good. The transit of the planet Saturn in the Zodiac Sign Sagittarius will be good for your relationship. You will have a pleasant time with your loved one and will love their company. It will be productive if you do you work with their support and cooperation. Spending time with them will make you understand each other well and will let the budding romance bloom into a beautiful bond of love. You might consider going on a trip with your partner during this month. It is anticipated that both of you will get many chances to go on romantic dates, dinners, movies, etc. during the latter half of the month. The natives of the Moon Sign Libra, who are married need to be prepared to tackle problems in their married life. There are chances that you might not agree with the opinion of your spouse and so will they. This would eventually lead to the development of a tensed situation between the two of you. Conflicts might arise and you might indulge in a war of words. It is advised that you should stay calm when your spouse is angry in order to cope up with the situation. Be sure that you do not speak anything disrespectful that might hurt the sentiments of your life partner. Once spoken, words can never be taken back. Thus, you should think well before oozing them out of your mouth. Stressful situations in your married life will have a negative impact on your working capacity and efficiency. Also, it would be detrimental to your health. A marriage is a sacred bond of love and trust and you should never forget that. Do not let petty issues corrode the foundation of your marriage vows. Be loyal and committed to your partner and try your best to understand them. Do not mistreat them as you will have to regret doing it later. Spending time with them and taking care of them will make them realize how important they are to you. Do not hold back in expressing your love to your life partner.

Family & Friends

The atmosphere of your home will be chaotic due to internal conflicts among the family members. The arrival of guests at your home will invite happiness into your home. There might be a lack of harmony between the members of the family. The transit of the shadow planet Ketu in the Zodiac Sign Capricorn is not considered good for family life. Your relationship with your parents might get disrupted during this period. There might be some problems due to generation gap and difference of perspectives. Some minor issues might get amplified and cause chaos in your home. It will be good for you that you think well before speaking anything. Try to have a mature approach while dealing with your family members. You should realize the importance of blood relations and should learn to value them as well. You will be able to bring back harmony into your family life if you try to do it. Having a serene environment at home will let you have a peaceful mind, which will, in turn, help you to perform well at your work front and thus earn glory and praise for your efforts. Your tranquility of mind will help you to think well and analyze a given situation, due to which you will excel at decision making. You will have a normal relationship with your siblings. Any work that is done in cooperation with you and your siblings will yield positive results. The life of your children will get better during this month, as predicted by the position of the planets. Your offspring will enjoy a luxurious life and will make every possible effort to make their dreams come true. There might be some activities like get-togethers and parties in your house which will create a wave of joy in the house.


Observing a fast and donating white colored objects on Friday will help you sail through difficulties. Observing the fast of Goddess Santoshi will prove to be beneficial for you. Serve your teachers and mentors on Thursdays and feed fodder to the cows.

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