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Monthly Gemini Horoscope

November, 2018


In the beginning of the month, you might get some positive news related to children. In the midst of a lot of stress and disturbance, you might end up making some huge financial gains. You will act wisely as well as speak in a balanced manner. If you start any work with proper planning, then your mind as well as words will work in your favor, else situation might turn against you. The financial situation will get better. Despite putting in a lot of hard work, success might evade you, and you might face several setbacks. You also might face few issues on the health front. There will be constant stress and struggle related to money and family. Relations with the family or relatives might get worse. Rahu is transiting the Cancer zodiac sign which might cause problems in buying or selling property, or in the family. This month, don’t involve any relative or family members in business or professional matters as they might try to trick you, or cause financial losses. If you are working in a service, then you will get good opportunities for growth and development. Your relations with a senior official or colleague at work will help you in getting a promotion or pay increase. This month, your plans to buy a house or vehicle will be successful; you might face few challenges in the beginning though. You might also face few health related issues. Your rivals will become weaker, but avoid any unnecessary confrontation or skirmishes. If you have been dealing with any long-pending dispute or conflict, then it is likely to get resolved this month. If you have been fighting any court case, it is likely to get favorable results this month. This month, Mars is transiting into Aquarius. Your efforts to resolve family or other issues will be successful. Sun is transiting into Neech Rashi which might affect your self-confidence. Any efforts might lead to sure, yet delayed success. Few problems might arise in your married life. Lack of love and support from the spouse will lead to stress and mental disturbances. Prospects of a foreign travel are quite high. But you might face a few roadblocks in the beginning. By and large, the luck will be on your side this month and you will achieve success in all your endeavors. Things might improve as per the circumstances. The month will be favorable in terms of business and profession. Any projects started or done with hard work and courage will yield positive results. Few problems might arise at work or job. Act according to circumstances and avoid making any reckless decisions. Financial situation will be favorable, however, be careful in the matters related to financial investments. Avoid lending money to strangers or unreliable people. 7th,8th, 15th, 16th, 25th, and 26th of the month will be stressful and a bit challenging. In addition to feeling stressed, you might also feel worried or anxious. Take care of yourself during tough times.


Overall, the month will stable financially. You will be able to achieve all your business or financial goals successfully. In addition to good planning and thinking skills, you possess great execution skills as well. Any financial or business investments will yield positive results. Any new business deal or association with foreign clients will also be successful. However, few problems might arise along the way. If you initiate any business project, it is likely to face minor challenges in the beginning. Hence, it is crucial to start any new project with care and sufficient forethought keeping long-term objectives in mind. The luck is mostly in your favor this month, so you don’t need to worry much, at least on the financial front. However, any plans or efforts to save money might not work out well. Property disputes might arise which case disturb the family relationships. Don’t exert too much effort into buying new property or house or making more money. This might only lead to disappointment and frustration. Be careful while making any new financial investments. Beware of false schemes promising quick money. Plan and invest wisely.


Few health problems might arise this month. There are high chances of developing diseases or infection related to feet or stomach. Hence, you must be careful.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

The month looks good in terms of love and marriage life. Your relationship with the partner will improve and mutual understanding will increase tremendously. With each other’s support, you can accomplish any complex task with ease. It is important that you act with patience and avoid reckless behavior or conduct with your partner. Only when you have a good relationship with your partner, you can experience mental peace and satisfaction. If you are planning for a vacation together, then this is the right time. Also, if you wish to jointly start any project, then you may go ahead. You may experience few problems in your marriage. Differences in the opinion might lead to conflicts or disagreements. Occasional fights might also happen. The situation might get so serious that you might have to live separately for some time. It is absolutely crucial that you try to maintain good relationship with your spouse and avoid conflicts as much as you can. Problems in marriage might also affect your business or profession negatively. The first of the month will be particularly stressful and unstable for your marriage; things might improve as per the situation though. Hence, keeping your marriage stable must be your top priority.

Family & Friends

Family life might be a little disturbed this month. Due to conflict or disputes, relationship with a family member might deteriorate. Due to lack of mutual understanding, difference in opinion will emerge leading to arguments or confrontation. Family environment might get disturbed somewhat. During challenging times, it is crucial that everyone supports and works with each other. Health of a family member might deteriorate leading to stress and tension in the family. Parents might also experience some health issues this month. With the support and blessings from parents, any work or task can be completed successfully. It is also crucial to develop mutual respect and understanding within the family and avoid conflicts or discords. You will get success in business or profession, made possible with the support and blessings from the family. Overall, the family life will be good. You will be satisfied with the children’s progress in education or career. Don’t worry unnecessarily about children’s health. You are a wise and intelligent person. You perform all tasks with utmost care and planning. Try to ensure that everyone shares good relationship with each other in the family.


Perform these activities on Wednesdays: Pray to Lord Ganesha and offer Durva to Him. Donate green colored objects to the poor. Feed green grass to the cow. Also, you may help and support students.

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