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Monthly Gemini Horoscope

March, 2019


Tension related to your professional life will prevail during the month of March. Lethargy with make it difficult for you to complete your tasks in the given time, which will further worsen the situation. Your efforts for earning glory might not beget the desired results. You might be a bit low on confidence, which will make you underestimate yourself. You should not hold yourself back and should try to unleash your hidden potential if you want to achieve success. Your relationship with your family members will be good. Investing in the real estate sector seems to be a good option for you. With your dedication and commitment, you might be able to bag a promotion. Those who are looking for a job might be able to lay their hands on one. The second half of the month will be good for those who are involved in jobs. Overall, the people in business will get good results, but after some struggle. There might be some disputes related to land and property. You should take care of your parents to ensure that they enjoy a good health​. You will not be worried much about your children as they will do well during this period. However, you should make sure that they pay attention to their studies. Students might have to face problems related to academics during the latter half of this month. You should try to concentrate on your studies and do not let your mind waver. Those who are preparing for competitive examinations must spare no effort if they want to see their dreams come true. You will be able to easy deal with your enemies if you stay alert and cautious during this period. Your health should be taken care of. There might be some obstacles in the journeys that you undertake. Those who want to get enrolled in a foreign institute for their academics might have problems in getting a visa or related documents. Married couples might have to go through a tough phase in their marriage. Make efforts to make your marriage stand tall against all the odds. Sudden monetary gains might fall in your lap. With your luck factor favouring you, you will be able to achieve better than the expected results. Stay away from controversies at your career front. Be well armed to tackle the problems in your business. Do not let bad company and negative people influence you. Make use of your own experience and make a decision. Unnecessary journeys might exhaust you. Thus, you are advised to avoid them. Prioritize your health and do not be nonchalant about it. Consult a doctor if need be. The dates 6th, 7th, 15th, 16th, 24th, and 25th seem to be unfavorable for you. Thus, you should be careful on these dates.


New ventures seem to be promising. You will meet someone in the first half of the month, who will give a new direction to your career. Your collaboration in business with a friend will pan out to be beneficial for you. The efforts that you make in order to gain money will eventually fulfill your wishes. The support of your friends will help you to retrieve your money that you have lended to someone. You will get monetary benefits during the latter half of the month. You should abort laziness and try to work hard. Your tenacity and perseverance will help you to achieve your goals. You might have to exert yourself physically in order to get the desired results. The transit of the shadow planet Rahu in the Zodiac Sign Gemini will be good for your monetary status. However, it will make you lazy and you will have the tendency to procrastinate. This might create problems for you. The transit of the red planet Mars in the Zodiac Sign Aries will help you to get monetary gains. All you need to do is give your best and do not let failure crush your hope.


Your skin will be more prone to infections during the span of this month. You should therefore be very particular about maintaining personal hygiene. Pimples, acne, lesions, boils, etc. might affect you during this month. Hydrate yourself properly and protect your skin from pollution. You might have to face problems related to your urinary tract. Take care of yourself and seek medical help as and when necessary.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

You might have to face some tough situations in your love life. Your relationship with your love partner might get spoiled. You will be required to try hard in order to keep your bond intact. Keep your contact and conversation with them limited. Clear out any misunderstanding as soon as it crops up. You should not let any confusion seep into your bond of love. If you have been looking for a chance to propose someone in the month of March, you should drop the plan. There are chances that you will not get a favourable response during this month. Avoid going on a journey or a trip during this month. You should not hide anything crucial from your partner as it might create problem when the truth is revealed. Try to be calm and patient while communicating with love your love. Make them realise how important they are for you. The people who are married should be careful during this month. If there is a persistent problem, you should find time to sort it out. You must realise that marriage is a sacred bond and you should not let it fall apart due to misunderstandings. Avoid undertaking journeys with your partner. Try to keep your anger in control otherwise it would prove to be the poison element in your relationship.

Family & Friends

You will have the support and cooperation of your family members. If there is a problem in your family, you should try to find the crux of the matter and eliminate it at once. Do not let petty issues sow the seeds of hatred within the family. Your relatives will come to your rescue whenever you will need it. Because of harmonious relationship with your family members, you will have peace of mind and will perform well in other spheres of your life as well. An atmosphere of happiness will prevail at your home front. The elders of the family will shower their blessings upon you. You will be adored by the younger members of the family. You will make your parents proud and will be satisfied as a result. Your parents will be fit and healthy during the span of this month. You might be a bit dissatisfied with the performance of your children. You should try to set them on the right path by directing and guiding them. However, scolding them and being harsh with them should be avoided. You will share a close and unbreakable bond with your siblings.


Worship Lord Ganesha on Wednesdays will help you to end all your woes. Feed green fodder to cows. Make some contribution for the education of the poor and needy. Donate green colored objects on Wednesdays.

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