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Monthly Gemini Horoscope

May, 2018


You will be a bit tensed during this month. However, you will have high chances of achieving your goals. The month would witness the growth and development of your blood relatives. However, you might have some differences of opinion with them. Try to maintain a cordial relationship, otherwise, you might have to repent it later. You will have a hectic schedule and an increased workload at your career front. It is envisaged that if you fulfill these duties well with honesty and sincerity, you will be able to achieve gains. If you have been looking forward for expanding your business during this month, you might use this month as the golden opportunity to do so. You will be earn respect at your workplace and all your efforts will be acknowledged. The tasks that you perform with confidence and determination will meet success. Do not indulge in arguments with your business partners, as it might adversely affect your business and hence your financial conditions. There might be some problems related to property during this month. You are advised to avoid stepping into any problem that might pull you to the court as there are chances that you might have to fight legal cases as well. An elevation in your position and your status at your career front is likely. Those who are up for job-hunting will be able to bag a good job for themselves. You will get many chances to go on a trip for recreational purposes. You are likely to race ahead of others if you take part in any competition. You are suggested to exhibit a healthy competitive attitude. You might get jealous of some higher officials because of the perks that they enjoy. You should not let that jealousy become a reason of tension in your life. If any of your work has foreign roots or is connected to a foreign land by any means, you will get favourable results. You might also get the chance to set your foot on a journey to a foreign land during this month. The journey might be long and would be related to your work. This kind of journey, if undertaken will beget fruitful results. The month will be an average time to buy vehicles. You should not get lured by an attractive scheme to buy a vehicle or any other commodity. You will be a thoughtful person and will use your mental abilities to make a decision. This will help you in minimizing losses and maximizing the benefits in anything that you do. If you are a student, there are chances that you will be able to concentrate on your studies and score well in your academics. Those who are preparing for civil services and government exams will be able to get their dream jobs if they invest the required time and effort in it. You will be favoured by your luck all throughout the month of May. People involved in business and entrepreneurs should utilise this month to reach their desired targets. The transit of Mercury in the Zodiac Sign Pisces might adversely affect you if you act without thinking. There are chances on monetary gains landing in your lap during this month. You will get the public support if you are involved in politics. Do not exert yourself and push your limits as it can negatively affect your career as well as your health. Too much of workload and pressure might result in mental worries and tension. Do not let yourself become a victim of them. Try to perform your tasks in time so that the work does not get accumulated. Your presence would be required at your home and the things that you do for your family will be appreciated and acknowledged. You are suggested to maintain a balance between your personal life and professional life in order to keep everything as it should be.


The month is conducive to your financial growth. The transit of the Sun in the Zodiac Sign Aries will help you in gaining confidence in yourself. Also, the chances of your success will increase during this month. Those involved in business should look for ways to expand their business. You might have to face a few hurdles that might lie on your path. But, you will be able to overcome them with your hard work and determination. You should be patient and should avoid taking decisions in a haste. Do not let these problems depress you. You are advised not to spoil your relationship with your relatives as it might affect your financial status as well as your mood. You would disagree with your business partner on several occasions. You should handle such a situation with maturity and should not let the matter slip out of your hand. Your self-confidence will be the driving force that will help you to achieve success. You will earn respect in the society. People will support you and will pay heed to your bits of advice. You will spend money on performing social work and helping the needy. This will give you a sense of satisfaction and will bring happiness to your life. You will not hold back in helping your family and friends when needed. Unexpected monetary gains will add to your joy. You might get the positive results of a previous project that would bring a wave of happiness in your life. You will be respected by your subordinates and favored by your seniors. You should not do anything that might taint your reputation at your workplace.


You might be devoid of energy during this period. You will be more susceptible to physical problems like pain, muscular spasms, sprains, etc. therefore, you should be very careful about your physical fitness. You are advised to adopt a regular exercise regime. You might join a gym as well. There are chances that you might fall ill if you consume any unhealthy or unhygienic food during this period. Be very careful about consuming a nutritionally balanced diet during this month.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

It is predicted that your love will grow multifold during this month. You will be able to develop a soulful connection with your partner. Both of you will prosper in their respective fields with the help of each other. You should pay heed to the advice of your partner as it will push you towards your goals. Those who are looking for a chance to communicate their feelings to their loved ones would be able to do it in the month of May. You might also plan a long trip with your love partner as it will bring you closer to each other. You will serve as each other's back during the span of this month. Married people might have to go through some tensed situations in their married life. Arguments between you and your spouse might disrupt the peaceful environment at your home. These problems might also deviate your attention from your goals on your career front. This might, thus, result in financial losses. Make sure that you do not say or do anything that might provoke your partner to begin a war of words with you. Try to stay calm and patient, otherwise, there might the creation of a rift between the two of you. You are advised to maintain a cordial relationship with your partner.

Family & Friends

An auspicious activity will take place in your home and will bring the members of your family together. An atmosphere of peace and happiness will prevail at your home front. Echoes of laughter will be heard every now and then. Guests will visit you during this month. There might be additional expenses because of catering to the needs of the guests. You should tighten your belt and avoid unnecessary expenses. If there has been a persistent issue that has been disrupting your family, you will be able to resolve it during the month of May. You should try to keep yourself from matters that smell of controversy. You will receive the blessings of your parents and will do your best to make your children happy. Your bonding with your children will be strong and you will be a proud parent. There might be some problems because of a difference of opinion among your family members. In such a situation, it is advised that you should not force your opinions on others. Listen to what others have to say and let them know your perspective as well. Handling problems in this manner will help you solve them. There might be some ups and downs, which you will tackle with ease. You should fulfill your duties as a responsible member of the family. Do not let any misunderstanding seep into your and clear it as soon as it crops up.


Offer Durva to Lord Ganesha and donate green colored objects on Wednesdays. Feed green fodder to cows and provide water and food to birds as well. Reciting Hanuman Chalisa every day will help you to attain mental peace and will provide you with the energy and courage required to combat the problems at your workplace.

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