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Monthly Gemini Horoscope

September, 2018


You are a wise and intelligent person. Due to your high intellect, you will be able to succeed in most of your endeavors. But anger and over-excitement might prove to be detrimental to your progress. Be careful of your relatives. Don’t engage them in any business or financial project; else you might have to face disappointment or heavy losses. You will face some financial challenges this month. You are also likely to find your love partner this month. If you start any new venture with family support and understanding, you will be successful. Don’t initiate any new work on 3rd or 4th of the month as these days are not favorable. You might experience some mental stress or disturbance that might affect your work. You will also make significant financial gains this month. Any old disputed property is likely to come back. Any long-pending property related dispute is likely to get resolved, especially towards the second half of the month. You might feel a bit disturbed due to domestic issues. Foreign work-related travel might happen during the second half of the month. 13th, 14th, 22nd and 23rd of September are not auspicious dates, hence don’t start any new work or plan any work-related meeting on these days. Sometimes you will feel stressed or worried due to work or business issues. You have great intellectual abilities and good decision making skills; hence you will be able to complete most of the work or business related tasks successfully. This month is not very good from a health perspective. Hence you need to take good care of your health.


You might face some financial hardships this month. Be careful in matters of financial investment, else you might face significant losses. Don’t involve family or friends in business or financial matters as it might lead to financial disputes or heavy losses. You will gain respect at work and make significant career progress this month. Efforts to acquire immovable property will not be successful. Hence, don’t invest in any property this month. As the planet Jupiter along with Venus is transiting the Libra zodiac sign, you will experience some mental stress and disturbance at work. You are an intelligent person who is capable of accomplishing anything. Any work planned and done intelligently will yield good results leading to significant financial gain. Try to save some money. Don’t offer or lend money to any unknown or unreliable person, else you might experience losses.


Problems related to health might arise. You might get a stomach infection or an unexpected injury. So be careful about diet. Avoid rash driving and unnecessary travel.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Love life will be good. Love and respect for your partner will increase which will also result in success at work and career. You will have a lot of respect and care for each other making your relationship stronger. Don’t hesitate to express your love and respect for your partner. You might plan a vacation to spend some close moments with each other. If you wish to share your feelings or propose to your partner, then this is the right time.
Married people can face few challenges. Small matters can lead to arguments and disagreement. As the planet Saturn is heavy on Sagittarius, it might have an adverse effect on your married life. Focus on strengthening your relationship with your spouse. Lack of support from the spouse can lead to difficulties at work also.

Family & Friends

You will have good family support this month. Any work done with courage and enthusiasm will be successful. If you wish to start any new business project or venture with family, then go ahead. It will surely be successful. Relationships with family will improve. You will enjoy support from parents as well. Parents will be in good health. You might start a new work-related project. Mutual understanding & trust with family will increase. You should look after your family.


On Wednesdays, donate green colored material. Donate green lentils & some money wrapped in a green colored cloth to a poor person. Donating Durva grass to Lord Ganesha will also be helpful.

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Lucky Numbers: 3 and 5
Lucky Colors: Yellow and green
Lucky day: Thursday and Wednesday

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