Monthly Sagittarius Horoscope

January, 2017


This month, Sun and mercury will transit in your 1st house, which will help you achieve heights. You’ll get tremendous amount of success at work. Senior officials will be kind towards you and make sure that your every thought counts. A promotion or a salary hike is probable for some. With the transit of Rahu in your 9th house, you might pack your bags and leave for a long desired vacation. Your father will have to take care of his health this month. Planet Jupiter will transit in your 10th house, which would get you glory and fame at work. Family would be supportive and relations will be cordial. Health will be peachy, due to which you’ll have a great time this month. With the movement of Saturn in your 12th house, you’ll get benefits from foreign resources. Your siblings could travel overseas. Mars, Venus and ketu residing in your 3rd house will yield you good monetary gains. Your valor would increase and you’ll be more courageous towards facing situations.


For the betterment of your financial life you’ll have to work extremely hard. With the transit of Saturn in your 12th house, you might get monetary benefits from foreign sources. Iron, leather, building- material and property related natives will get plenty of options for accumulation of wealth. Due to the transit of Mars and Ketu in your 3rd house, your determination would increase and you’ll focus on becoming the best at everything. People involved i food businesses will cash in a lot of money this month.


This month you’ll enjoy your good health. You’ll be rejuvenated and blissful. The period might lure you to try meditation and spiritualism. The quality of your work will increase and you’ll be surprised to see what the right diet and sleep can do. But, it’s important that you don’t become a workaholic and take your work to your head. You’ll focus on getting in shape in this month. Eye and leg related ailments could bother you. To keep mental stress at bay, you’re advised to develop and indulge into some hobbies.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

The time is auspicious for married life. Your life partner would exhibit a lot of respect and love for you this month. You’ll share cordial relations with your partner. Spouse might get glory and fame at work. They’ll achieve something that they’ve always been lusting for. There will be peace and security in love relations. But, your partner’s advised not to take their health lightly. You’ll be able to spend quality time with your lover in this duration. Moments will be cherished and love will grow. Abstain from taking out your temper on your partner. Gift your partner something that’ll make them happy to brighten up their mood.

Family & Friends

Familial life will be gleeful. An auspicious or religious event could take place at home. Your relatives will see in a different light this month, due to your success. Kith and kin will be supportive. You’ll spend some great time with family, that you’ll cherish forever. This month, you might be lured to go and shell out your money on luxuries and comforts of your family. Child will accomplish something big; chances of going abroad for studies are also high. Siblings might travel to foreign lands for vacation Father will have to be cautious about his health. Albeit, mother’s health will be just fine. With the transit of Rahu in your 9th house, you might be tempted to go on a religious pilgrimage.


Refrain from tardiness and practice meditation and spiritualism to gain propitiousness.

Lucky Days

The dates 3, 7, 12, 22, and 26 are auspicious for you.

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