Rahu Transit 2021: Impact Of Rahu Transit On Zodiac Signs

Rahu Transit 2021

With Rahu Transit 2021, we will reveal the special effects of Rahu on all zodiac signs this year. According to astrology, Rahu has no physical existence but despite this, its movement affects mankind's life immensely. Although Rahu planet shows no planetary movement or transit this year, its impact will be seen on the life of people due to its constant change in Nakshatras.

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Rahu Transit 2021

At the beginning of 2021, Rahu will be seated in Mars' Mrigashira Nakshatra, after which it will enter the Moon-ruled Rohini Nakshatra on 27 January. Further, it will change its position for the last time at the end of the year by moving from Rohini Nakshatra to Sun-ruled Krittika Nakshatra. In this way, Rahu’s placement in various nakshatras will affect all the 12 zodiac signs. Let us know what will be the effect of Rahu Transit in the year 2021 on your zodiac sign.

Rahu Transit 2021: Aries

As per Rahu Transit 2021, the shadow planet Rahu will remain posited in your zodiac sign’s second house of wealth. With this, you will be showered with riches due to the placement of Rahu in the Mrigashira Nakshatra, and as a result, there will be a sudden rise in your income. A decline in familial prosperity will be seen during this phase since it is possible for any argument to occur between family members. You may face many obstacles even on the work field. But despite this, you will get a lot of success in every matter related to money.

After this, Rahu will leave Mrigashira Nakshatra and enter Rohini Nakshatra on January 27, during which the familial conditions will be better for you. You will feel a sense of attachment towards the family. The ability to understand things easily at your workplace will benefit you, using which you will get good results. Time will be auspicious for traders who deal with property, land etc.

Time will also be good for your mother and you will attain benefits from her. In the end, when Rahu is posited in Krittika Nakshatra, your married life will be affected. Your child will support you. You will be able to earn good profits with your intelligence. Unity in the family will make you happy. Time will also prove to be lucky for students.

Remedy: Donate black sesame seeds in the evening on Wednesday.

Rahu Transit 2021: Taurus

As per the predictions for Rahu Transit 2021, Rahu will remain in your own sign, i.e. in your kundli’s first house itself this year. Along with that, you will suffer from mental stress due to the placement of Rahu in the Mrigashira Nakshatra. Do not trust your friends and close friends blindly, since there are chances of troubles emerging. At this time, you are required to remain careful with the enemies disguised as your well-wishers. You will have to face disturbance in work due to high stress. With mental stress rising, your marital life can be in soup. After this, when Rahu enters Rohini Nakshatra on January 27, there are chances of some of your problems disappearing to a large extent. You will get success in every project in the workplace. You will be able to impress people with your influential nature at this time.

With your happy attitude, your dignity and honor will increase. Your brothers will also be seen supporting you at every step. At the end of the year, when Rahu changes its placement in Krittika Nakshatra, you will feel immense pleasure. Any decision regarding property or real estate can incur successful results and prove to be a fruitful step. Although there will be mild tensions in marital life, you will be able to get rid of that as well. Time is going to be extremely highly profitable for traders.

Remedy: Keep a black dog as a pet and feed him daily.

Rahu Transit 2021: Gemini

Your expenses will increase as Rahu is sitting in the twelfth house from the Gemini zodiac sign in the year 2021. With this, Rahu will be in Mrigashira Nakshatra at the beginning of the year, which can cause monetary loss. A sudden rise in your expenses will cause you financial crisis. You will feel hindered in all your projects at the workplace. It will be very important for you to remain alert from your opponents. However, this time period will be good for those natives who were dreaming of going abroad.

After this, when Rahu enters Rohini Nakshatra on January 27, the situation will improve. You can decide to invest some money. There will be a work-related opportunity to go abroad, which will result in you staying away from your family. This will add to your mental stress and exhaustion, which will directly impact your health.

With Rahu getting posited in Krittika Nakshatra at the end of the year, chances of your brothers and sisters going on a journey will rise. However, an increase in expenses will also be seen. You will definitely attain success in any project or activity in case you personally put in efforts and work towards bettering that task. Keep improving your relationship with your colleagues at the workplace, otherwise problems can arise at the time of promotion.

Remedy: Donating Black Urad Dal on Saturday will be favorable.

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Rahu Transit 2021: Cancer

Rahu posited in the eleventh house from Cancer zodiac sign will incur major profits. With this, Rahu will be in Mrigashira Nakshatra in the beginning, which can lead to tremendous profits for traders in their business. Time is auspicious for your love life. As a result, you will get a good chance to spend memorable and romantic moments with your beloved. Also, you will succeed in dominating your opponents. You will meet some influential people of the society and establish stronger relations with them. You will benefit from these relationships in future.

After this, when Rahu enters Rohini Nakshatra on January 27, then your feeling of love will rise. This time will prove to be the most auspicious for lovers. You will encounter multiple chances to go to a party, an outing or hang out with someone special. Even in married life, your children will succeed. You will emerge fortunate in fulfilling many of your desires. With this, you will attain benefits and incur emotional happiness.

At the end of the year, when Rahu gets seated in Krittika Nakshatra, government employees or people working in the government sector will get mostly benefited. In case you were facing several problems in taking decisions, then the support from the dignitaries of the society will help to eliminate such issues. Merchants and businessmen will be seen making new plans to expand their business, and you will successfully incur benefits by reviving your impending plans.

Remedy: If you are married, then offer gifts to relatives from your in-laws’ side. In case you are unmarried, then gifting something special to your parents will be auspicious.

Rahu Transit 2021: Leo

Rahu sitting in the tenth house from the Leo zodiac sign may cause some problems at work. Also, at the beginning when Rahu will be in Mrigashira Nakshatra, extreme hard work will only lead you towards success and a desirable promotion. Your family members will be seen supporting your views. Many of your policies will influence people as well. Despite this, you may feel a stressful atmosphere inhabiting your family life.

When Rahu enters Rohini Nakshatra at the end of January, the business class will be able to earn tremendous profits from foreign sources. The biggest source of profit during this time will be foreign-based. Opportunity to go on a work or business-related trip will arise, and grabbing onto them will prove to be successful. If you work in a multinational company, time will be very favourable for you. Luck will favour natives working in the field of Information Technology.

At the end of the year, your efficiency in the workspace will increase if Rahu is posited in the Kritika Nakshatra. With this, you will be able to improve your image in front of senior officers of your company. As a result, you will definitely attain the support and cooperation of these officials in every task or project. Benefits from the government sector are on cards. The chances of promotion of government employees will remain high at this time.

Remedy: Regularly feed milk and bread to dogs.

Rahu Transit 2021: Virgo

Due to the placement of Rahu in the ninth house from Virgo zodiac sign, you are likely to face troubles. With this, when Rahu will be in Mrigashira Nakshatra at the very beginning, your image can get damaged. This incident can lead to a decline in your respect and reputation. A negative impact on your relationship with your father can cause tensions between the two of you. You will come across an obligation to go on an unwanted journey, during which you may feel a sense of discomfort. In religious matters, your attitude will appear somewhat radical. Your siblings may have to suffer at the workplace.

After this, Rahu will change its place and enter Rohini Nakshatra on 27 January. As a result, students preparing for higher studies will get good results. You will earn well during this time. There will be strong chances of an increase in your income. However, you will get the full support and cooperation of your elder brother at this time. With their assistance, you will be able to earn profit. Time seems favourable for your father. With luck favouring him, he will attain honor and respect in his field of work. You may have to go on a religious journey. During this time, you will get the privilege of bathing in a holy river.

At the end of the year, the shadow planet Rahu will be seated in Krittika Nakshatra. At this time, students who were dreaming of going abroad will successfully get admitted in one of their preferred colleges. This incident will make them immensely happy. Students pursuing higher studies will also incur success. Employed natives will get a chance to get a job transfer, which will prove to be beneficial in the end. Due to your father facing some troubled issues, you will find yourself stressed.

Remedy: Take a bath in the holy river or at a pilgrimage.

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Rahu Transit 2021: Libra

Rahu sitting in the eighth house from the Libra zodiac sign may incur problems. With this, when Rahu will be posited in Mrigashira Nakshatra, mental stress can occupy you. During this time, you will try to earn more money from immoral or illegal activities. In such a situation, remain alert and cautious, otherwise this harmful tendency of yours can cause monetary loss. You will be able to improve your relations with the in-laws, but despite this, a decline in your luck will be seen.

On January 27, Rahu will transit in Rohini Nakshatra, due to which you may have to face stressful situations. Things won’t be that favourable at your workplace, since there will be several ups and downs in your tasks. Chances of going on unwanted journeys are likely. At this time, you will find yourself scared and extremely cautious without any reason. Take care of yourself in such a case, otherwise health problems are likely to be on cards.

With the year ending, Rahu will be seen entering Krittika Nakshatra. At that time, you will have to take every step carefully since any old secret being revealed can become the cause of your troubles. Avoid doing anything against the law, since it can get you into legal troubles. Your mental tension will increase during this time. Also time will prove to be highly unfavourable when it comes to money and finances.

Remedy: Donate Black Urad Dal to the needy or a temple every Wednesday.

Rahu Transit 2021: Scorpio

Rahu will be sitting in the seventh house from the Scorpio zodiac sign this year. With such a placement, you will have to remain alert with every type of transaction. Along with this, with Rahu being in the Mrigashira Nakshatra in the beginning of 2021, you may have to incur problems in marital life. However, this time period would be extremely good for businessmen since merchants, traders and businessmen will attain monetary benefits due to immense success. This will strengthen your financial position. At this time, you will also get the opportunity to go on a long-distance journey. This trip will help you earn good profits.

At the end of January, Rahu will move to Rohini Nakshatra. Due to this, you will be highly favoured by luck and fortune. You will grow and attain good profits in business. There will also be a possibility of going on a long distance journey. This time period is introducing good changes and opportunities in the lives of married natives. Your relationship with your life partner will become sweeter. However, stress will dominate your marital life throughout the year.

Rahu transiting in Krittika Nakshatra at the end of the year will lead to your promotion in the workplace. With this, you will be seen putting in continuous efforts and working hard to move ahead and achieve your goals. You will win over your opponents and receive favorable results in love life.

Remedy: Every Sunday, go to a temple, venerate Baba Bhairav and recite mantras to appease Maa Durga.

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Rahu Transit 2021: Sagittarius

Throughout this year, the shadow planet Rahu will remain posited in the seventh house from Sagittarius zodiac sign. With this, you are likely to attain better results than normal. With this, with Rahu in the Mrigashira Nakshatra in early 2021, you will be able to successfully beat your opponents. Students preparing for competitive exams will attain success according to their hard work and efforts. However, your expenses are likely to increase during this time. You may go on a long-distance journey.

Rahu will then enter Rohini Nakshatra at the end of January. During this time, you can think about repaying your loan. Take good care of yourself in case any chronic disease of yours causes trouble. Mental stress will increase due to physical distress. Relations with the people of the maternal side will deteriorate.

At the end of the year when Rahu is seated in Krittika Nakshatra, time will test your patience. Luck will be favourable, and students will succeed in every competition. Excessive increase in your expenses can cause problems. However, your father is likely to incur benefits during this year.

Remedy: Go to a temple and regularly offer water to the Shivling.

Rahu Transit 2021: Capricorn

The planet Rahu will be sitting in the fifth house from Capricorn, this year, due to which you are likely to suffer. Along with this, lovers may face some problems due to Rahu being in Mrigashira Nakshatra in the early 2021. In case of love, any kind of haste or hurry during this time can cause major troubles for you at this time. By working hard and putting in efforts, your income will increase and the financial crisis will also end. In married life, you will be worried about your child. Also, they may have to face obstacles in their education.

Then, with Rahu transiting in the Rohini Nakshatra, there will be some improvement seen in the lives of lovers. There will be chances of Love Marriage. With luck favouring your love life, you can plan to go and hang out with your sweetheart. Students are likely to see immense success in their studies. Your child will make progress and be able to succeed in their field.

Due to the Rahu's transit in the last part of the year in Krittika Nakshatra, you will feel more inclined towards earning money through illegal methods. You will be able to gain benefits from lottery, betting, etc. The decision to invest money will be beneficial. Income will increase, and you will be able to repay your old debt.

Remedy: Before leaving the house, apply white sandalwood tilak on the forehead every morning.

Rahu Transit 2021: Aquarius

Rahu will be sitting in the fourth house from Aquarius sign this year, which will give you favorable results. Along with this, Rahu being in the Mrigashira Nakshatra in early 2021 lead to a decline in family happiness and the tension within the family will be visible. Job professionals will attain success in the field. You will be able to get full support from your colleagues. You can also get the support of your brothers. There is a possibility that for some reason you have to move away from your family. At this time, you will find yourself extremely lonely.

On January 27, Rahu transits into the Rohini Nakshatra. At this time, in case there was an impending property-related legal case still ongoing in the court, then its decision may come in your favor. Your mother’s health will remain weak, which will also be the cause of stress for you. You will be able to benefit from your ability to think and understand well.

The shadow planet Rahu arriving in the Krittika Nakshatra at the end of the year will yield favorable results in your married life as your relationship with your spouse will improve and love between you two will increase. This time duration will be very good for your spouse, and he/she will be able to earn profits while achieving success in the workplace. You will also incur good profits in your business. However, despite this, you will remain under stress due to work since several challenges will continue to disturb you.

Remedy: On Saturday, go to a nearby temple and place or hoist a black-colored flag.

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Rahu Transit 2021: Pisces

Rahu will be sitting in the third house from Pisces sign this year. Along with this, you will acquire favorable results with Rahu being in Mrigashira Nakshatra in the beginning of 2021. Your courage and might will increase and you will be successful in defeating your enemies. During this time, you will get multiple opportunities to go on several trips from which you will attain good benefits. Along with that, you will also be able to get tremendous benefits from your communication tools. Time will be a bit unfavourable for your siblings as they may have to face several problems.

Then on January 27, Rahu will depart and enter the Rohini Nakshatra. Because of this placement, your love life will become prosperous and fruitful. The love between you two will enhance, and you two will feel the closeness. If you are still single, then someone new and special knocking on the door will make you happy from the inside.

The presence of Rahu in Krittika Nakshatra at the end of the year will serve as a beneficial placement, since you will be able to emerge victorious in court-related matters. Some tensions from the people from the maternal side will arise, but you will be able to succeed with your efforts and hard work. Even at the workplace as well, you will feel capable of attaining a monetary increment with the help and encouragement from others.

Remedy: Every Tuesday, light a diya or lamp with jasmine oil in front of the idol of Hanuman ji and recite Bajrang Baan.

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