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Planets in Retrograde 2021 Dates, Timings

Retrograde planets 2021 Dates Retrograde Planets 2021 Calendar- The article on the list of Retrograde Planets 2021 Dates is provided by AstroSage for the benefit of its readers. This will guide you about the retrograde motion of planets in 2021 and their transit along with their dates, time and signs in which they will retrograde. You will also get to know about the impact of their movements.

The planets play a vital role in supervising our everyday activities and the same has been conceded by most of the people. Their ascendancy brings vital changes in the thoughts and lifestyle of the natives. Their transits effectively manifest these refinements in the lives of individuals. The scientific studies talk about nine planets however as per the heritage of Vedic Astrology, a total of seven planets are taken into contemplation.

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There is a strong belief that these planets touch human existence in some or the other form. The two natural energies are the Sun and Moon, one is considered to be the father and soul of a being while other is the mind and nurturing mother. The sage Jupiter is the blessing and constitutes wisdom and prosperity while Mercury bestows intelligence. All of them draw out the meaning in the formation of life. Let us comprehend about the occurrence of retrogression before moving ahead to their dates and collision.

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Retrograde Planets 2021 Calendar: Retrograde Planets 2021 Dates

Planet Retrograde starts Retrograde ends From To
Mercury January 30, 2021 20:54pm February 21, 2021 05:49 am Aquarius Capricorn
Mercury May 30, 2021 03:47 am June 23, 2021 02:50 am Gemini Taurus
Mercury September 27, 2021 10:12 am October 18, 2021 20:11 pm Libra Virgo
Jupiter June 20, 2021 20:49 pm October 18, 2021 11:39 am Aquarius Capricorn
Venus December 19, 2021 16:32 pm January 29, 2022 14:55 pm Capricorn Sagittarius
Saturn May 23, 2021 15:35 pm October 11, 2021 03:43 am Capricorn Capricorn

Subsequently, after having a glare on the Retrograde planets 2021 dates, let us now have an insight into their upshots in our lives.

Planets in Retrograde 2021 Calendar: What is Retrograde Motion of Planets?

Retrograde planets 2021 Calendar forms a grand list of which the nine planets taken into consideration are Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu. They all go through diversifying movements in the heavenly sphere and leave their impact.In accordance with the traditional Vedic astrology, we consider motions of only seven planets since they strongly impact the lives of the native. The natural satellites Sun and Moon constantly move in direct motion and the other planets i.e. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn make a move in direct as well as indirect motion.

The retrogration as defined by astronomy is when the earth makes a headway or is being passed by other planets, sometimes these planets appear to be moving in the backward direction in the sky which is called retrogression. A planet seemingly moving rearward is basically an illusion since the planet always revolves around the Sun in the same direction. This retrogression appears because of their erratic speed and their approach towards the earth. Therefore from the broader perspective, if these are being observed from the earth, their movement appears to be reversed. This movement is also known as the “Vakri” and the planet is known as “Vakri Graha” in the mythological Hindi dialect.

In astrology, the significance of such a retrograde motion is intense and composite instead of just the ostensible motion. This particular manoeuvre provides excess strength to the planet and they give enormous results to the natives. Their consequences depend on the position, placement and aspects in the charts of the individuals. Accordingly, they provide positive, negative or mixed results during their Dashas and Antardashas. Their transitions also affect the natives similar to that of the planets in direct motion. Ultimately, move forward to have a glance at the table stating the dates of Retrograde Planets 2021 Dates mentioned above.

Retrograde Planets 2021 Calendar: Mercury Retrograde 2021 and its Impact

Mercury is the prince of the celestial cabinet and rules the intellect and communication, therefore its retrogression is one of the crucial events of the planetary sphere. The Mercury is closest to the Sun, therefore its orbit is shorter than the orbit of Earth. The Mercury speeds past the earth making retrogression approximately three to four times in the year on the contrary to the other planets which retrograde once in a year and at times does not retrograde at all. This phenomenon affects everyone in some or the other way, therefore the natives are inquisitive about the dates and timings of mercury retrograde.

The close observation of Mercury’s transition will help in understanding the course or events and will also help in avoiding frustrations to some extent. The Mercury governs all sorts of communication like conveying, reporting, presenting, listening, speaking, reading. Also its rules all forms of computer coding and language. In addition, it rules the formal business contracts, wills and agreements. As per the Roman mythology, Mercury is the major God of messages, finances, business, travel and all forms of expression. Mercury is one of the fastest moving planets with the shortest orbit around the sun and it takes approximately 88 days to complete one revolution.

Mercury Retrograde in 2021 affects the above-discussed areas of a native’s life. All these sectors of existence get on a spin with the retro Mercury. This is a period of quick and fluctuating movements, therefore any kind of stable decision should be avoided during this time. It brings some health concerns like skin allergies, seasonal allergies like cold & flu, also it impacts the nervous system and can cause insomnia in some of the natives.

During this planetary transit, it becomes impulsive and generates communication lapses and confusions. It makes the environment unstable and changeable, so all the long term investment should be held during this time and starting of a new project or business is not recommended. Mercury is an influential planet like the Moon; accordingly the results of transit are also dependent on the placement of Mercury in a natal chart.

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If Mercury is placed in its exaltation sign, it provides the gift of marvellous communication to the natives. When it is in its debilitated sign, individuals can suffer from poor conversation and writing skills, they can also go through some speech disabilities. The retrogression of Mercury enhances the qualities of mercury in a native’s life. If in the chart if Mercury is at its best point then 2021 Mercury Retrograde will empower the intellect of the person and will bring good wealth. The native will also be good with reasoning and decision making abilities with upstanding convincing power. If Mercury is aspected by a malefic planet, then retrogression will bring adverse results and will impact that sphere of life where it is placed in the natal chart. It may also bring nerve weakness and inability in people to express their thoughts.

Remedy - Chant the Budh Beej Mantra daily, plant a tree and nurture it.

Retrograde Planets 2021 Dates: Venus Retrograde 2021 and its Impact

Venus is the twin planet of Earth and is also called the Goddess of love. The feminine planet denotes one’s wife in a male chart and is the ‘Karka’ of luxury and comforts in one's life. One of the most benefic planets, it governs two signs of the Zodiac, i.e. Taurus a fixed sign and Libra the cardinal sign. Taurus natives rule the second house of senses in the kundli and Libra governs the seventh house of partnerships in a natural horoscope.

One of the inner planets' Venus is closest to the Sun after Mercury. Venus is the Goddess of love, marriage, beauty and worldly comforts. Its transit bestows conceptual reasoning and financial abundance to the native. Also, it brings rejoicing ambience and occasions to celebrate. It is the most important planet for developing a healthy relationship and conducting an alliance. Natives under its influence prefer building any relationship organically and try to find beauty in everything. Venus governs how we socialize and interact with people, fashion sense and creativity.

The native is usually joyful under the influence of Venus. As per the mythology the planet Venus is also considered an incarnation of Goddess Mahalaxmi. If Venus' placement is not strong in a native's chart, the native might have less physical appeal, a tendency of failure in love and married life, and also faces hurdles in progeny as it affects the hormones and causes infertility. They might sometimes feel that they have the inability of being loved.

Its exalted sign is Pisces, and the debilitated sign is Virgo. Keeping all these points in mind, it becomes extremely important for the natives to know the effects of retrograde Venus. When the Venus retrogrades, natives may see issues related to love and money. Natives who are married or are in a committed relationship may see issues in their romantic life.

In extreme cases, some may even see separation with their beloved. If the retrograde of the planet Venus has to be concluded, it may give birth to some unfavourable outcomes. However, if someone is entering into a relationship during Venus retrograde, after going through all the troubles, that relationship would be very well crafted. Venus retrograde in 2021 is not a good time for any kind of changes in your physical appearance, for example, your hairstyle.

Remedy- Recite the Venus Beej Mantra daily in order to increase the auspicious effects of Venus. You should surprise your partner with gifts and fragrances.

Retrograde Planets 2021 Calendar: Jupiter Retrograde 2021 and its impact

Jupiter, also known as Guru or Brihaspati in the Hindi language, this giant auspicious planet holds a great role in the life of humans and a significant position in Vedic astrology. Jupiter is associated with the principles of growth, healing, prosperity, wealth, miracles and spiritual success. Jupiter is a significator of good luck and fortune and is also considered to be a very kind and benevolent planet.

Jupiter also governs long distance and foreign travel, big business, higher education, and the law. As per Muhurat Shastra, Thursday is the day of Brihaspati. It rules over Sagittarius and Pisces zodiac signs, which is why, the people born under this zodiac sign or under the influence of this planet are obedient, disciplined, honest, spiritual by nature, and the concentration power increases dramatically.

As we all know that the planet Venus is called Ausra Guru, similarly, the planet Jupiter is called Dev Guru. This fiery planet also welcomes fame, morality, good progeny, devotion, good academic records, and inclination towards religion in one's life.

However, the unfavourable placement of Jupiter in a horoscope brings pessimism, depression and exhaustion. It can lead to delays in marriage, and the natives can suffer from frequent mood and personality change. Such people are easily gullible and can be dominated by others. Referring to the transit and retrogression of Jupiter, its effects and the associated remedies.

During the Jupiter Retrograde 2021, the natives have the capability to achieve something which has been deemed as impossible. The concentration, determination and the will power of natives will gain strength, further, it helps them do wonders. The conclusion is that the 2021 Jupiter retrograde helps the natives bring positive results and optimism in life.

Remedy: Apply saffron Tilak on your Forehead, respect your elders, teachers, mentors and gurus.Worship Lord Vishnu during this period.

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Planets in Retrograde 2021 Dates: Saturn Retrograde 2021 and its Impact

In Vedic astrology, Saturn means Shani. It has been named after its nature which moves slowly (Shanaye) and takes about two and a half years to cross a zodiac sign. Saturn is one of the most malefic planets in Vedic astrology and is a dry and cold planet. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius zodiac signs. At the same time, Libra happens to be an exalted sign, and Aries is the debilitated sign of Saturn.

Those who are born under this sign of Libra which is being ruled by planet Venus, are considered to be under the grace and blessings of Saturn. Saturn is regarded as a teacher and the planet of justice who punishes their students when they do wrong and reward them for their good Karma. Natives under the influence of this planet are considered patient, stable, reliable, sincere, honest, persevering, and diligent.

Saturn will reward the students who study hard and perform well. Saturn is also associated with the longevity of an individual. Saturn, when well placed in the horoscope of a native, will bestow long life. Saturn believes in strictness and discipline. A person under the influence of Saturn has to work hard in their life; however, in case of wrong placement of Saturn in the native's chart, the individuals would be lethargic, might be under strain and stress. This planet serves crucial importance for the people who are or trying to enter into politics.

This section talks about the Saturn retrograde 2021, its effects and the associated remedies. Saturn spends about 36% of its time in retrograde. When Saturn transits in a retrograde motion, the karmic debts are sorted out. The natives may suffer from repressed fear and inability to deal with a situation in life. The native might become egoistic. The native might also lose confidence at such times. There might be quarrels with your siblings and family.

Remedy: Light a mustard oil lamp in front of Shani Dev in the evenings and recite the Shani Stotram. Avoid the consumption of alcohol or non-vegetarian food.

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Thank You so much for staying tuned. We hope that you will appreciate this write up of ours on Retrograde planets 2021 Calendar!!

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