Stock Market in 2021: Share Market Predictions 2021

Stock Market 2021 Predictions is widely based on Vedic Astrology and gives you a detailed insight into the world of Stocks, Shares and Indices. Now plan your finances accordingly and manage our future accurately. Know how auspicious will it be to invest in multiple stocks or companies, and in which areas you will have to refrain from investing. In this article we will reveal about the transits of various planets and their effects on the Stock Market. So let's start the Stock Market 2021 Forecast-

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Stock Market Prediction 2021


  1. Since the beginning of the year, Jupiter will be transiting through Capricorn sign.
  2. It will set in the west on 17th January and rise in the east on 14th February.
  3. It will move to the Aquarius sign on 6th April.
  4. On 20th June, it will resume its retrograde motion
  5. On 14th September, it will enter Capricorn in retrograde motion.
  6. On 18th October, it will assume direct motion.
  7. It will enter Aquarius sign on 20th November and will remain there for the rest of the year.


  1. Since the beginning of the year, Saturn will be transiting through Capricorn sign and will remain there itself throughout the year.
  2. It will transit in retrograde motion from 23rd May and assume direct motion on 11th October.
  3. It will set in the West on 7th January and rise in the East on 9th February.

Rahu / Ketu (Mean)

Throughout the year, Rahu and Ketu (Mean) will transit in Taurus and Scorpio respectively.


  1. Uranus will transit in Aries sign throughout the year.
  2. It will resume direct motion on 14th January.
  3. After this, it will start moving in a retrograde direction from 20th August.


  1. Neptune will transit in Aquarius throughout the whole year.
  2. Neptune will move in retrograde motion from 25rd June to 1st December.


  1. Since the beginning of the year, it will transit through Capricorn sign.
  2. It will assume its retrograde motion from 28th April to 6th October.


  1. The planet Mars will move in direct motion throughout the year.
  2. It will set in the West on 17th August and rise in the East on 29th November.


  1. Venus will attain its retrograde motion on 19th December and remain in retrograde motion till the year-end.
  2. It will set in the East on 8th Feb and rise in the West on 18th April

Jupiter will transit through Capricorn and Aquarius during the year. Both signs belong to Saturn. This implies that Gold will not be able to shine extra-ordinarily this year. Saturn will remain in Capricorn sign throughout the year. Demand in the stocks of steel, oil, housing, realty, cement and manufacturing sector companies will upsurge. Favourable planetary placements will help silver to shine. Let us move ahead and read in detail about Share Market 2021 Predictions based on Vedic Astrology:

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Share Market Predictions in 2021 JANUARY

As per Stock Market 2021 Predictions, the first day of the year will see the conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn in Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra. This seems to be very positive for the companies dealing in edible oils (Emami, Marico). On 2nd January, Mercury will conjoin Jupiter & Saturn in Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra. This will add fuel to the fire. The Bulls in the stock market will cheer on 3rd January as the stocks of MCX Gold, Copper & Silver will show positive movement along with FMCG stocks (Britannia, Nestle), Sugar stocks (EID, Balrampur) and Textile sector companies (Raymond, Page, Lux).

Nifty closing is likely to be northwards. Sun will enter Capricorn on 14th and boost up positive sentiments. Not only the stocks of capital goods (CG, Havels), Woollen garments (Monte Carlo, Rupa) will see an upsurge in demand but also turmeric, flex, edible oil in the commodity market will shine. This bullishness will remain in the market till 19th. Short term investors should book profit on the 27th and take advantage of positive sentiments.


The Bulls will cheer on 2nd as the traders will show buying interest in the stocks of banks (HDFC, ICICI, SBI), Logistics (Allcargo, Aegis) and Insurance sector companies as per 2021 Stock Market Predictions. The indices are likely to close upwards. Mercury, the chief planet of trading, will enter Capricorn on the 4th. Volatile sentiments in the market will instigate the Bulls to take interest in the stocks of IT (Infosys, Wipro) & Speciality chemicals (Aarti Industries, Asian Paints).

Gold & silver will attract buyers in the bullion market and MCX on 6th. Crude oil, steel and mining sector companies will remain in demand on 9th and 10th. The stock market is likely to behave volatile on 22nd. As per Vedic Astrology, Venus will enter Satabhisha Nakshatra on 26th and create a demand in gold & silver at MCX.


Share Market 2021 says that the market will favour the Bulls in the first week of the month. The stocks of Automobiles (Maruti, Bajaj, Hero) will remain in demand. Traders should remain cautious from 4th to 7th as demand may reduce abruptly. The demand is likely to increase again on the 8th. Short term traders should keep booking profit. Prudent investors should keep buying on every dip as sentiments will turn bullish again on 11th.

Bank sector stocks will remain favourite of the Bulls. Commodities and metals will shine on 14th. Rice sector companies (KRBL, Daawat) will be in demand from 17th to 19th. Silver will attract the investors and the traders on 19th, 25th and 30th. Sun will enter Revati Nakshatra on 31st and will conjoin Venus. This conjunction will get aspect from Saturn. This planetary placement will create initial volatility in Cotton, textiles and FMCG stocks followed by a bullish reaction.

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The first week of the month will favour the Bears due to the advent of Mars in Mrigashira Nakshatra on 2nd. As predicted by the Stock Market 2021 Forecast, traders on the long side should observe patience or protect themselves using Stop-Loss in the system. Jupiter will enter Aquarius sign on 5th. It will create bearish sentiments in silver MCX, garments and bank sector companies. On 10th, Mercury will enter Revati Nakshatra and conjoin Sun. This will make the Bulls happy as buying in the stocks of finance, insurance, IT, software and pharma sector companies will be noticed.

Bullish sentiments will get a further boost when Sun enters Ashwini Nakshatra on 13th. Mars will aspect Saturn on 14th. Crude MCX will see buying demand. The Bulls will show buying interest in the stocks of steel, gas, automobiles and mining sector stocks. Another bullish signal will trigger when Mercury enters the Taurus sign on the 30th.


2021 Stock Market predicts that the planet Venus will enter Taurus sign on 4th and thereby conjoin Mercury & Rahu. FMCG stocks will rise in demand. White goods sector companies will also become darling of the traders. Precious metal gold and silver will also shine at MCX. Woollens stocks will see a decline in demand on 6th when Mercury will enter Rohini. Venus will enter Mrigashira Nakshatra and conjoin Mercury on 23rd. Saturn in Capricorn will attain retrograde motion.

Increase in demand in jaggery, sugar (Balrampur), crude and gold will be noticed in MCX & NCDEX. Sun will enter Rohini and conjoin Rahu on 25th. Sentiments will turn sluggish and gloomy. Avoid taking fresh long positions in NIFTY. Mercury, the chief planet of business & commerce, will assume retrograde motion on the last day of the month. Indices will move northwards and bring cheers to the Bulls. Stocks of Banks, Insurance, IT & Pharma sector companies will remain in demand. Indices will close in an upward direction.


Mars will enter its debilitated sign cancer on 2nd and will aspect Saturn. Retrograde Mercury will enter Taurus and conjoin with Rahu & Sun. Also, retrograde Mercury will set in the west on 2nd. Copper (Hindustan Copper), Refineries (IOC, BPCL) and Crude oil companies will remain in demand. Mars will enter Pushya Nakshatra on 7th. This will boost up the demand for gold and copper in the bullion market. The demand for FMCG stocks (HUL, ITC, Marico, Dabur, and Godrej Consumer) sector companies will decline on 14th.

Sentiments are likely to remain in the grip of the Bears on 15th also due to the conjunction of the Sun with Venus in the Gemini sign. Traders should remain cautious till 21st. Sun will enter Ardra Nakshatra on 22nd. Venus & Mars will have aspect from Saturn. This astral position will encourage the Bulls to show their might. Indices will remain weak in the last week of the month.

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Planetary placements will favour the Bulls till 5th as per Stock Market 2021 Forecast. Equity as well as the futures, both types of markets will witness positive buying sentiments. The Bears will start dominating the market from 6th to 10th. Intelligent investors will treat every dip as an opportunity to accumulate blue-chip stocks (RIL, Infosys, Maruti, Bajaj Fincorp) in their portfolio. Traders should avoid creating fresh long positions till 12th.

With the advent of the Sun in Cancer sign on 16th, the Bulls will get motivated to take the matter in their hands. Holding positions till 17th will help the traders to book profits on 18th as sentiments will turn negative from 19th. Mercury will conjoin Sun in Pushya Nakshatra on 26th. This combination will attain an aspect from Saturn in Capricorn. Banking sector, Logistics, Insurance and Finance sector stocks will move northwards.


Share Market Predictions 2021 reveal that the Sun and Mercury, both will enter Ashlesha Nakshatra on 2nd. The stocks of Pharma, Infra, Electronics and Capital goods sector companies will see an upsurge after showing initial volatility. Rahu will enter Rohini- Pratham Padam (First Part) and Ketu will enter Anuradha-Tritiya Padam (Third Part) on 3rd. This will keep the sentiments positive in NIFTY stocks (HUL, Divis, Asian paints, Ultratech) till 7th. Stocks of Silver will also shine. The chief planet of trade & commerce, Mercury, will enter Magha Nakshatra, Leo sign on 8th and will conjoin Mars & Venus.

Benevolent planets Jupiter will aspect this planetary combination. This will boost up the demand of Cotton and textile sector companies along with precious metals at MCX. Luxury automobiles sector companies and Speciality chemical stocks (Asian paints, Aarti Ind, HSIL) will see an upsurge in demand on 11th when Venus will enter it’s debilitated sign, Virgo. Mercury will conjoin Venus on 26th in Virgo; this will help the Bulls. Indices’ graph will see uptrend after showing signs of volatility.


With the advent of Mercury in Hasta Nakshatra on 2nd, the bearish trend in the stocks of Rice (KRBL, LT Foods), FMCG (Nestle, Brittania) & Sugar (EID, Balrampur) sector companies will be noticed till 4th. On 6th, Mars will conjoin Mercury in Virgo and Venus will enter its own sign Libra. Due to the aspect of Saturn on Venus in Libra, the demand for gold, silver, textiles, cotton, woollens and sugar sector companies will increase further. This bullish trend is likely to continue till 13th.

Retrograde Jupiter, as per Stock Market 2021 Predictions based on Vedic Astrology, will conjoin Saturn in Capricorn sign on 14th. Traders should book profit in gainful positions as the bullish trend will cease sooner than expected. Due to the rise of Mercury in the west, the sentiments in the market can suddenly become bearish. Prudent investors will get wonderful buying opportunities at lower rates in the stocks of Heavy Industries (Reliance), Breweries, Automobiles (Maruti, M&M) & Pharma (Dr Reddys, Apollo Hospitals, Divis) till the month-end. Buy on dips strategy will help the investors in the second half of the month.

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Retrograde Mercury will enter Virgo on 2nd and conjoin Sun & Mars. Demand will be seen in silver, turmeric, cotton & sugar. The Bulls will take over the stocks of Banks, Finance and Insurance sector companies on 3rd. Stocks related to rice sector companies (KRBL, LT Foods, and Chaman Lal) will see an upsurge in demand on 8th. Saturn will assume direct motion on the 11th and inspire the Bulls to buy the stocks of metals, alcohol (UBL, Radico, United Spirits) oil, coal and petroleum sector companies. This bullish trend is likely to continue till 17th.

Jupiter & Mercury both will assume direct motion on 18th. Mercury is conjoined with Mars and Jupiter is conjoined with Saturn. A sudden change of direction can baffle the traders. Day traders should remain vigilant & cautious. Venus will enter Sagittarius on 30th. A bullish trend in the stocks of IT, Software, textiles and FMCG sector companies will be seen.


On 2nd, Mercury will enter Libra, the sign of commerce, and conjoins Sun & Mars as per Stock Market Predictions 2021. This combination will get aspect from Saturn. This will boost up demand in Banking stocks (HDFC, ICICI & SBI), Bank Nifty, FMCG, Textiles, Insurance ( ICICI Lombard/Prudential, HDFC Life ) and Finance sector companies ( Bajaj finance, Muthoot finance).

With the advent of Mercury in Visakha on 14th, stocks of Pharma, Capital goods and Automobile sector companies will attract the Bulls. Traders should remain cautious from 20th to 23rd as the trend is likely to remain bearish. Mars will rise in the east on 29th. This energetic and fiery planet will put enthusiasm in the Bulls. Positive sentiments in the stocks of Sugar, Power, Energy and Industry sector companies will be noticed as per Share Market 2021.


On 1st, Venus will enter Uttara Ashadha and Mercury will enter Jyeshtha Nakshatra. As a result, the FMCG stocks will see upsurge where bullion will have a bearish trend. On 2nd, Buyers’ interest will be generated in the stocks of Garments & Textiles sector companies (Page, Trident etc ). On 4th, Mars will enter Scorpio & conjoin Mercury, Ketu & Sun. This will infuse bullish sentiments in FMCG (HUL, Britannia, and ITC), Gold, Silver and Capital goods (CG, Voltas, and Havells) stocks.

Nifty Bulls will be a delight on 8th as Venus enters Capricorn and conjoin Saturn. Venus will assume retrograde motion on 19th and will give another chance to smile to Nifty Bulls. The demand of Woollens and Garments stocks (Monte Carlo, Lux, and Dollar) will also rise. On 29th, the planet of trade & commerce, Mercury will enter Saturn ruled sign Capricorn and conjoin Saturn & Venus. Increase in demand in crude, gas (IGL, GujGas, MGL) and steel (JSW) stocks will be noticed.

Author: Acharya Rajiiv Dev

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DISCLAIMER: These inferences are purely based on planetary conditions. Neither the editor/publisher nor the author is responsible for any loss. These astrological inferences are neither an invitation nor a suggestion/recommendation to trade in the Stock Market. Consult the Registered Financial Advisor, before investing. The author may have invested in the mentioned stocks.

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