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Jupiter Retrograde in Sagittarius (30 June 2020)

Jupiter will leave its position from its debilitated sign Capricorn, to turn back and enter its Mooltrikona sign Sagittarius on Thursday, 30 June 2020 at 16:30 hours. This Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius will persist until 20 November 2020 at 6:20 hours, after which, it will once again turn direct to re-enter Capricorn.

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As per Vedic astrology, a benefic planet in its retrograde motion offers further auspicious results. Let us take a look at how this retrograde motion of the favourable planet will influence each zodiac sign and what changes it will bring in your life.

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Jupiter Retrograde in Sagittarius


Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius will prove to be favourable for Aries natives, as the planet moves out of your tenth house to get posited in your ninth house. You will find yourself free from all negative thoughts and will step forward with positivity.

Working professionals of this sign will come across many new opportunities now, and there will be an improvement in your management abilities as well. All your clashes with your seniors also come to an end shortly. As your self-confidence strengthens, you will be capable of making decisions for yourself again. This is an inherent nature of Aries natives, however, with Jupiter in its debilitated state, you were facing problems in the same.

You will find yourself getting more inclined towards spirituality now, which will help you in connecting with yourself. Inevitable emotional upheavals from the past, which may have been troubling you, this duration will help you finally recover from them.

Apart from this, the retrograde Jupiter is bringing health benefits for Aries natives. Your thought process will also clear up now, which will help you move forward in a new direction. Profits through journeys are also on the cards for many. This transitory motion is likely to bring happy tidings for student natives as well. Any obstacles in your higher studies well now come to an end. Therefore, remain loyal in your efforts and success will finally be yours.

Remedy: Fasting on Thursday and applying Tilak of saffron on your forehead and navel will bring you favourable results.


Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius will bring mixed results for Taurus natives as it moves back from your ninth house, to enter your eighth house. This transitory motion indicates changes as well as uncertainties in your life right now. As a result, you will remain restless and worried, as well as anxious about your future, as it is the innate nature of Jupiter to exhibit everything on a bigger scale.

Thus, the changes occurring in your life may trouble you, but you need to understand that these are necessary for you. They will help you in introspecting and understanding yourself. You will get a better grasp at the mistakes that you may have been making and had no idea about. Moreover, it will help you understand what you need to do in order to move forward in the right direction. As a result of this self-contemplation, you will now better understand your professional as well as personal relations.

Coming to the working professionals of this sign, you need to utilise this duration in researching, exercising, and developing your skills. These will be essential to get new doors to open for you. Unexpected profits are also on the cards for some. Although some tensions may persist in your relationships, however, this transit of retrograde Jupiter is here to remove all unimportant things and people from your life. Once you understand this, you will be able to step away from all connections and emotional ties.

This duration is likely to make you more inclined towards learning occult and mystical sciences. As for the student natives, this is a favourable time for learning any subject from its fundamentals and basics, as it will help you move forward in a better way. Healthwise, Taurus natives, need to remain a little careful as your stomach, abdomen, and regions below it can bring some uncertain times for you.

Remedy: Wake up early in the morning and chant the Lalitha Sahasranamam for favourable outcomes.


The transit of retrograde Jupiter will bring a favourable time for Gemini natives, as the planet moves back from the eighth house to enter your seventh house. This indicates that you will help in maintaining harmony in your relations. Gemini natives who have been facing challenges in love will now be able to improve and strengthen their bond. Simultaneously, native who are eagerly awaiting their marriage will soon come across a favourable opportunity.

Moving on to your professional life, any issues that may have been troubling you will start getting resolved as you as new doors open. Your career will move towards stability now. Due to the influence of this transit, there will be an increase in your might and courage, which will help you in coming out of uncertainties that may have been troubling you. The innate nature of Gemini natives is to accurately communicate their ideas. With the additional help of this planetary movement, the more people you meet, the better opportunities you will receive. They will further help you in increasing your income.

This duration will provide you with a platform to display your skills, and you should not miss this opportunity. Relations with your father will improve. There are indications of a meeting with a reputable person, in your profession, whose advice will be vital in giving a new direction to your life. This transit will remain favourable for your health as well. However, you should not be careless concerning your diet; otherwise, you may have to struggle with obesity and such problems. On the whole, this Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius is likely to bring favourable results for Gemini natives, therefore, continue your efforts in the right direction.

Remedy: Chanting the Vishnu Sahastranaam will prove to be favourable for you.

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The retrograde transit of Jupiter is likely to bring mixed or average results for cancer natives. Although this planetary movement will create certain obstacles in the path of the natives, it will also bring an increase in your courage and combative tendencies. In turn, these inclinations will help you overcome all hindrances.

Working professionals of the sign, especially those associated with the fields of management, teaching, and consultancy, can look forward to a promising time ahead. Simultaneously, those who have turned their skills and hobbies into their job are also likely to succeed in their endeavours. Business people need to make their decisions as per their resources and avoid taking any loan or debts; otherwise, you will have to face many problems.

The message that this transit brings, specifically for Cancerians, is that you need to avoid depending on fate and instead trust your own talents. This duration will bring harmony to your family ties, and there are also indications of a new member becoming a part of your family. Someone in your household or married Cancer natives can be blessed by a baby right now. This is a favourable time for student natives, especially those who were preparing for competitive exams.

Healthwise, this duration can trouble you, especially creating problems associated with fat as well as your stomach. Thus, you need to maintain a healthy diet. More importantly, stay away from all negativities. This will also be beneficial for your wellbeing, as will inculcating exercises and yoga in your daily routine.

Remedy: Worshipping any form of the Goddess will bring favourable results for Cancer natives.


The Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius will bring many favourable results for Leo natives as the planet enters their fifth house of knowledge and romance. This will be an auspicious duration for coming up with new plans and implementing them because your management capacities will be at their level best now. There will be clarity in your intellectual abilities and decision-making skills. Consequently, many people will approach you for advice on significant subjects. As a result, your reputation in society will grow.

You will be filled with positivity in this duration. You will remain active, and you will be able to accomplish all your incomplete tasks now. All troubling obstacles will be removed from your path, and you will also come across many new opportunities. As for the working professionals of the sign who are looking for a change, you can come across many excellent job opportunities now. This transit of the retrograde Jupiter will also bring a promising time for Leos in love. Single natives on the search for their soulmate will finally cross paths with them, while those in a relationship, can work on improving their bond now. The predictions indicate that the situations will remain favourable for the same. Any problems concerning your children will also be resolved soon.

As for the student natives of the sign, all obstacles concerning your higher studies will come to an end with this transit. Especially those of you associated with research work can look forward to significant accomplishments now. You will become more inclined towards spirituality and mystical subjects like astrology, and will remain curious towards learning something new.

Healthwise too, this time remains favourable, as the aspect of Jupiter on your ascendant acts as a shield for Leo natives. All you need to do is pay attention to your diet and exercise regularly because this duration usually causes an increase in weight. Apart from all this, another thing that you read to remain careful about is your ego. At this time, the feeling that you know everything can overpower you and that is where you will make mistakes.

Remedy: Offer a gift to the Sun and recite the Suryashtakam to gain favourable results.


Virgo natives can look forward to a favourable time ahead as Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius. As a result, the planet will move out of your fifth house to enter your fourth, where Saturn is already posited. This duration will bring relief for Virgoans. Thus, whether it is your personal life or your workplace, instead of working towards gaining worldly pleasures you will put in your efforts towards the attainment of peace and contentment. Simultaneously, this duration will also bring an increase in your comforts, luxuries, and this indicates the achievement of a new vehicle or house. Any pending matters concerning an old property will also be resolved now.

This is a promising time to connect with yourself through spirituality, meditation, and yoga. As a result, you will be able to get out of all the emotional problems that you have been struggling through recently. This time is also favourable for your mother, as her health remains stable and your relationship further strengthens.

The relations of married natives turn sweeter, and any problems that your spouse may have been facing in their profession will now end. Single Virgo natives will find themselves looking for emotional security, as a result of which, they may hesitate in entering a new relationship. However, you need to understand that there is no guarantee in love – you put your heart on the line and jump in based on trust.

Although this is a good time for students, however, at times you may become lazy, which will cause problems later on. Therefore, you need to keep an eye on the same and avoid getting lethargic. Healthwise, things will turn in your favour as previous problems come to an end now.

Remedy: Donate green coloured things on Wednesday. Wearing the Emerald (Panna) gemstone will also be auspicious for you.


Libra natives will host the transit of retrograde Jupiter in their third house, which signifies your courage, might, desire, and interest. As a result of this, Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius Librans will now rise above and beyond their comfort level, which will bring them many new opportunities. You will not step back from new thoughts, ideas, and experiments which are likely to bring increased profits for you. Your communication skills will improve, and you will be better able to express your heartfelt emotions. The same will prove to be very helpful for both your business and personal relations.

This is the time to improve your skills because the transit will offer you opportunities based on your talents. This is also the time to find yourself by doing everything that you enjoy. The more you indulge in your hobbies, the more you will find your mind getting decluttered. As a result, it will improve your decision-making skills, which you may have been facing some problems recently. Your efforts will now move in the right direction.

You will receive the complete support of your younger siblings and will also find your spouse standing by your side doing their part in your progress. Fate will favour you now. Student natives who are preparing for competitive exams can look forward to promising results now. Although this is a favourable time for the natives, however, it is the innate nature of Librans to please others. You need to avoid giving your most to others and instead utilise this duration to gain profits yourself.

Remedy: Gain the blessings of your teacher and mentors. Watering the Tulsi plant, daily, will also be auspicious for you.

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As Jupiter turns retrograde, it will exit the third house of efforts to enter the second house of accumulated wealth and family of Scorpio natives. This indicates that this duration will remain favourable and will bring a breath of relief for the natives.

You were unable to find the right direction for yourself despite numerous efforts. But your search will finally end now, as you find the right path to move forward on. There are indications of an increase in your current salary, as well as possibilities of new opportunities arising in your professional life. You can be rewarded with a new responsibility or promoted to a higher position.

Scorpion natives who wish to start up their own business can do so now, as the timings are favourable for the same. Simultaneously, business personnel can gain significant profits right now, as long as they use their resources properly. At this time, your entire attention should be towards wealth accumulation.

You will try to give more time to your family, which will further strengthen the bonds of your household. There are also auspicious yogas forming that are pointing towards progress in your familial life. Scorpio natives who wish to tie the knot can receive some happy tidings now.

This duration will also ensure a favourable environment for student natives in terms of attaining education. All your obstacles will be seen falling away now. Healthwise, travelling will be beneficial during this transit of the retrograde Jupiter for Scorpio natives.

Remedy: Drink water from a silver glass. Wearing the Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) gemstone will be feasible for you.


Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius will cause the planet to move out of your second house, where it was posited in its exalted state, to enter your first house or ascendant. This planetary movement is indicating favourable results for natives. The initial change that you will see due to the influence of this transit will be in your nature. You have been feeling lazy and tired recently, which will end now, and you will once again find yourself energetic as always.

Sagittarius natives will move forward with positivity, which will be visible in your health as well as decision-making abilities. You will become more inclined towards religion and spirituality. The desire to help your society will rise within you, and you will be seen making efforts in the direction. Fate will favour you and will provide you with several opportunities, which you need to ensure that you do not lose.

Jupiter is the lord of your fourth house and is now entering your first house. Therefore, pending property matters will presently come alive and the road to a new house etc. can finally open up. Unmarried natives who wish to tie the knot can finally receive happy tidings during this transitory motion of the retrograde Jupiter.

Simultaneously, married Scorpio natives or those who are in a relationship, can face some problems in their love life. You need to remain careful, because sometimes, instead of being a friend to your beloved, you end up with becoming their advisor, which creates friction between you two.

The duration is likely to bring favourable news in terms of your children. Student natives will also be seen moving forward towards higher education unimpededly. They will receive the complete support of your family for the same. On the whole, this Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius will prove to be auspicious in all aspects for the natives.

Remedy: Fast on Thursday and worship the banana tree.


Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius will cause the planet to exit the zodiac sign Capricorn and enter their twelfth house from their first. This will bring much positivity in the lives of natives, especially those who are associated with import-export or work in a multinational company. The transitory motion will also bring happy tidings for those who wish to go abroad, as their efforts finally bear fruits. Your confidence in yourself will grow, and you will become less dependent on others, which will help you in making the right decisions.

In addition to this, the more you travel during this time, the more profits you will gather. However, before going on any journey, you need to plan a proper budget for the same. You will find yourself getting more inclined towards spirituality and religious activities, and will be seen actively participating in the same. Despite that, this duration may remain slightly on the weaker side, concerning your health. You can face some unwanted situations and will need to pay attention to your diet as well. Inculcating yoga, exercise, and sports in your daily life will be favourable for you now.

Coming to your love life, there will be a freshness to your relations with the arrival of this transit. Natives who were stuck in a toxic relationship will finally be freed from them. On the whole, as long as you pay attention to your health, Capricorn natives can look forward to favourable results in all aspects of their life.

Remedy: Chanting the mantras of Lord Saturn (Shani Deva) will be very promising for you.

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Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius will open many new sources of income for Aquarius natives, as it enters their eleventh house while moving out of their twelfth. You will be successful in controlling your expenses, and most of your plans will now get implemented. The more people you meet during this transit, the more profits you will incur. There are also possibilities of an old friend bringing a new opportunity for you.

Your social reputation will grow, and you may even become slightly more ambitious. As a result, you will make efforts towards the fulfilment of your goals more cautiously, which is likely to bring better benefits. This transitory motion will also help business personnel of the sign in extending their trade.

Any arguments that may have been ongoing between you and your elder siblings will now end. Happy tidings are also on the cards, from your children's side. On the whole, your family life will grow and move forward. You will be pleased with the progress of your children. A freshness will enter your love affairs, and you will be filled with a new energy which will satisfy your beloved as well.

You will be quite insightful at this time, which will help you gain a new direction in life. Aquarius natives will receive the complete support of their family in attaining higher education, as a result of which, they will be seen moving forward on the path of progress. As for student natives who have recently completed their studies, and are looking for a job will receive many opportunities for the same. Healthwise, all those things will remain good ever you need to pay attention to your diet and avoid fatty food items.

Remedy: Wearing the Pitambari gemstone in your middle finger will be auspicious for you.


Brihaspati was initially posited in the house of benefits, for Pisces natives, in its exalted state along with Saturn. With Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius, it will move back to enter their tenth house, which is its mooltrikona sign. This indicates the possibilities of promotion in the professional life of natives.

This duration will make you work-oriented, and now your attention will move from targets or praises. Instead, you will only care about ensuring that your tasks continue correctly, and with innovation and creativity. As a result, not only will you attain success in all that you do, but will also gain the respect and encouragement from your senior officials. This transit will bring an improvement in your father's health, as well as in your relations with him. He will support you and encourage you as a result of which, the environment at home will turn more joyous.

This duration will also bring further improvement in your oratory skills, due to which, many people will approach you for advice and consultation. Profits through the government sector are on the cards for many Pisceans. Many of you can plan on buying a new house, vehicle, or starting something new.

You will prevail over your opponents, and many pending legal cases can now actively move forward. This transitory motion will offer mixed results for your love life. Thus, you will need to bring the perfect balance between your work and family for the same. Your confidence will be high at this time. Therefore, do not waste your time in making decisions because indecisiveness is one of the biggest inherent problems for Pisces natives. On the whole, Jupiter retrograde will prove to be favourable for you. However, sometimes you become a bit too moralistic and end up questioning your decisions over a guilty conscience, which may not even be necessary.

Remedy: Reading the story of the Matsya Avatar (incarnation) of Lord Vishnu will be auspicious for you.

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