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Mars Transit in Cancer: 22 June, 2019

According to Vedic astrology, the planet Mars is considered the determiner of energy, power, and might. In one’ s Kundli, it indicates the native’s courage and determination. The red planet is the ruling lord of zodiac signs like Aries and Scorpio and it is a yogakaraka planet for Cancer and Leo ascendants. When it is present in the third, sixth, tenth, and eleventh house in one’s birth chart, it procures favourable results. It also determines blood related ailments in a person’s life.

Mars Transit in Cancer

The Impact of Mars in a Human Being’s Life

If Mars is present in a favourable state in a person’s kundli, then fearlessness becomes an aspect of the native’s character. Such natives do not work under pressure of anyone and can often turn out to be arrogant as well. Natives with an exalted Mars in their respective kundlis are the owners of a powerful physique and beautiful features. On the contrary, if Mars is posited in an unfavorable state in the native’s kundli, then the native may suffer from blood related disorders. Such a person’s enemies may remain successful in overpowering him/her and the individual may also encounter problems on the familial front. If you wish to procure positive results from the planet Mars, then you should perform the remedies associated with it.

Know the Impact of Mars in Various Houses

Remedies to Pacify Mars

According to astrology, one should donate materials associated with the planet Mars in order to pacify it. It is quite auspicious to perform this donation during Mars’ Hora and its Nakshatras, which are, Mrigshira, Chitra, and Dhanistha. The materials meant for donation should include fennel seeds, jaggery (gud), copper vessels, and khaand (desi sugar). It is also advised to install Mangal Yantra in order to curb its malefic effects. Natives who have a weak Mars in their respective kundlis should wear Coral (Moonga), Ananat Mool, and Three Faced Rudraksha. By doing so, they will witness a flow of positive results in their respective lives.

Transit Timing

The determiner of courage and prowess, Mars will now transit on 22nd June 2019, Saturday from the zodiac sign of Gemini to Cancer. This particular transit will take place at 23:21 pm at night in Cancer zodiac sign and remain posited in the same place until 4:32 am on 9th August, 2019. Vedic astrology states that this transit’s effect will be seen in all the twelve zodiac signs. Let us have a look at these impacts of Mars’ transit on you according to your signs.

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The transit of Mars is taking place in your fourth house. This house helps you to determine aspects like property construction, vehicle, and one’s mother. This transit of Mars will bring forward mixed results for you. You should take good care of your parents’ health during this time as they may experience certain problems. Your life partner may remain displeased with you for some reason. Do get involved in debates with them if you have the intention of resolving your problems. Things will take a positive turn with the tide of time. Job holders born under the sign of Aries will perform well in their professional life. During this transit, you will experience an increase in your energy and you will be able to use it in an appropriate manner, positively. Some natives may also receive a hike in their existing income while Mars remains in its transitory motion.

Remedy: Wear the root Anantamul on your arm on Tuesday.


Your third house will become active once the planet Mars makes its transit through your house of valor and courage. According to kalpurush kundli, this house belongs to the zodiac sign of Gemini. It is also the determiner of aspects like your courage and might. Mars’ transit in this house will give a boost to your determination and you will try your level best to give wings to your thoughts. Too much of everything often results in losses which is why it is advised to remain careful. The health of your younger siblings may also suffer during this period which is why you should take the necessary measures to take care of their health. Your life partner is likely to achieve professional success. This transit will also increase your stature in the society and you will also have an upper hand over your rivals. However, you should not get involved in any unnecessary debates and arguments during this interval of time. Some natives of this zodiac sign may also go on a short distance trip.

Remedy: Donate red lentils (laal masoor) on Tuesdays.


The transit of Mars is taking place in your second house which is considered to be the determiner of one’s wealth and speech. As a result, this transit, may bring a roughness and harshness in your speech. If you are married then your life partner is likely to get hurt because of your bitter words. Your sudden aggression can also impact your familial life as your behaviour may displease your family members. On the flip side, your economic front will remain strong during this period. However, it is advised to take care of your health as your misbehaviour may give birth to mental tensions. In order to escape such tensed situations, you need to spend some time alone time, analyzing yourself. Student natives should stay away from the wrong company and try to focus on their studies. If you are experiencing difficulties in your studies, then seek guidance from your teachers and mentors.

Remedy: Donate pomegranates to the poor and needy people.

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The transit of Mars will take place in your ascendant or first house. According to the Kalpurush Kundli, this house belongs to the zodiac sign of Aries. It governs our behaviour, health, self knowledge, and beauty. Your health may decline in this duration, and you are likely to get hurt because of trivial matters as the emotional side of your personality will remain on the forefront. During this time period, vices like anger and arrogance will escalate. Watch your words while conversing with your life partner as they may be the reason for fights between you two. Cancer natives will get blessed with professional success as their efforts will get recognition and enable them to touch new heights of prosperity. Student natives will also witness propitious results and will spend most of their time in the company of books. You will show great courage which will enable you to tackle most of the adverse situations of your life.

Remedy: Use utensils made of Silver regularly.


For Leo natives, the transit of Mars is taking place in your twelfth house. While Mars remains posited in this house, you may get an opportunity to work or pursue higher studies in a foreign country. However, the natives who are already residing overseas may go through some difficulties. If you are dealing with any court proceedings, verdict will be in your favour. On the other hand, your economic side may remain unstable during this period. Expenses will be on the higher side which will give birth to mental tensions. You need to be careful in your married life as well because your spouse’s health may decline. Make an effort to perform well at workplace and stay away from gossip. Amidst the busy schedule of life, take some time out for yourself too. Housewives may receive gifts from their respective husbands which will rejuvenate their conjugal life.

Remedy: Chant the Beej Mantra associated with the planet Mars.


It is quite possible that you may receive good profits in certain aspects of life when the transit of Mars takes place in your eleventh house. Economic problems will no longer trouble you and the inflow of monetary resources in one form or another will take place. You will become capable of focussing other aspects of your life since your economic position will remain strong. However, some Virgo natives may witness some problems in their conjugal life as feelings stored in the heart for your life partner begins to fade away. Natives in love are advised to remain faithful to their partners. You will receive propitious results on the societal front and you may also go for an excursion with your friends. Job holders’ dominance will prevail over their workplace and your rivals will not stand a chance against you. Businessmen natives of this sign may gain success in such a task that had very thin chances of being successful.

Remedy: Auspicious results will usher in, if red flowers and copper is donated.

Wear to Gain the Positive Effects of Mars: Coral/Moonga Gemstone


Mars’ transit will take place in the tenth house of Libra natives. This house is also hailed as the karma bhava, determiner of one’s profession or career. Due to the effect of Mars, you may remain aggressive, therefore, it is advised that you mind your words during this time period. Job holders will witness positive results in their professional lives. Your good work will be appreciated by your boss and a promotion may also be around the corner. On the familial front, it is advised to remain careful. The words of a family member may create clashes in the family. Make your health your priority. The habit of eating outside food (junk food) should be discarded. Natives who are in love may witness difficulties during this time frame. Student natives will choose playing over studying. Undoubtedly, it is beneficial for health but one should also neglect his/her studies and devote some time to them.

Remedy: Offer wheat and gram (chana) to Shivling on Tuesday.


According to predictions, the transit of Mars is taking place in your ninth house of religion, which is also the significator of aspects like luck, religion, teachers, and mentor-like influencers. During this transitory phase of Mars, you will have to struggle excruciatingly in order to see the face of success. Your connection with your father may deteriorate and his health may also remain unstable. Keep your ego aside while conversing with your siblings as your relationship with them is also likely to become thorny. Your attitude towards religious matters will not remain positive for now as you will take little or no interest in them. You may also take a short distance trip in this duration of Mars transit in your ninth house. Student natives are advised to maintain a positive outlook towards their education and take the aid of mediation, if you are finding it difficult to concentrate on your studies.

Remedy: Wear the root of Anantamul in your arms or neck on Tuesday.


The transit of Mars will take place in the eighth house of your zodiac sign. As a result of this transit, the natives born under the sign of the archer may have to face challenges in their lives. You may feel that your words are being misinterpreted by some people. Such situations will decrease your morale, but you will successfully handle yourself and the situations. Take proper care of your health as it is likely to deteriorate during this transitory phase of Mars. Disputes in your married life are probable as well. Look after your father’s health and even if the health issue is minor, do not forget to take him to a doctor. Follow the traffic rules if you drive any kind of vehicle. Natives who have cultivated the habit of meditation (sadhna), should not consume alcohol and non vegetarian dishes during this time. Your siblings may face certain challenges in life which is why you should stand by them and help them in putting an end to their problems.

Remedy: Wear a bangle made of Silver on your hand.

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During its transitory motion, the planet Mars will take nest in your seventh house. According to the Kalpurush Kundli, this house belongs to the zodiac sign of Libra. It enlightens the natives about the prospective partnership deals. The occurrence of this transit may create challenges in your life and it is advised to keep a check on your temper during this time frame. In order to avoid fights or clashes with your life partner, talk to them in a composed manner. At your workplace, you will see the face of success after rigorous hard work. Student natives should stay away from their friends as they may shower negative impacts on your studies. If you are single, then you are likely to get attracted to someone from the opposite gender. However, proper analysis of a person should be done, before getting involved with him/her romantically.

Remedy: Donate jaggery (gud) on Tuesday.


The sixth house of Aquarius natives will host the transit of Mars. Refrain yourself from interfering in the matters of other people as it can have a negative impact on your life. At workplace, your performance will be normal however, you will successfully overpower your rivals. Your familial life will remain the same but you may have to face some problems in your married life. The health of your partner can also decline in this duration. Tensions may take house in your mind because of an increase in expenditures. Student natives are advised to stay away from friends who only waste your time. It is better to stay alone rather than being in the company of wrong people. Business people born under the sign of the water-bearer should analyze their schemes properly before implementing them.

Remedy: Donate red sandalwood on Tuesday.


The transit of Moon is taking place in your fifth house which is also known as the house of progeny. As a result of this transit, your children may experience health issues which is why you need to take special care of them. Job holders can obtain propitious results in their professional life and your income may also increase during this time. On the flip side, this time will be unfavourable for student natives as they will lose focus on their studies again and again. However, some natives of this zodiac sign may get an opportunity to pursue their higher studies in a foreign country. If you are in love with someone, do not keep your love proposal in front of them yet. Natives who are in already in a love relationship should sit with their respective partners and talk in order to get rid of the persistent problems between them

Remedy: Worship Lord Hanuman and offer him vermilion.

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