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Mercury Transit in Capricorn On 05 January 2021- Read The Imapct On Youyr Sign

Mercury, the planet known to be the benefactor of intelligence, analysis, observation, communication and business, is moving from the fiery and dual sign Sagittarius to earthy sign Capricorn on 5th January 2021 @ 03:42 A.M. Mercury will remain in this sign till 25th January 2021@ 16: 42 or 04:42 P.M.

Mercury Transit in Capricorn

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Let’s see what are the results that this transit of Mercury is going to bestow on all the zodiac signs-

The Predictions In This Article Are Based On Moon Signs. Know Yours Here: Moon Sign Calculator

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें: बुध का मकर राशि में गोचर


Mercury governs the third house of communication, efforts, siblings and the sixth house of competition, challenges and enemies, and transits through your tenth house of career and profession. Professionally, this transit will deliver favorable results for you as during this transit, your communication abilities will enable you to achieve higher positions of authority at your workplace. This is a suitable time to make plans and strategies regarding your career as your ideas and suggestions will catch the attention of your senior management and higher authorities. Your enemies will not be able to stand in front of you, during this transit.

This is also a very good period to undertake travels related to business and profession, as they are likely to bring rewards and profits. It will also be a favourable time period for the natives who are in the professions related to skills like sports etc.

Personally, as the third house represents desires, and is placed in the house of action, this indicates that this period will see you fulfilling your deep longings or interests. This transit will also strengthen your relationships with your siblings and bring happiness in your family environment.

Overall, this transit is a favorable one for the natives born under the sign of the Ram, However, since Mercury is in conjunction with the malefic planet Saturn, it indicates that you may become too worried about your reputation, results and responsibilities. This may make you a little anxious and nervous in the process, which may have negative effects on your health. So, try to relax and focus on the present moment, as rest will be taken care of.

Remedy - Offer Durva Grass to Lord Ganesha on Wednesday.


Mercury owns the second and fifth house for the natives born under the sign of the Bull and will be positioned in their ninth house of luck and fortune. This transit will bring auspicious results for the Taurus natives. The students seeking higher education are likely to benefit from this transit of the Mercury. The obstacles or problems that they were facing will get resolved during this period.

Personally, your relationship with your children is likely to improve, but, as Mercury being the fifth lord is in conjunction with the eighth lord Jupiter, this indicates that the health of your children may remain weak during this period. However, love birds belonging to this sign would be willing to spend quality time with their beloved, which will help strengthen the bond between you two. Your interest in spiritual and mystical sciences like astrology etc. is likely to increase in this duration.

Professionally and financially, though things will remain slow as Mercury here in this house is positioned with Saturn, a slow moving planet, but, definitely they are headed in the right direction. So, keep making consistent efforts, results are going to be there sooner or later. However, those involved in trading or stock market may gain sudden profits or income during this transit.

However, as Mercury is your fifth house lord, which is responsible for prompt action, and in conjunction with the slow planet Saturn. This indicates that you may be a little slow to react to opportunities during this period, which may make you miss some good opportunities in the process. Forgetfulness or loss of memory are also some problems that you are likely to face in this period. So, be aware and alert to every opportunity present in front of you.

Remedy - Recite “Vishnu Sahastranaam” daily in the Morning.


Mercury, lord of the ascendant which governs the personality, self and fourth house of happiness, home and Mother, is transiting through your eighth house of uncertainty and transformation. This period may provide mixed results for the natives born under the sign of the twins.

This position of the Mercury in conjunction with the eighth lord Saturn may give some changes or challenges in this duration, which may make you anxious, nervous and result in you feeling a lack of confidence in yourself despite having abilities or potential. Due to this, your stress levels may increase and you may end up feeling fatigued and physically weak. But, you have to understand that these problems are here to make you introspect and find out the possible reasons for the mistakes that happened and learn from them. It is also here to make you logical and rational while taking decisions later on.

Mercury is also aspecting the second house of savings and accumulated wealth and is in the eighth house, which may sometimes tempt you to take shortcuts to improve your finances. However, do not indulge in any such practices, rather make long term financial plans and strategies. Also, file your taxes on time.

The health of your mother may also decline in this period, so, try and give as much attention to her as you can. Delay the sale, purchase, repair or construction of any property, land during this period. Also, as Mercury governs communication and is in conjunction with a malefic planet Saturn, this indicates avoiding using any harsh word or satire, otherwise, environment at home can get disturbed. However, this is a very good period to indulge in spirituality, mysticism and religious activities, studying motivational books, which will help you gain positivity and optimism. This will help you in bringing positive results in all spheres of life.

This transit is also favorable for the students indulging in research work or who are trying to start a new course or understand a new subject from its basic level.

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The natives born under the sign of the crab will host Mercury, their third and twelfth house lord in their seventh house of vocation, spouse and travels.

Professionally, this is a favorable period to undertake journeys and short trips which may provide you with good earnings and income. This transit may also provide desirable results for the natives who are indulged in sectors pertaining to IT, technology and public dealings. As Mercury governs your third house of communication, it indicates that using any kind of communication tools like social media, internet, email etc. will help the businessmen belonging to this sign to expand and increase their foothold in the market.

Also, those of you who are looking for opportunities to settle abroad or earning income from foreign sources may get beneficial results during this transit of Mercury.

On the personal front, this position of Mercury will help you resolve any discrepancies or misunderstandings that may have arisen previously, as you will be able to express your heartfelt emotions to your beloved more easily in this time frame. Your status in society will increase and people will come to you seeking advice. Your relationships with your siblings and friends will also improve during this time frame.

On the health front, this period might give some problems related to the nervous system and back, so, do not lift heavy weight during this period.

Remedy - Lighting camphor in your home and office will help you in getting aligned with the energy of Mercury.


Mercury, which governs the second house of accumulated wealth, savings, family and eleventh house of profits, gains, acquaintances and elder siblings will be positioned in your sixth house of competitions and challenges. This indicates that this transit is going to provide beneficial results for the leo natives.

Professionally, you will be inclined to restructure, reorganise your schedules, programmes and improve your skills, which will help to enhance your productivity and efficiency at your workplace. Your communication with your subordinates and co workers are also likely to improve, which is going to help you enjoy a strong camaraderie with your colleagues and get full support from them. This will help you in achieving your targets before time. Businessmen looking to get support from banks or financial institutions to expand their business are likely to get favorable results.

You will be more conscious and aware regarding your health during this period, as you may be inclined to start a new exercise regime or any physical activity during this period. This period may also see you scheduling your full body check -up during this transit of Mercury.

Personally, as second lord Mercury is in the sixth house, which indicates that you may get embroiled in some court cases or legal matters over parental property with your relatives. This can lead to wastage of both your money and energy. Though, you may emerge victorious later on. It is also a good time for appearing in competitive exams.

Remedy - Taking blessings from eunuchs on Wednesdays will bring you auspicious results.


Mercury being the ascendant lord of personality, self and tenth house lord of profession and career and transiting in your fifth house will bring mixed results for the natives born under the sign of the Maiden.

On a personal level, this transit of Mercury may make you overly critical regarding small things which might hamper you relationship with your children in this duration. You might also get involved with fights with your spouse over trivial matters. Also, remain careful of the company that you keep in this duration, otherwise, you are going to end up facing problems in the long run.

On the professional front, as the Mercury being the tenth house lord is positioned in the eighth house from itself, you may face some unprecedented situations in your workplace which might make you insecure or uncertain regarding your job and future. This can also create pangs of anxiety and stress in you. This might trigger hastiness, you may end up taking decisions based on assumptions which may further result in more chaos and mess. So, try to cool down, relax and wait for the period to end, then take decisions.

Students of this sign, may require more hard work and focus in this duration to up their academic performance. Stress and anxiety might trigger other health problems such as indigestion, constipation and other lifestyle diseases. So, try to relax and put you faith and trust in the process of life.

Remedy - Offer water and prayers to the Tulsi plant daily.

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Librans will host the Mercury, which governs their ninth house of fortune and twelfth house of foreign gains and pleasure in their fourth house of happiness, Mother, home and Luxuries.

On the personal front, the overall home environment will be filled with bliss and happiness. Your Mother’s health will improve during this cycle, which will be a source of joy and relief for you. You are likely to feel content and satisfied during this period. Some gains from the spouse will be there. Also, they are likely to make progress in their profession or business.

Professionally, all the positivity surrounding your personal life will reflect in your professional success. You are going to get many new opportunities to increase your income during this period. This period will also be very good for undertaking professional or business trips as they will be highly satisfying and fruitful for you.

Students are also likely to benefit from this period as their concentration levels will be high which will help them learn new skills and new subjects in a better manner.

This period will also see an increase in your prosperity and luxuries. You might also invest in some new land or properties in this period. However, Mercury in this house may make you look for security in love matters, which might make you more logical regarding love. This might result in you missing out on opportunity to meet your special someone during this period. So, open up a bit more and take decisions regarding love with your heart and not your brain.

Remedy - Chant Mercury Mantra “ॐ बुं बुधाय नमः/oṃ buṃ budhāya namaḥ” daily during the Mercury hora.


As per the Kaal Purush Kundli, Mercury governs the third house of communications and exploration. During this transit, Scorpio natives will see Mercury positioned in their third house of communication, siblings and short distance travels. This transit will bring auspicious results.

The position of the eleventh house Mercury in conjunction with second house lord Jupiter indicates an increase in income and rise in status during this transit. As Mercury governs the eighth house of change, it definitely indicates favorable results for the natives looking for suitable job change. It also provides you with multitasking abilities which are likely to enhance your efficiency at the workplace, but it can sometimes lead to inconsistency. So, make sure that you are taking one task at a time to ensure consistency and steady performance.

Short distance travels for either enjoyment or business purposes are likely to yield beneficial results. It is definitely a good time for individuals involved in public dealing works, telecommunication, sales, tours and travels and especially for those who are into publishing and writing. The use of new forms of technology in this period can provide the necessary impetus to your career.

On the personal front, spend some quality time with your siblings, listen to them, pay heed to their expectations, as this will help you to strengthen relationships with them.

On the health front, you need to watch out for stomach related infections and E.N.T problems. So, you are advised to keep a watch on what you are eating and try to stay away from places with high levels of dust and pollution.

Remedy - Meditate on Budh Yantra daily in the Morning.


Sagittarius natives will host Mercury in their second house of family, wealth, savings, speech and eating habits. This position of Mercury for Sagittarius natives indicates that they have to maintain hygiene around their mouth region, otherwise, they may face regular problems related to gums and teeth.

On the personal front, it governs the seventh house of relationships and pouse and is positioned in the eighth house from itself, which indicates that your spouse or beloved may face some issues regarding their work or health. Hence, be there and ensure your full support to them. Though, eligible natives of this sign are likely to come across many good proposals for marriage during this time period.

Professionally, good transit for the businessmen, especially those who run their family business in the form of partnerships. They are likely to witness a steady growth in their undertakings during this period. The negotiation skills bestowed by Mercury will help you to close many deals which were not looking possible earlier. If you are employed with some organization, your work will be appreciated by your seniors and higher authorities.

It is also a very good opportunity to invest in real estate, govt. bonds and policies, as any investment made during this period is likely to benefit you and your family in the long run. This is also a very good period for writing exams, sitting in competitions, participation in quiz etc. as your competition spirit will be high and you are likely to emerge victorious.

Remedy - Donate books and stationery to the people who cannot afford it.


Capricorn natives will be filled with creative ideas during this period as Mercury will be positioned in its directional strength in your first house of personality and self. Your observation, analytical and business skills will be at their peak which will help you to counter all the obstacles or challenges in your path and achieve astounding success during this period.

Though, this position of the mercury in the ascendant can sometimes may one also indulge in unnecessary arguments, chit chats which can result in wastage of your energy and potential. So, try and conserve your energy to do big things in this period.

Mercury, is also the ninth house lord of fortune, which indicates that luck will favor you in all your endeavors and it also ensures smooth money flow in this period.

But, with Mercury in this position, you will have the tendency to over scrutinise things, achieve perfection in all the endeavors that they are doing. This can sometimes make you overly critical which can create problems in your personal and professional life. In your professional arena, it can make you procrastinate things, which can sometimes make you miss deadlines and important opportunities.

However, on the health front, you may encounter some problems related to skin, allergies, hormones etc. during this period.

Remedy - Chant “Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevay” Mantra daily in the Morning.


This transit of Mercury is likely to give mixed results for Aquarians. This transit may be favorable for the students who are seeking universities abroad to pursue higher studies. They are likely to get positive results during this transit.

Professionally, you may have to put in more effort than usual in order to achieve results, desires and goals. As Mercury is afflicted by Saturn, this indicates that things will move at a rather sluggish pace than usual, which can cause frustration and restlessness. So, relax and maintain your patience during this period. Try and avoid any kind of arguments or litigation in this period, as that may result in losses. This is a period to lie low, not to directly confront any enemy or competitor, if you want to save yourself from any embarrassment.

On the financial part, your expenses may remain higher than your income during this transit. So, try and maintain balance between your expenditure and earnings.

On the health front, as Mercury governs your eighth house of changes and uncertainties, this period may require you to be alert and attentive towards your health, especially related to the nervous system, abdomen and feet. Also, Mercury in this house tends to give unnecessary fears and misconceptions based on the past experiences or traumas which could lead to anxiety and nervousness thus resulting in loss of sleep.

Mercury in this house can give hesitations and make it difficult for you to express yourself in front of your partner, which can create differences between you and your beloved. So, have transparent communication with your partner, and make them understand what you are going through. this will help resolve the differences between you two.

Remedy - Light camphor in your home and office.


Pisces natives are likely to enjoy full support, gains and fiction from their spouse as the Mercury which governs their seventh house is positioned in an auspicious eleventh house of success, profit and gains. It is also likely to bring profits to the natives owning business in the form of partnerships. During this period, meeting your friend after a long time can make you feel happy and nostalgic.

During this period, your ability to listen to and communicate with others is going to make you popular among your colleagues and subordinates. You will be innovative, adaptive in your ideas which will make you earn appreciation and recognition from your seniors. During this time, your ability to find quick and creative solutions to the problems are also likely to bring you accolades at your workplace. Self employed people are likely to earn money from multiple sources during this time period.

Mercury positioned in this house with the planet of wisdom, Jupiter will bring benefits to the students born under the sign of the fish. Your concentration levels, curiosity and grasping power will be at its peak, helping you to learn new subjects and courses easily.

Healthwise, this period will be a rejuvenating and energising phase for you.

Remedy - Honour the Tulsi plant.

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We hope you have liked our article. Thank you for being an important part of AstroSage. Stay tuned for more interesting articles.

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