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Mercury Direct In Aries (15 May 2023)

Mercury Direct In Aries will take place on 15 May 2023. The planet Mercury is given a lot of significance in Astrology as it is known to give special outcomes in its combust state, rising state, retrograde state, and direct state. It gives special results in all its states. Generally the planet Mercury remains in the combust state due to being close to the Sun and sometimes it comes out of its combust state and comes to the rising state. When the planet Mercury gets nearer to the Sun that is known as Budhaditya Yoga, and this Yoga makes a person accomplished. If the planet Mercury goes into retrograde state then various problems arise in important tasks. So, Mercury direct in Aries in such a situation can be said to be favorable for all zodiac signs as well. However, this celestial motion will take place in different houses for different zodiac signs and according to that the outcomes will vary. The planet Mercury will come out of its retrograde state at 8:30 am on 15 May 2023 and will enter the direct state. In this way, Mercury being in the direct state in the zodiac sign of Aries will affect each zodiac sign differently. So, let's learn what outcomes your zodiac sign will get with Mercury being direct in Aries!

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In Vedic astrology, the speed of the retrograde state and path of the planets are considered quite significant. Retrograde is such a condition when a fast moving planet moves in the same direction with a slow moving planet. Hence, the slow moving planet appears if it is moving backwards, when in fact it is not moving backwards. So, this state of the planet is known as retrograde state. According to astrology, retrograde planets have special effect force and due to that they increase their effects abundantly. Generally the planets that are in direct motion give beneficial outcomes if compared to retrograde planets.

So, through this illuminating article of AstroSage we will tell all about Mercury Direct in Aries and what are the effects that your zodiac sign will have by this incredible celestial motion!

Prominence Of Mercury In Vedic Astrology

The planet Mercury is considered a prince among planets whose disposition is similar to a young and an active person. Similar to how the company a young child keeps has an impact on him, similarly Mercury’s position in the horoscope has a similar effect. The planet Mercury gives positive and negative effects according to the house in which it is positioned, the house lord, and the influence other planets have on it. Mercury is considered to be the benefactor of intellect and speech. It is known to provide mathematical ability, logical ability, and makes a person inquisitive and their skills in debate gets superior as well. Mercury is the ruling lord of Virgo and Gemini. The zodiac sign of Virgo is its ascendant sign and the zodiac sign of Pisces is its descendant sign. Professions related to Mercury are astrology, media, writing, education, banking, commerce, mathematicians, advocacy etc. A person who has a strengthened Mercury in their horoscope is skilled in humor and expressing themselves.

The Predictions In This Article Are Based On Moon Signs. Call the best astrologers on the phone and know in detail about the impact of Mercury direct in Aries on your life.

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें: बुध मेष राशि में मार्गी (15 मई 2023)

Mercury Direct In Aries: Zodiac-Wise Forecast And Remedies

Mercury is about to end its retrograde state in the zodiac sign of Aries, whose element is fire and its lordship is owned by Mars and will come in the direct state on 15 May 2023 at 8:30 am. So, let’s move ahead with this article to know how this celestial movement will affect your zodiac sign!


Mercury direct in Aries will give these natives special effects, and this period might not be very favorable for you. This motion of planet Mercury might give an increase in your expenses. You might come across issues in explaining yourself to others. Your money might be spent on many necessary tasks, and at the same time you might have to face problems due to your rising expenses.

However, mentally this period will be good. Familial lives will be harmonious and peaceful. During this period, health problems will not disturb you and you will feel satiated. There will be an increase in your life energy, and your attention will be diverted more towards writing. Socially your scope will expand as well. Avoid any unnecessary travels as this might cause fatigue and discomfort. The habit of doing your work yourself will give you good success with your efforts.

Remedy: Recite Shri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra everyday.


Mercury direct in Aries for Taurus natives is going to take place in their twelfth house. This period will lessen your ongoing health problems to some extent however it will still be necessary for you to take good care of your health. Your expenses which have been rising till now will come down a little bit as well. You might be mentally concerned regarding a young family member of yours. You will get support from your old friends and will also get a chance to meet one of them.

You will spend time with your friends and will have a get-together and have fun. Your stalled work will be completed as well. Success will be there for you in your career, and you will have to keep in mind your critical situations and be accountable to yourself. Take care of your expensive items, as there are chances that you might lose them. It will be favorable for you if you stay away from illegal works and betting or else your problems might increase. Love will increase between you and your partner and through communication and your problems will get solved.

Remedy: Worship Lord Ganesh everyday and offer him Durvankur.


For Gemini natives Mercury direct in Aries will take place in their eleventh house. Due to the effect of this planetary movement the ways of your income will be opened. Your finances which were getting stalled or stuck will once again commence at a smooth pace. You will be elated with the increase in income and your wishes will be fulfilled as well. If somebody has taken money from you and hasn't returned till now, will give you your money during this time.

Problems which are coming in your love relationships will be eradicated and your love will become strengthened. In the area of academics Gemini students will get favorable outcomes. Whatever work you commence you will have success in it. Your life spirit will increase and you will start to get support from your family members. Your relationship with seniors will improve due to which you will receive benefits in the family. Gemini natives who are into business will see progress in their ventures as well.

Remedy: Everyday offer water to Tulsi plant.

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For Cancer natives Mercury direct in Aries will take place in their tenth house. This period will bring harmony into your life and you will hear positive news in both your personal and professional spheres of life. Your family members will support you completely. Your relations with your parents will be strengthened. Good opportunities will come your way in your career and your position will be fortified as well. In the workplace your efficiency will increase.

Your conversational skills and humorous comeback will keep everyone entertained and an atmosphere of mirth will be around you and as a result everybody would want to be around you. You will get graces from your superiors as they will cooperate with you and as a result you will be able to progress in your career, admirably. Your relationship with your life partner will be harmonious and you will also find success in diversifying your family. Your old health problems will vanish and your health will improve during this period.

Remedy: You should feed green fodder to a cow as it will be beneficial for you.


For the natives of Leo Mercury direct in Aries will take place in their ninth house. In your mind thoughts of spirituality will rise with this planetary movement. However, in between you will become logical as well. From a viewpoint of health, this period might not be quite favorable, so during this time health must be given precedence. You might face deterioration in your health if you eat food from outside. During this period your love relationships will come across fervor and you will have a harmonious relationship with your closed one.

For marital Leo natives this time will be prosperous. You will give each other time and will understand each other. You will go on a long-distance trip with your beloved. You might get betrayed if you trust someone blindly, so be alert. Before signing a bank’s guarantee form for someone do think multiple times. You should exercise caution as luck might not be in your favor during this period. There might be a job transfer as well.

Remedy: Recite Shri Ganapati Atharvashirsha daily.

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For Virgo natives Mercury direct in Aries will take place in their eighth house. The planet Mercury being in your eighth house will bring you compatibility. Works that are being completed suddenly will give you benefits. You will come across ancient property, inheritance, or hidden wealth. If you have invested in the share market earlier, then during this time you will get gains from those investments. Activities that are spiritual in nature will take more of your time and you will be diverted towards them as well. Your ability of logic will increase as well. In your job you will be successful in performing admirably and a sudden promotion will be in order.

Virgo business natives will get a chance to expand their ventures during this time and hence good financial gains will be there as well. However, to start any new business venture this period won’t be suitable. Health-wise you will face fluctuations. You will get relief from old health problems but new ones might arise as well, so keep a good check on the food that you consume. For Virgo natives this period will be good, you will get good results in accordance with your hard work. You will travel overseas and love relationships might face a time of hardships.

Remedy: Take blessings of eunuchs on Wednesday.


Mercury direct in Aries for Libra natives will take place in their seventh house. Marital lives will be benefited during this time as love will increase between partners. You will get good profits through your partner but arguments might arise between you and your partner. As saying some things to each other without understanding the gravity of the words might destroy the harmony between the both of you. So, under such circumstances you must think carefully before you speak to your partner and if there is a misunderstanding it should be sorted as soon as possible.

Happenings in the family will take better part of your attention and hence your attention on your work might be lessened. In order to reach your desired goals you will have to work very hard. For expanding your business ventures it will be beneficial for you if you could wait during this period. You should keep your anger under control and in your familial lives happiness will prevail. You should be careful as to not put your relationships at risk under somebody else’s impression.

Remedy: You should feed ladoos made of Jaggery to a cow on Tuesday.


Mercury direct in Aries for Scorpio natives will take place in their sixth house. In matters related to the court you will get success and your expenses during this period might rise significantly. You must keep a good control over your expenses or else your financial situation might come under distress. In marital lives Scorpio natives might come across tension and quarrels might erupt between you and your partner.

Good news related to children will be there for you and this period will be the growth of your children. During this time love relationships will be harmonious, and love will prevail; you and your partner will be closer than ever before. From a viewpoint of health, you must take care and be careful and alert towards it. A prolonged illness might disturb you and the conditions of your job will be favorable for you.

Remedy: Donate black sesame seeds in a temple on Wednesday.

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For the natives of Sagittarius Mercury direct in Aries is going to take place in their fifth house, which will increase your intellect. There will be an increase in your thinking and logical abilities. You will be able to calculate things correctly. During this time your interest might increase in the lottery, betting, and stock market. If you are moving forward in this direction then take consultation from an expert or an experienced person of this area.

During this period you will get success if you want to change your jobs. Sagittarius natives who are into business will get to expand their ventures and will also attain financial gains through it. Our creativity will rise and you would also want to work in the field of writing as well. In love relationships, dissatisfaction might rise as having frequent quarrels might make you upset. However, by trusting each other your relationship will be salvaged.

Remedy: Wear the best quality Emerald stone on the little finger on Wednesday.


For the natives of Capricorn Mercury direct in Aries is taking place in their fourth house. During this period you will attain movable or immovable property but if the property is already in dispute then that dispute might rise during this time. You will have to put in more effort in your personal relationships in order to make them better. You will have to take care that there are no arguments or unnecessary quarrels happening between you and your mother. Favorable outcomes will be there for you in your job. Your performance in your work will keep you ahead of others. Capricorn natives will get success in their business as well. Health issues like chest constriction, heartburn, and flatulence might disturb you. From a financial point of view, this period will be prosperous. Your stalled finances will return back to you as well.

Remedy: Modak should be offered to Lord Ganesha.


For the natives of Aquarius Mercury direct in Aries is taking place in their third house. Your health will get better with this planetary movement. You will spend more time with your friends and will have fun with them. You will spend your expenses on them as well. Small distance travels will provide you with happiness.

Your desire to complete any task will instill in you the practice of taking chances and moving forward, enabling you to advance in business. You must think of the benefits of others as well and not only your own. Your economic life will be favorable as your social circle will expand and increase. You will attain success through your personal efforts.

Remedy: Donate green bangles to little girls.


For the zodiac sign of Pisces, Mercury direct in Aries will take place in the second house. During this period the familial atmosphere will be positive and the problems will lessen. The old arguments happening in the family will start to fade and the atmosphere of the family will improve. You will become socially active and on social media your participation and activism will increase as well. Your circle of friends will increase as well.

This period will be positive financially and there will be an increase in the income as well. Financial gains will be there for you and your bank balance will gradually rise. Your speaking will become more graceful, and people will be able to get convinced by your speech. Love will grow between you and your partner. The purchasing and selling of property will result in profit.

Remedy: Worship Goddess Saraswati.

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We hope you have liked our article. Thank you for being an important part of AstroSage. Stay tuned for more interesting articles.

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