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Sun Transit in Aquarius and its Impacts (12 February, 2021)

The Sun which is hailed as the King of the celestial cabinet will be moving from a movable sign Capricorn to a fixed sign Aquarius on 12th February 2021@ 21:03 pm. The Sun is moving from a slow and steady earth sign Capricorn to a more innovative and revolutionary sign Aquarius which is likely to bring many significant changes.

Let’s see what results has in store for all the zodiac signs-

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Sun Transit in Aquarius


For the Aries moon sign, the Sun is a friendly planet and owns the lordship of the fifth house of intellect, progeny, love and romance. Now, during this cycle, the Sun is transiting through your eleventh house of success, profit and gains.

This period will bring favorable results for you, and you are likely to witness an inflow of new opportunities in this phase. This transit will help bring forth your skills and basic qualities of innovation and initiation that have been subdued for a long time. All the pending tasks are likely to be completed with ease during this cycle of the Sun. You are likely to enjoy full support and appreciation from your subordinates and seniors during this phase. Businessmen will also see themselves booking gains and profits during this transit.

Voyages, trips and business-related travels will bring in gains and help you expand your horizons. Some of the natives are also likely to travel overseas for business-related opportunities.

Sun being the fifth house lord directly aspecting the fifth house will increase harmony and understanding between you and your children. It is also going to provide favorable and beneficial results in terms of love and romance. However, health-wise, you can face stomach related issues, so be careful with your diet during this period.

Overall, this will be a beneficial transit for the Aries natives, but sometimes it can make you stubborn and aggressive in attitude which can ruin the tasks you already achieved during this period. So, be flexible and ask for advice when stuck.

Remedy- Wear ruby crafted in gold or copper in your right-hand ring finger on Sunday morning.


The Sun governing the fourth house of Taurus natives will transit through their tenth house of profession and career. This transit will bring auspicious results for the natives born under the sign of the Bull. This period is likely to make you more sensitive towards your reputation. You will be willing to increase your efficiency and productivity during this time period. The Sun positioned in this house will make you ambitious. also, you will succeed in achieving your targets and substantial rewards.

The Sun in this position will provide you with new roles and responsibilities coupled with higher positions of authority. You are likely to meet highly influential people during this transit, which is going to benefit you in the long run. As, both the Taurus sign and the Sun are in fixed signs, it indicates that you will be confident and remain firm in your decision making which will provide you with great results during this transit.

Many of the natives are also likely to get gains from the government and administration. Taurians will also witness stark improvement in their relationship with their father. Healthwise, also, this position of the Sun will provide you with great immunity and vitality. But sometimes, you can become authoritarian and narcissistic in your attitude when results are not in your favor. Improve this tendency of yours to get more auspicious results from this transit.

Remedy- Recite the Surya mantra during the Sun hora daily.


Gemini natives are likely to get mixed and interesting results with the Sun transiting through their ninth house of fortune, luck, spirituality and higher knowledge.

On the personal front, as it is in the 12th position from the tenth house of the father, you will witness a steady decline in the health of your father. So, be there with him and provide him with as much support as you can. Your siblings can also be at the receiving end of this transit and will be looking up to you for support. So, try as much as you can to help them achieve success.

However, as it is your third house lord of efforts, courage and valour and is directly aspecting its own house, it is going to provide the strength to the third house and increase its effects multifold. This indicates that you are likely to overcome your enemies and obstacles with your sheer will power, vigour and strength. Your efforts will be in the right direction and provide you with multiple opportunities to progress on the career front.

Students are also likely to perform well on the academic front. Financially, a good period which will see all your investments and trades bringing you a fair share of profits and gains. However, it is not the right period to undertake any voyages or travels especially related to spiritual places, as it may bring in unnecessary expenditure and stress. Although, you might indulge in some charity work, or host some religious events to satiate your spiritual curiosity.

Remedy- Donate jaggery on Sunday.


For the Cancer Moon sign, the Sun holds the lordship of the second house of accumulated wealth, family and resources and will be transiting through the eighth house of transformation and changes positioned in the sign of Aquarius. This period will be favorable for those who are indulged in doing any kind of research work.

As the Sun being the second house lord is also aspecting its own house, it indicates that there may be sudden gains in the form of sale and purchase of ancestral property or through some kind of inheritance. On the flip side, your father‘s health can deteriorate during this period, so try and take proper care of them. This is also a period where you are advised not to indulge in any activity that is unlawful or in violation of the rules laid down by the government. Otherwise, you are going to face some severe consequences of this in the long term.

In terms of finances, you will be a little anxious and insecure regarding your finances, which will see you inclined towards making long term financial plans and strategies to secure your assets and wealth.

In terms of personal life, your relationships with your in-laws will prosper and they are likely to provide you with their full support and cooperation. The income of your spouse will also improve during this transit. But sometimes you can be rude and sensitive, easily hurt over small matters which can lead to problems and clashes.

In terms of health, a great time to drop off your old habits and addictions that are not serving you in terms of overall health and wellbeing. This is the right time to introspect, connect with your inner self through yoga and meditation as it will not only help you in terms of being fit, but will also make you uncover the hidden potentials of your personality.

Remedy- Put 5 Mukhi rudraksha in a copper vessel overnight, and drink it first thing in the Morning.


Leo natives will host the Sun, which is their ascendant in the seventh house of partnerships, marital relations and vocations. The Sun from this house will directly aspect the ascendant, increasing its strength, which indicates that your aura, charisma, and authority will increase much during this transit. This transit will also have a favorable impact on your health and well being. Your stamina, immunity and vitality are going to increase in this duration which will help you recover from any illness or disease easily. You are likely to feel optimistic, enthusiastic and full of energy during this period, which will rub off positively in terms of health.

Profession wise, you will be confident, ambitious and clear in your approach in this duration. Your leadership qualities coupled with great administration and management capabilities are likely to make you pull off difficult tasks and endeavors with ease. Businessmen are also likely to benefit from this transit. Those in public dealing, consultancy and travel sectors will witness a boom in their business.

For personal life, a good time for the eligible natives as their desire for someone special will finally be fulfilled during this time period. In terms of married life, though the Sun in this position indicates that though you will be protective and generous towards your loved one during this period and they are going to be instrumental in contributing towards your success. But, there are going to be some temperamental differences and ego clashes between you two. So, when that happens keep your cool and maintain proper decorum in your behavior.

However, with the placement of the planet Sun, you will be willing to cooperate and harmonize with people around you, which will enhance your image in the society.

Remedy- Taking blessings from your father before leaving for any important task.


For the natives born under the sign of the Maiden, the Sun governs the twelfth house of expenditures and foreign connections and will be positioned in their sixth house of challenges, competition and diseases. This position of the Sun will provide auspicious and positive results for the Virgo natives.

Students born under this sign preparing for the competitive and government exams are likely to achieve desired results and good grades during this transit. You will succeed in all the cases pending in the court of law. This period will also help in conquering enemies, and you will easily overcome your difficulties and problems.

Professionally, at this time, you will believe in enhancing your skills, try to improve your time management ability, learn from your past mistakes and gain experience from them, which will help you to make improvements in increasing your confidence, competence and proficiency at your workplace. This will get you noticed amongst your senior authorities and is likely to win you recognition and appreciation from them. As being the twelfth house lord of foreign and directly aspecting its own house, the Sun in this cycle is likely to provide opportunities to travel abroad for many of the Virgo natives.

In terms of health, overall a good period and will help you subside many of the previous illnesses. But, still, no negligence on this part should be there, avoid spicy, fried food in this duration, otherwise, you might face problems related to stomach, digestion etc. Overall, a great transit that will help you accomplish pending tasks and put you on the road to success.

Remedy - Bow down in the east direction daily in the morning. This will bring you auspicious results as the Sun is the lord of east direction.


The Sun governs the eleventh house of success, profits, gains and social status and will be positioned in your fifth house of progeny, intellect, education, speculative interests, love and romance. This cycle of the Sun will bring in mixed results for the natives born under the sign of the scales.

Professionally and financially, this period will bring in many opportunities to enhance your income and status, as the Sun present in the fifth house is directly aspecting its own eleventh house of riches and success. You are also likely to achieve great benefits from government and administration.

As the Sun is present in the eighth position of changes from the tenth house of career and profession, it is likely to bring changes in the form of sudden transfers or change in designation for many of the Libran natives. But, be sure that these changes are happening for the better, and you are likely to get favorable results later on. Many of the natives trading in stock markets, metals are likely to register huge margins during this tenure.

However, if you are married, then the behavior of the kids may become a source of your stress and mental agony. They may act more stubborn than usual, which may be a cause of strife and differences between you and your children. So, deal with the situation with tact and diplomacy. In matters of love and romance, this period is not likely to produce favorable results. You both might get involved in clashes over some trivial matters during this time period.

Remedy- Practice “Surya namaskar” early in the morning.


For the Scorpio moon sign, the Sun governs the house of career, profession, father, status, name and fame and will be transiting through the fourth house of mother, land, real estate, comforts and luxuries. This movement of the Sun can create a situation of conflict in your family, the main reason for this may be your egocentric behavior. Your stubbornness to make your presence felt everywhere and in everything. This can increase your tendency to control things or people, which may not go down well with your family and will result in friction between you and your family members. Also, the health of your mother may remain fragile during this cycle of the Sun.

However, this period will be very beneficial in terms of providing you with professional success as from the fourth house it is having a direct aspect on your tenth house of profession and career-making it strong and result oriented. This position will be highly favorable for the persons who are self-employed, freelancers or working from home. They are likely to have a busy month with the transit of the Sun in Aquarius. Also, people working in government or public sectors may receive long due promotions or increments during this period.

Healthwise, this position of the Sun is not considered auspicious and may provide with recurrent headaches, B.P, related problems. So, try to keep your aggression in check and maintain a proper sleeping routine to get positive results.

Remedy- Recite “ Surya Ashtakam” daily facing east direction in the morning.


Sagittarians will feel their confidence, self-esteem, courage enhanced during this period as the Sun in this cycle will illuminate their third house of valor, siblings and efforts. From this position, the Sun will directly aspect its own house of fortune, luck, spirituality and short travels. This will enhance your luck, growth in your career and your seniors are going to recognise your efforts during this time period.

This cycle of the Sun will present you with promotions and many profitable opportunities in your professional arena. Undertaking small and short trips will be beneficial during this period. At this time of the year, it is possible to meet people in high and influential positions, who will leave a deep impression on you and will inspire you to be determined and successful.

Your enthusiasm and energy will help you face obstacles strongly in this duration. Financially, it is a time that will see you achieving monetary and fiscal benefits. On a personal level, you will give the other persons some extra time and attention will pay heed to their suggestion and will be appreciative of the contribution that they have made in your life. This warm and understanding attitude of yours will help you win the heart of your family members, subordinates and will earn you great social acclaim during this period.

You are also likely to undertake spiritual voyages or journeys which will provide you with mental peace, satisfaction and contentment.

On the health front, no major worries are indicated, everything seems fine and heading in the right direction.

Remedy- Wear the Sun pendant set in gold or copper around your neck on Sunday.


For Capricorn moon sign, the Sun governs your house of change, transformations, uncertainties and unprecedented situations and is posited in the second house, which represents your accumulated wealth, family and savings. This position of the Sun will test your ability to manage and handle your savings or earnings because you might face some temptations to buy unnecessary things which might increase your comfort and social standing. So, try to maintain and conserve what you have trying to achieve what is not there with you. There is an idiom for this “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” which fits exactly during this situation. So, it is the time to feel gratitude for what you have in terms of money and profession and avoiding undue risks.

This position of the Sun also indicates that you might face some problems or differences in your family life, there can be some heated arguments among the family members, so try and be careful with your speech and behaviour during this transit.

On the health front, maintain proper hygiene around your dental area, as you can face some problems related to gums and teeth during this time period. Also, try and maintain your television and mobile timing, otherwise, some issues related to eyesight can also bother you during this period.

Though, students born under the sign of sea-goat may fetch better results from this period as their ability to grasp and understand any subject will get enhanced in this duration.

Remedy- Recite “Aditya Hriday Stotra” daily after dawn.


Aquarius natives will see the Sun taking a nest in their ascendant which reflects our personality, identity, appearance and self-expression. This planetary movement of the Sun will be significant and is likely to bring maximum benefits for the natives born under this air sign.

Professionally, you will be looking forward to starting afresh leaving behind all the worries and pressure that you faced during the last cycle of the Sun. The presence of the Sun in this house will bestow you with aristocratic aura and confidence. You are going to be at an advantage during this period with increased self-belief, energy and enthusiasm. So, this period is auspicious to try and initiate something new and innovative that you have been trying for long. You will also be able to overcome problems in your area of life by bravery, self-assertion and directedness during this cycle of the Sun. It is the right time to create your own niche in your professional life.

Those owning the business in the form of partnerships are likely to achieve profits and gains in this period as your understanding and camaraderie with your partner will increase during this period. As the seventh house represents society, so, this period will enhance your status among your circle.

Though you might become a bit self-centred and self-righteous during this period, it can give some problems and difficulties in your personal life. So, try and work on this tendency to achieve better results from this transit.

On the health front, as the Sun is the dry planet and is present in your ascendant, it can create some problems related to skin, stomach area and back. So, give proper attention to your health.

Remedy- Donate copper on Sundays.


Pisces natives might find themselves struggling during this cycle of the Sun as it will be positioned in their twelfth house, thereby resulting in some complications related to health and expenditure. The sun which governs their sixth house of diseases and enemies present in their twelfth house indicates that they need to remain careful of the enemies or competitors during this period as they may try to derail your image. Also, be careful of the company that you keep in this duration, otherwise, you are going to face some serious problems in the future.

In terms of finances, try to curb your extra expenditure and avoid taking too many risks at this time of the year, otherwise, you may have to depend on loans and borrowed money. This is also not the right time to indulge in arguments, conflicts or legal battles as they are going to take up a lot of your money and energy. However, if you are looking to set up your business out of your native town to neighbouring states, countries or even abroad, then this period is likely to provide you with favorable results. Also, many of the natives born under the sign of the fish may see their desire to settle abroad fulfilled in this duration.

Overall, rather than taking new decisions, it is the right time to rest. Relax, introspect and prepare a strong foundation for the upcoming periods.

Remedy- Recite Gayatri mantra 108 times daily in the morning.

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