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Sun Transit in Aries and its Impacts (14 April, 2021)

The sun which is the natural signification and benefactor of our soul, leadership and administrative qualities will move in its exalted sign of Aries on 14th April 2021, 02:23am. This is considered to be a very auspicious day as per the Hindu calendar as it is called as "Baisakhi" which is celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm all across the country. As Aries is the sign that represents initiation, because of which in some parts of the country it is celebrated as new year, the day of new beginnings. The Sun which represents father, government and vitality in the horoscope will be at its zenith or its powerful state during this transit.

Sun Transit in Aries and its Impacts

Let's s see what results it has in store for all the zodiac signs-

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The Sun which governs the fifth house for the Aries natives will be transiting through their first house, ascendant in its exalted state. This indicates that this transit will be of special significance and harbinger for many great achievements for natives born under the sign of the Ram.

Personally, if you are married, relationships with your children will definitely improve and hit a new dimension during this transit. They are also likely to achieve growth and success in their respective fields, be it academics or profession. They are likely to earn good name and fame during this period, because of which your name and fame will also increase.

The bachelors born under the sign of the ram are likely to meet their special someone during this period. It is a good time to profess your love to the person, whom you have a liking for. This transit will also bring good news and opportunities for the natives willing to take their relationship to the next level. They are also likely to strike a good rapport with their beloved and will enjoy bliss and happiness in their relationships. However, the Sun in this position can sometimes make you arrogant and domineering in nature, because of which you might face some problems in your domestic environment especially marital relations.

Professionally, you will be filled with great enthusiasm and energy which will see you fulfilling many unfinished tasks during this period. The encouragement to your ideas and recommendations will keep your confidence high throughout this transit. So, be innovative and initiate new projects to make full use of this transit.

Helathwise, also, things will be heading in the positive direction for the Aries natives.

Overall, a great transit filled with great possibilities, however, try and avoid becoming self righteous and arrogant during this period. Rather, utilise the Sun’s energy to lead your profession and relationships in the right direction.

Remedy- Recite the Gayatri Mantra daily during the Sunrise.


The Sun which is the king of the celestial cabinet governs the fourth house for Taurus natives and will be transiting through their twelfth house in its exalted position. This indicates that this transit is likely to bring benefits and auspicious news for the natives looking to settle abroad.

Professionally, this transit is likely to be very favorable for undertaking journeys related to profession and business. Those working in foreign organisations are likely to see a rise in their status and career. However, be tactful while dealing with seniors and restrain yourself while exercising authority over your subordinates. Also, you will be able to easily overcome your enemies and competition during this period. Beneficial transfers are also likely to be there for some of the professionals born under this sign.

Financially, benefits from real estate is on the cards for some of the natives born under the sign of the bull. The outcomes of the previous legal disputes can settle in your favour during this transit of the Sun. New investments or new additions in the form of conveyances, land and real estate can also be there for some of the taurus natives. However, as the twelfth house also represents expenditures, beware of making impulsive purchases during this period.

Personally, this period will bring rewards for your mother as the Sun will be positioned in the ninth house of fortune from the fourth house of your mother. This is likely to bring sudden benefits and profits to your mother. As it is positioned in the third house from the 10th house of the father, your father is also likely to achieve great growth in his respective fields or business.

As the twelfth house also represents the spiritual heists or beginnings, it is a good period to indulge in spiritual activities like meditation, reading spiritual and religious texts. This will help you bring peace and contentment.

However, remain careful of the health as problems related to headaches, fevers and eyesight may bother you. So, no negligence on the health part should be there.

Overall, a promising transit for Taurus natives.

Remedy- Donate Copper on Sunday.


The Sun which is the harbinger for vitality and life force will be transiting through the eleventh house for the natives born under the Gemini Moon sign. The eleventh house is called the " Laabh house" as it represents all types of financial gains.

Professionally, as the 11th house represents professional growth, this indicates that you are likely to witness rise and growth in your professional arena. This period will also see you enjoy good rapport with your seniors and higher authorities.

Profits for the business people are likely to increase tremendously during this transit. This is also a great duration to exchange your ideas as you are likely to meet influential people and dignitaries during this period, which can provide you with new opportunities. This period is also great for introducing new products and plans in the market that may have been pending for long.

Personally, support and cooperation from co-borns, especially younger siblings will help you sail through difficulties with ease during this period. This period may also see you spending quality time with your friends and social circle. You might also participate a lot and may make efforts to increase connections with your neighbors, which is likely to increase your rapport among them.

However, as the Sun is directly aspecting the fifth house, which might make you act a little stubborn and rigid during this period. This may create problems for you especially regarding your personal matters.

Overall, a great period that is likely to bring frutification and profits for each and every effort that you put in this period.

Remedy- Donate Jaggery to cows on Sunday.


Cancer Moon sign will host the Sun in their tenth house, in which the Sun is in its " Digbala" position or directional strength. This indicates that the Sun present in this position is likely to bring new achievements and growth for the Cancer natives.

The Sun which governs the second house of the family will be in its exalted position in the tenth house during this transit. This indicates that it will bring in profits for those indulging in family business and will provide them with lucrative opportunities to take their legacy forward. Since, here it is also in conjunction with the eleventh lord Venus which indicates that unprecedented profits can also be there for some of the natives born under the sign of the Crab. It is also a good time for the people who are looking to switch from a job to being self employed.

Those working in present organizations are likely to receive new roles, responsibilities and higher positions of authority during this transit. Those looking for new jobs or switching their professions, are likely to get favorable opportunities during this transit.

The individuals working under the government sector are also likely to receive accolades and recognition during this transit. The businessmen who work on government contracts are also likely to make merry during this transit.

Personally, good transit to spend some quality time with your father, your relationship with him is likely to reach a new dimension during this period. Some of the natives might also witness some addition in their family during this time. Also, it is a transit that is likely to bring you benefits from ancestral property and lands.

Healthwise, also, you will be full of vitality and zeal during this transit.

Overall, a great transit for the natives born under the sign of the Crab but sometimes your aggressive and authoritative behaviour can create problems for you both personally and professionally. So, try to work on this tendency of yours to take better results from this transit.

Remedy- Wear a good quality Ruby in your right hand ring finger crafted in gold or copper on sunday.

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The Sun, which is the ruler of your zodiac sign will be positioned in its exalted state in your ninth house of fortune and luck, throughout this transit. This is likely to bring auspicious results for the leo natives.

Professionally, a good time to conceive new projects, plans and policies as during this transit, your actions will be fully supported by luck and fortune. Workflow will remain smooth and steady, you are likely to get good support and recognition from your seniors at the workplace. Some professionals working in the government sectors are also likely to get transfers to the highest position or to their favorable locations. Your name and fame is likely to increase in your social circle and people will come to you, looking for advice.

Business personnel born under this sign will be optimistic, bold and innovative in their decision making during this time, which is likely to increase their profits and income during this time period. Also, undertaking journeys is also likely to bring in gains and benefits. You will find situations working in your favor during this transit.

Personally, as the ninth house represents spirituality, this transit may see you undertaking religious journeys or pilgrimages with your family. This will bring you immense peace and satisfaction.

However, as the Sun is placed in the twelfth from the 10th house which represents father, this period might see you having clashes or differences of opinion with your father. So, maintain proper decorum while having conversation with them.

Healthwise, this transit will see you getting relief from old ailments or diseases.

Overall, a good transit that will see you achieving great fame coupled with immense satisfaction and monetary benefits.

Remedy- Do Surya namaskar daily during the sunrise.


The Sun which governs your twelfth house of expenditures will be seen transiting through your eighth house in its exalted state during this cycle. This is likely to bring moderate and average results for the natives born under the sign of the maiden.

First and foremost, you need to take care of your health during this period, as you might face problems related to stomach, eyesight, headache and high fever during this time period. As the eighth house is also related to anxiety and uncertainty, you might feel emotionally vulnerable, nervous and depressed during this time. But, try to hold and be patient, as it will be for a short duration. However, do visit the doctor, if necessary.

Professionally, this period may incline you for a job change, however, our suggestion to you would be not to take any kind of decision in haste, rather, work on your skills and experience during this transit. This will help you gain better results of the opportunities in the near future.

Business personnel are requested not to initiate any new investment during this period, rather try and consolidate previous ventures only. Also, try and not do anything that is in violation of the law or the government. It is also a very good time to pay your taxes and other liabilities as you may get an offer to do a full and final settlement for the same. Also, try and avoid any kind of journeys or travel in this period, if not necessary. Otherwise, it may lead to unwanted stress and expenditures.

In terms of personal life, as the Sun is directly aspecting your second house of speech, which can sometimes make you harsh and rude in your speech and communication. So, choose your words wisely and carefully, if you want peace and happiness to prevail in your domestic environment. The health of your father can also remain a source of worry for some of the natives born under this sign. So, try and be there with him with all your support

However, you can witness an increase in your spouse's wealth and some of you might also get good support and benefit from your in-laws during this period. Some of you can also expect some sudden benefits and profits especially from your ancestral property. However, your expenditures are also going to rise, so maintaining proper proportion between your savings and expenses is important during this transit.

For students, those looking to start new subjects or new courses may benefit largely from this transit.

Remedy - Recite and meditate on the Surya mantra during the Sun hora daily.


The Sun which governs the eleventh house of libra natives, also known as the " labh bhava" transiting through the seventh house in its exalted position will bring in auspicious results and benefits for the libra natives.

Professionally, this is a very auspicious time for the natives who want to start or initiate new source of income other than their regular sources. They are likely to get many good opportunities during this transit. Also, professionals may expect promotion or appreciation during this period. Monetary and fiscal benefits will be aplenty during this transit.

Businessmen are also likely to gain benefits during this transit, especially those who are running their business in the form of partnerships. Undertaking journeys, exploring new territories will benefit you as this period is great for expansion. Also, a great period to exchange your ideas as many influential people might take interest in your plans and make investments in them.

For personal life, single natives might get hitched during this transit. However, married natives might face some ego clashes or temperamental differences in their relationships. So, it will be good not to let ego come in between decision making.

However, as the desire houses are active during this transit, which indicates that it will be a good period to fulfill your deep longings and hobbies. This will help you to connect with yourself better and help you procure more beneficial results from this cycle of the Sun.

Overall, a transit filled with great opportunities and profits for libra natives.

Remedy- Taking the blessings of your father or father figures before leaving for important work will be beneficial.

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The transit of the Sun in the sixth house for Scorpio natives will be very auspicious and beneficial and will help them achieve great results and achievements during this transit.

Helathwise, this period sees you getting more conscious regarding your health, which might make you take up new exercise regimens or routines in order to stay fit and healthy. You might also make necessary changes in your diet pattern and might also inculcate yoga meditation in your daily routine, which will bring positive developments in terms of health. Some of you might also get relief from previous ailments or diseases during this transit that may have been bothering you for a long time.

Financially, a great time period to get rid of your debts, loans and liabilities, if you have been thinking of doing it for a long time. Benefits or profits from old court cases might also be there for some of the natives. If you have been planning to sue somebody, then this is the right time to go ahead with it. Some businessmen are also likely to get their previously loaned money or returns from the previously made schemes and investments.

Professionally, enemies will not stand a chance in front of you during this transit cycle of the Sun. Your willpower, confidence and competitive strength will be high during this transit, which will help you sail through obstacles and hurdles with ease. You are likely to get appreciation and recognition for your efforts during this period. As both the growth houses sixth and tenth are active during this transit which indicates that opportunities to grow will be aplenty during this phase. Those looking for new opportunities are likely to get them in their desired fields.

Personally, great transit for your father as they are likely to make progress in their career and business. Some of the natives might also get benefits from the maternal side of their family.

Students preparing for competitive exams are likely to pass them with flying colors.

Overall, a great period with promising rewards for the Scorpio natives.

Remedy- Recite "Aditya Hridaya" stotra daily during this transit.

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Transit of the Sun through your fifth house which represents education, progeny, intellect, love and romance will bring benefits and auspicious results for sagittarius natives. Sun positioned in your fifth house during this cycle will especially benefit the sagittarius students looking for higher education abroad or out of their hometown, as they are likely to get auspicious news during this transit.

Professionally, opportunities are likely to increase during this time period and you will rise in terms of monetary status as well. You will be happy with your work and will also get necessary motivation and guidance from seniors, which will serve as a great impetus for growth during this period.

However, if you are a businessman, then taking calculated risks will provide you with handsome returns and profits. However, stock trading and speculative activities should be avoided during this transit.

This period can bring mixed results in terms of personal life. Those of you married, will be happy and elated to see their child progress during this duration or transit. However, this position of the Sun can sometimes make you stubborn and rigid leading to some ups and downs in personal relationships. Your partner might become a little dramatic or demanding during this period, which might create some differences. However, you are advised to maintain your peace and calm as situations will improve very fast. If your spouse is working, this transit will provide steady progress for them in their respective fields or profession.

However, as the fifth house is also related to mantra chanting, so indulging in these activities will provide you peace, happiness and contentment.

Helathwise, things are looking positive,however, abstain yourself from eating fried or spicy food, otherwise, you may see yourself getting problems related to the stomach during this transit.

Remedy- Fasting on Sundays will provide auspicious results.


The majestic planet Sun will move through your fourth house of mother, happiness and property in its exalted state in the sign of Aries during its current cycle. This transit of the Sun may provide mixed and interesting results for the natives born under the sign of the Fish goat.

On the personal front, some worries or scares related to the health of your mother will be there. So, spending quality time with her will be a brilliant idea during this transit. Some of you may also get benefits and profits from your ancestral property during this transit. In terms of relationships, you might try and be a little dominating during this transit, which might not go down well with your other family members, thus creating a rift in your relationships with them. However, your spouse will see a significant rise in their status and career during this period. it is better to avoid any construction or repairing work in your household or home in this duration as it may lead to over expenditure of your money and energy both.

However, as it is positioned with the fifth house lord Venus, which indicates that the students indulging in research, PhD etc. might expect some good news during this period.

As the Sun positioned in the fourth house is in an opposite position from its zenith or peak point in the 10th house. This indicates that you might face some recurrent problems or obstacles in your profession or work which might make you anxious and uncertain. Your seniors might also try to intimidate you which might further aggravate the issues. So, it is suggested to stay calm and avoid confrontations of any kind during this transit. Otherwise, you might face some problems later on. Try to lie low and give your response when the time is right and conducive for you.

Helathwise, try and avoid rash driving as accidents and injuries can be foreseen for many of the natives.

Remedy- Perform pranayama daily during the morning. Or also you can meditate and contemplate in the morning to achieve beneficial results.


The position of the Sun in your third house in its exalted state during its current cycle will provide new achievements and success to the Aquarius natives.

Professionally, your skills will be superlative during this period and you will be able to execute your talents superbly in front of your seniors. This will help you win accolades and recognition from higher authorities. You will be optimistic to the core which will help you gain more growth and happiness on the professional front. Your speech also will be influential during this period, which will definitely work in your favor.

Business personnel belonging to this sign will be free from fears, thus will help you in executing the toughest of your plans with great zeal and enthusiasm, earning profits and gains in the process. Those of you running business in the form of partnerships may also receive good profits during this cycle of the Sun. Also,undertaking journeys will help you to expand your business and earn necessary experience during this transit.

Personally, if you are married, then benefits from the spouse will be there during this transit. If you are single and looking for someone special, then you might meet your soulmate at your friends place or through some social networking apps during this period. However, the presence of the Sun here can give some ups and downs, problems in the relationships with siblings. So, it's better to have open communication and spend some quality time with them. Do not be harsh or rude while speaking with them.

Those of you aquarius students who are involved in performing arts, media, journalism, sports and other creative fields are likely to get the right platform to showcase their skills during this current cycle of the Sun.

Overall, a great period that can provide you with right achievements, just shed your inhibitions and take the right risks to move ahead in life.

Remedy- Do charity or donations to the people in need.


Pisces natives will host the Sun in their second house in its exalted state, which will provide above average or mixed results for them.

The Sun governs the sixth house for Pisces natives and will be present in their second house which indicates that there are some chances of you getting wealth or gains through court cases or legal proceedings. Some of the natives might also get their previously loaned money during this transit. Businessmen looking for loans to expand their business might see themselves getting positive news during this period. In terms of professional life also, this period indicates significant gains.

Also,there may be some significant gains and rise in your investment portfolio during this period. Avoid any hasty decisions or shortcuts and take due advice from experts before deciding on your course of action.

In terms of personal life, please keep a check on your tone of speech as use of any harsh and rude words can spoil your domestic environment. Also, avoid any monetary transactions, especially with your relatives during this period, otherwise, you may end up indulging in heated arguments with them. However, some gains and benefits can be expected from the maternal side of your family. If you are married, then the health of your spouse may be a source of worry and anxiety for you. So, try and be there for your spouse and spend as much as quality time with them.

Students preparing for competitive exams are likely to achieve astounding success during this period. However, if you are a social networking junkie, then you are advised to stay away from it as it may distract you from your studies.

Remedy- Recite "Ramraksha Stotra" daily during the Sunrise as the Sun is associated with this incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

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