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Sun Transit in Pisces and its Impacts(14 March, 2021)

The Sun is hailed as the king of the planetary kingdom and represents our soul, father, ego, health, vitality, leadership qualities, government, authority and administration. Benefic placement of the Sun will bring positive results regarding these things and malefic placement will bring negative results.

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The Sun will move from the air sign that represents innovation, revolution and intellect to a water sign, Pisces that is emotional, a natural teacher, healer and compassionate in nature. This movement of the Sun will take place on the 14th of March @17:55 pm.

So, let’ s see how this transit of the Sun is going to impact all zodiac signs-

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Sun Transit in Pisces and its Impacts


The Sun will move into the twelfth house for Aries natives during its transit from Aquarius to Pisces. This transit will bring many significant changes with respect to many aspects of your life.

Some of the natives might face some issues with confidence in this duration which may hamper their ability or conviction to execute plans leading to decreased efficiency and productivity at your workplace. However, many of the natives born under the sign of the Ram may get a chance to travel abroad for business and professional opportunities. Also, the natives working in the foreign organisations are also likely to benefit from this transit. As the Sun is directly aspecting the sixth house of enemies, you will easily outshine or dominate your enemies during this transit. However, legal matters should be postponed during this period. Employed natives might face some sudden events like transfers during this transit.

Businessmen may incur some losses during this period, so if you have to make any investments, then taking decisions after proper contemplation of the situation, or after taking advice from experts will prove beneficial.

On the personal front, the parents who want to send their children abroad for higher studies are likely to see their dreams come true. However, in terms of love and romance, both committed couples and married natives might face some ups and downs in relationships. This may be due to the fragile health of your beloved or there are chances that your better half may have to leave to some other city or country for work.

It is recommended to be wise and careful while spending as some unwanted expenditures may create hole in your pocket. On the health front, you may encounter problems related to insomnia, headaches, high fevers during this period. So, giving proper attention to your health is very important during this period.

Remedy- Chant or listen to Gayatri Mantra daily in the Morning.


Taurus natives will host the royal planet Sun in their eleventh house of profits and success during its movement from Aqaurius to Pisces moon sign. This transit of the Sun will provide auspicious results for the natives born under the sign of the bull.

Professionally, this period will be full of favorable outcomes as this period will enable you to earn from many options, which will help you increase your status in the society. You will be able to make new connections which will be of great help to you in the long run. Projects that were put on hold for a long time will gain momentum during this transit. This will help you earn great profits, which will help improve your self confidence and belief. Your relationship with your seniors will remain cordial during this period and you may get full support from them. You will be filled with innovative and out of the box ideas and will be appreciated for the same during this transit. Some of the natives might also get some benefits and profits from the government and administration.

On the personal front, if you are married then the progress of your children will make you elated. Those in the committed relations will also see their relations sail through smoothly during this transit. Also, as the Sun is your 4th house lord and is positioned in your 11th house, which indicates that there are chances of property purchase or profits from real estate during this period. This period is also very good for making new investments.

Overall, a very beneficial transit capable of providing desired results for the Taurian natives.

Remedy- Meditate on the Surya yantra early in the morning.


Gemini natives will see their efforts going in the right direction as the Sun which governs their third house of efforts will transit through their tenth house of action, career and profession during its movement from Aquarius to the Pisces moon sign.

Professionally, this period will be full of favorable outcomes for the natives born under the sign of the twins as the Sun will be in its “Digbal strength” and powerful during this transitional cycle. You will be able to accomplish each and every project that you undertake proficiently, which will enable you to attain higher positions of authority and influence during this transit. You are likely to expect recognition and promotion in the workplace and you will also get along well with your seniors during this period.

Gemini natives working in the government sector are also likely to get benefits during this transit. Also, professionals who are working in the fields related to public dealing and communication like lawyers, sales executives etc, will get favorable results during this period. Also, those who are performing artists or those who want to convert their hobbies and skills into profession, might see this transit delivering results in their favor. Businessmen willing to adapt to changing trends and using new forms of technology will achieve great profits in this duration.

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Personally, this period will see you getting full support from your siblings in all your endeavors and tasks. This period will also see your relationships improve with your father and father like figures and they will play a very important role in your success. Love life will remain smooth, you will feel happy and content with your relationship. You will be inclined to contribute towards society in any way you can, which will help increase your stature in your social circle.

On the health front, this period will be full of vitality, strength that will protect you from any illness or disease during this period.

Remedy- Perform Surya Namaskar daily in the Morning.


Cancer natives will host the Sun in their ninth house which represents fortune, spirituality, mentors and spirituality. The Sun positioned here is making a very potent “Dhan Yoga” which indicates that you are going to get many opportunities during this transit, which will lead to an increase in your income, accumulated wealth and status. Professionally, you may encounter some competition at your workplace but with consistent efforts you are going to get good amounts of success. Businessmen born under the sign of the crab are likely to receive expected results and good flow of cash during this cycle of the sun. As the Sun represents the mentors and idols, meeting with some influential personality will present you with a new dimension to your life and will provide you with necessary impetus to succeed.

On the personal level, you will get full support and affection from your family members, you may also embark on a spiritual journey with them during this transit. You may also participate in religious activities, make donations to charity, Ngos with great fervor during this cycle of the Sun, which will increase your status in the society. However, as it is positioned in the 12th house from the 10th house of the Father, this indicates that the health of your father may remain weak during this period, so take proper care of him.

Overall, a great period that is likely to provide you with great profits and rise in status.

Remedy- Reciting “Ramraksha Stotra” Daily in the Morning.


The Sun is the ascendant lord for the Leo Moon sign and will be transiting through their eighth house of transformation and sudden changes during this cycle which indicates that this period will bring mixed results for the leo natives.

Professionally, slow progress, unprecedented changes and not getting the desired results for your efforts at the workplace may give you the feeling of lack of confidence, self doubts and increase your uncertainty and anxiety about your future. But, you have to understand that this period is here to make you mature and create the foundation for your future, so have faith in your potential, work on your skills and be optimistic.

The direct aspect of the Sun on the second house of speech can make you a little harsh in communications leading to altercations at work place. But, you are advised to maintain your cool, otherwise, your opponents may get a chance to malign your image.

Also not a good period to undertake any kind of journeys or make any kind of investments, as both may lead to losses. Businessmen will also have to make decisions according to the resources at their disposal. Also, you are advised against any shortcuts to make quick money. Also, doing anything that is against the law or government is strictly forbidden during this period.

On the personal front, you will get full support from your partner. This period is also great for introspection, which will help you reflect on your past mistakes and learn from them. Your interest in spiritual activities will also increase. However, your health may remain fragile, so try and be more responsible and dedicate full attention towards maintaining your fitness during this period.

Remedy- Wear a good quality Ruby crafted in gold or copper on Sunday.


The royal planet Sun will be transiting through your seventh house of marital relations, business partnerships and vocation while making its movement from Aquarius to Pisces Moon sign. Professionally, you may have to put in sincere efforts in order to achieve the desired results at your workplace. Some issues or misunderstandings with the seniors or higher management is also on the cards for some of the natives, which might hamper your progress at the workfront. Those who are in business partnerships will face some issues and clashes with their partner. This is also not a great period to start any kind of new business, partnerships or joint ventures. Investments of any kind should be made after consulting the elders of the family or experts of the respective fields.

However, those of you working in import- export sectors or multinational companies are likely to get desired results from this transit.

Financially, your expenses may rise during this period, so maintaining proper balance between your income and expenditure is very important.

In terms of personal life, your relationships with your spouse may remain strained during this period. So, you are advised to avoid arguments, if you want peace to prevail in your domestic environment. During this period, some of you may face rejection in love affairs and romance. Therefore, wait for a better time to propose the person you like.

Healthwise, some problems related to backache and stomach can bother you, so it is advised to stay away from fried or spicy food and lifting any kind of weights during this period.

Students might also find this month disappointing in terms of studies.

Remedy- Recite the Sun Mantra daily during the Sun hora.

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For the Libra Moon sign, the Sun will transit through their sixth house of diseases, enemies and competition during its movement from Aquarius Moon sign to the Pisces moon sign.

This transit will be very auspicious and provide you with the necessary strength and vitality to fight against or recover from any illness that may have been bothering you for a long time. This is also a good period that will see you outshine your enemies and acquire success in legal matters and proceedings.

Professionally, your efforts will gain appreciation, your relations with your senior authorities will improve which will lead to growth on the professional front. The businessmen born under this sign might get the help from financial institutions or banks in the form of loans, ODs that will help them to successfully expand their business. Some of the natives might get back their previously loaned money or handsome returns from the investments made previously.

Students preparing for competitive exams are likely to get desired success for their efforts during this transit of the Sun.

On the personal front, good period to enter into new relationships. Also, harmony and bliss will prevail in the old relationships. Married natives will enjoy mutual understanding and happiness with their spouse during this period.

So, overall a period filled with spirit, enthusiasm and energy to fulfill all your desires and provide you with happiness.

Remedy- Recite or listen to “Suryashtakam” daily during the dawn.


The Sun is a friend to the Lord of the Scorpio Moon sign Mars and will transit through the fifth house of intellect, ideas, love and romance.

Professionally, you will be able to execute and implement your ideas with great authority and precision leading to growth and awards in your professional arena. Your communication and presentation skills will improve, you will be able to handle problems and pressures with great determination during this period, which will hold you in high esteem among your colleagues and senior management. However, some of the natives working in government sectors might face some sudden transfers or shifts in their job profiles during this transit. Businessmen born under this sign might also find this period a little frustrating and disappointing. They may not get the desired profits or growth during this duration. Unprecedented or unwanted expenditures may unsettle their plans during this period.

However, a good period for the struggling artists or persons in creative fields, as they might get their due or fair recognition during this transit.

On the personal front, the progress and health of your father may decline causing stress in the family environment. If you are married, then the progress of your children will make you happy and joyous, however, your relationships with your spouse will be marred by ego clashes and temperamental differences. So, it is advised against indulging in petty fights with your partner or beloved. In terms of love life, this is a good time to express and communicate your heartfelt feelings to the person whom you like, it will provide you with great rewards.

On the health front, eat light food and drink plenty of water as you may suffer from indigestion, gastric and acidic issues during this transit.

Remedy- Drink water in a copper vessel.


Sagittarians will host the Sun in their fourth house which represents luxuries, comforts, home and mother.

On the personal front, this is an unfavorable transit when it comes to your mother’s health, especially, if she has some previous history of ailments such as BP, cholesterol or heart. This period also indicates that you may become dominating, self righteous and may try to throw your weight around in the household, which may disrupt your equation with your family members. So, try and work on this tendency of yours, if you want peace to prevail in your home environment.

In matters related to love, this is not the right time to propose or express your feelings to your beloved, as you might not get the desired result. If you are married, then this period might make you overcritical in relationships leading to fights with your spouse or partner over trivial issues. However, students will fare well in their examinations, if they put in continuous efforts in their studies during this transit.

Professionally, as the Sun is sitting in opposite direction from its “digbal”position, which makes it weak, this indicates that you may have to check your words while communicating with seniors and subordinates as any miscommunication or misunderstanding can harm your image during this transit. Workload is likely to remain high during this period, which will add on to your mental stress and worries. Unexpected journeys during this transit may further aggravate problems during this transit.

Businessmen are advised to stay cautious regarding their investments, matters related to land and property may take some time to fructify. Healthwise, stress and mental worries may make you feel weak and lethargic, so, be optimistic and take the right amount of sleep during this transit.

Remedy- Offer arghya to the Sun daily.


For the Capricorn Moon sign, the Sun will transit through their house of efforts, courage and siblings during its movement from Aquarius to Pisces moon sign.

Professionally, it will be a favorable period for the natives born under the sign of the sea goat as they are likely to experience growth on the professional front. Some of the natives may also get their promotion or raise in their salary due for a long time. This is a period full of happiness, progress and prosperity as your efforts are likely to fetch positive results. Businessmen belonging to this sign are also likely to seal profitable deals and agreements during this period. The sun here provides you with sheer strength and energy that will help you topple your enemies. Any journeys undertaken during this period will provide you with positive outcomes and substantial profits.

On the personal front, you will be able to spend quality time with your beloved or spouse, which will strengthen the bond between you two. Your relatives, family members will appreciate your efforts to keep the family together and pay you due respect. However, your siblings may encounter some challenges during this transit, so be there for them with all your support.

In terms of health, this is a great period to try out new exercise regimes and diet plans as they will help you to enhance your fitness, Overall, health is likely to remain good. Students looking to go abroad for further studies are likely to get desired outcomes.

Remedy- Feed wheat to the red ants.


The Sun which governs the seventh house of marital relations, business partnerships and vocation will transit through your second house of accumulated wealth, family and speech.

During this transit, you may have to keep a check on your temperament and communication, as it could lead to frictions within the family and feud with friends. Those who are employed may face some changes or transfers in their workplace. Those who own their business in the form of partnerships may experience some differences with their partners.So, it is suggested to maintain transparency and proper communication with your partner during this period. This is also not a feasible period for investments, if necessary then they should be done after taking help or advice from financial experts. However, you may experience some sudden benefits from property or real estate related matters especially ancestral property.

In terms of personal life, as the seventh lord Sun which governs relationship is posited in the second house of family, which indicates that single natives are likely to meet their special someone during this period. Committed couples may go on an adventure trip with their loved one during this transit. Though, married natives might witness decline in the health of their spouse during this period and may have to spend a huge part of their savings to improve their fitness and wellbeing.

On the heath front, you might face some problems related to eyesight and teeth during this transit. So, maintain proper hygiene around your mouth and keep a strict vigil on your screen timings be it Television or Mobile.

Remedy- Take blessings from father or father like figures before leaving for an important work.


For Pisces Moon sign, the Sun will transit through your ascendant or first house of self, personality, nature, name, fame and health during its movement from Aquarius to Pisces Moon sign. The natives born under the sign of the fish may experience decline in their health during this period. They may face constant or recurring problems related to headache, eyesight, cold and cough during this transit. Some of you might also face some minor infections related to blood in this time duration. So, be very careful with your health, and if necessary take proper medical assistance.

In terms of professional life, if you are employed you might feel fatigued and lethargic at your workplace, making it difficult for you to concentrate and stay organised, which can hamper your productivity and reputation at your workplace. So, take a closer look at the causes and try to work on them to improve your performance. Also, your enemies might plan to besmirch your image to get ahead of you, so remain alert and cautious. However, this is a good period if you want to sue someone or start a legal battle with someone.

Businessmen might also not get favorable results and experience lack of cooperation from your partners or from people working under you. Also, avoid making hasty decisions when it comes to finances, otherwise, you could incur huge losses.

In terms of personal life, you have to keep a control on your anger and irritation as it may lead to arguments or clashes with your family members and beloved. So, try to maintain your calmness and composure while dealing with them. Students need to take a small break from studies and invest in hobbies or pleasure activities, which will enhance your creativity and concentration.

Remedy- Feeding Jaggery to the Cow on Sunday.

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