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Mercury Retrograde in Gemini - 30 July 2019

According to the Vedic Astrology, Mercury is the representative planet of knowledge, intellect, business and speech. It governs the Gemini and Virgo zodiac signs, out of which, Virgo is its exalted sign, whereas Pisces is its debilitated sign. One of the standout facts about this planet is that Virgo is both its exalted sign as well as Mool Trikona sign. Also, it rules over Ashlesha, Jyeshta and Revathi Nakshatra. Amongst the Navagrahas or Nine Planets, Mercury is hailed as the Prince and acts as a “Learner” all the time, i.e. it remains under the learning phase like a Prince. As a result, it makes the native curious to learn about new things. Also, it provides results according to its placement with other planets, i.e. if it is posited or in conjunction with auspicious planets, then it offers positive outcomes and negative in case of inauspicious planets.

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini

It remains strong during the day and night and is responsible for generating air-borne, bile and cough related diseases. With this planet in retrogression, natives experience a delay in their tasks and have to work harder to gain success. But a retrograde Mercury also delivers favourable results in many aspects such as business and speech. Any planet remains active during its Maha Dasha (major period), Antar Dasha (sub period ) and Pratyantar Dasha(sub sub period) and if it receives a favorable transit, then fulfilling results come forward.

Time of Transit

Mercury had entered Cancer on 21st June 2019 and started going in retrograde motion on 8th July 2019. Resuming this motion itself, it will enter Gemini on 30th July 2019, Tuesday on 12:25 PM. After that, it will move in a direct motion on 1st August and enter Cancer again on 3rd August 2019, Saturday around 05:44 AM.

Let’s read its effects on all 12 zodiac signs and see what changes will it bring in the lives of their natives.

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

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For your sign, Mercury rules the third and sixth house, and will enter your third house itself in its retrogression. Third house is the house of speech, and tells about our younger siblings, short-distance trips, hard work, interests etc. There will be an increase in your valour and courage and your excitement will remain at its peak. You will take on new challenges bravely and tackle them. There will be a rise in your self-confidence and determination and you’ll motivate yourself and others to carry out good deeds. There may be a big but favorable change in the lives of your siblings at this time. Along with that, you can attain good news through communication sources. The career graph of your father will rise and he will get a good growth, although the health of your parents can remain dull. Also, your life partner can attain an achievement. If you’re a writer, then your writing will impress people and they’ll enjoy the touch of satire in it. Additionally, you’ll enjoy the whole process. During this time, new ideas will get exchanged and new friendships will form. Using mobile phone for a longer period can affect your eyes and ears. There are chances of some trips happening in this duration and expenses will increase. In case you’re stuck in legal matters, then it would be better to deal the situation with mutual reconciliation. In this duration, you’ll remain in your own world and won’t listen about what others think or speak. Your closed ones won’t like your behaviour and as a result, will create a deluded perspective towards you. It would be better to listen to others. You are advised not to pretend and to stop proving yourself the best among others. There can be delays in some work due to your negligence, but there won’t be any major loss. Hence, get rid of your laziness and work efficiently.

Remedy: Donate green vegetables and fresh fruits on Wednesday.


Planet Mercury governs the second and fifth house, and will move into the second house during its transit in your sign. This is known as the Dhana Bhava or the house of wealth, through which one can access the status of money accumulation. One can know about family, food, right eye, mouth, speech and primary education through Second house. This time brings with itself financial prosperity as you’ll be able to accumulate enough money successfully and as a result your financial state will strengthen. If you’re a student and still studying, then, there are strong chances of you attaining good results. You’ll become a choosy eater and would want to try new dishes. Your speech can become rude, which in turn can affect someone close to you, or even hurt them. Hence, try to control your speech. The health of your life partner will remain unstable. Also, you’ll be able to accumulate wealth through your education and skills. Taureans will be satisfied with their kids, and gain financial support from them as well.

During this period, you’ll remain busy in business related and financial matters, and show greater interest in maintaining the accounts and keeping track of monetary transactions. You’ll get a chance to chill and have fun with your friends. Also, you’ll spend on these outings/meetings as well. You can pursue a small-term course during this time, which will add another feather in your cap and enhance your personality. You’ll realize the responsibilities towards your family members and give more importance to their feelings. In return, you would want to be their center of attraction. You’ll be able to use the available resources properly, as it can bring you good benefits. Be aware of your health and do not let stress take over you. Actively participating in social activities can help you deal with stress.

Remedy: Gift something to your aunt (Chachi) or sister on a Wednesday which must contain a green coloured object such as bangles, suit, saree etc.


Mercury rules your sign and fourth house. In its retrogression motion, Mercury will transit in your sign only, i.e. in your first house, also known as the Lagna house. It represents our physical features, personality, nature, social image etc. Due to the transit of retrograde Mercury in your first house, its influence will be seen on you. As a result, you’ll become talkative and exaggerate things a lot. You’ll repeat one thing multiple times, which can make people around you irritated. You’ll check everything repeatedly, such as locking the house etc. Although it's not wrong, but don’t obsess over it. Your presence in the society will increase and health will improve. There can be troubles in the marital life due to the lack of understanding between you two. Peace will prevail in the family and members will consult each other over minor issues.

There will be an improvement in your speech and sources of communication, and you’ll actively take part in social activities. During this time, you’ll feel refreshed and energetic and enjoy even the smallest moments of life. You’ll love to joke around and lighten up the environment around you. People around you and friends will like this behaviour of yours and as a result, your friend circle will increase. You’ll focus on enhancing your abilities and competence and gain success. A passionate spark to attain the desired can be seen within you, which will motivate you to move towards your goal. Although there will be plenty of challenges, but believing in your abilities and efficiency is the key. You may become stubborn during this time, but make sure to see what is the cause.

Remedy: Wear good quality Panna or Emerald on the little finger on Wednesday.

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Mercury rules your third and twelfth house, and it will transit in your twelfth house. This is the house of expenditure and loss and signifies foreign connections, expenses, physical ailments, eye-related diseases, sleep disorders, intimate pleasure, hospital, business etc. During the course of this transit, you’ll be troubled with many chronic diseases. Hereby, remain cautious of your health and consult a doctor immediately when necessary. You can attain the chance of going abroad or on a long-distance trip with much efforts. During this period, there can be a change in your residence, however business related trips will prove to be favourable and pave the way for long-term benefits for you. Your wish of going abroad to earn money can come true or you can gain benefits by using foreign sources within the country. Also, overseas trade will also prove to be beneficial, but keep your expenses in control as your economic resources are likely to get used up in judicial matters, health issues and travelling.

There are chances of minor disputes with someone, and your siblings will feel good. Stop your habit of overthinking and talking with yourself. Maintain a balance within your life and remain alert towards your work. One thing to keep in mind is not to compromise on your honour and respect and avoid doing anything that can create such circumstances. Pay your taxes on time to avoid getting involved in any legal dispute. Try and spread your wings to feel the independence and attain direction in life. Learn to adjust through different phases and circumstances in life so as to grow and gain success.

Remedy: Offer Shudh Ghee (clarified butter) at a Shri Vishnu Temple and recite the Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam Path regularly.


Mercury will transit in your eleventh house, and rules both the eleventh and second house as well. Eleventh house tells about the fulfillment of ambitions, income, profits, elder siblings and relationship with them, senior officials etc. During the period of this transit, you’ll see an increase in your income and success in activities for economic gains. Any task stuck for a long period and for which you had put in efforts will get completed. As a result, you’ll feel happy and contented. Your social life will grow and you’ll meet new people. You’ll be benefited whenever you use your mind and logic. During this time, you may grow curious to learn something new. If you are a student, then this transit will prove to be favourable. There can be ups and downs in love related matters, but things won’t go down the south. Just try and control your habit of exaggerating and proving yourself superior. You may meet some new people.

There will be profits in business-related matters and planning related to business expansion will be executed. During this time, you’ll attain respect, money, reputation, friends and luck. You can buy a new gadget in this duration. Although, keep in mind that negligence in work can prove to be dangerous, hence remain disciplined to attain success. Using your self-conscience can lead to success and prosperity. Being overly emotional or practical, both can be harmful. Do not prepare a mindset before starting a new task, and research thoroughly.

Remedy: Worship Lord Vishnu with Shudh Ghee (clarified butter) and camphor or kapur.


Mercury rules in your first and tenth house, and will transit in your tenth house itself during its retrogression. Tenth house is the most powerful angular house in a kundli and known as the Karma bhava. Natives can explore about their business, actions and livelihood through this house. You’ll learn that overworking can lead to immense stress and how you must control it effectively in order to maintain the equilibrium. You’ll perform tremendously well within your workspace, but you need to rest as well. Your decisions will define your identity and people will applaud your work. Due to your visionary ideas and wisdom, your senior officials will also praise you. You must use your intellect to deal with issues in your personal life as well. You’ll be unable to give time to your family members, because of which they will remain upset with you. There will be chances of gains from foreign sources, and you may plan to visit overseas.

Try and share your good thoughts with people. Don’t become over-sensitive, as it can affect your decision-making abilities. You’ll get the chance to move forward in life. Believing in oneself should be your biggest strength. Try and choose the task which takes less time to accomplish.

Remedy: Chant the mantra: “ओम ब्रां ब्रीं ब्रौं सः बुधाय नमः। / oma brāṃ brīṃ brauṃ saḥ budhāya namaḥ।”


Mercury rules your ninth and twelfth house, and will transit in your ninth house respectively. This house or bhava is the house of luck and provides information about aspects like religion, identity, respect, long trips, pilgrimage, teacher or Guru etc. This house is also known as the Lakshmi Sthana(place) in a kundli. During this transit, luck will fully favour you, and you’ll come across opportunities to gain profits. Your respect and stature as well as social circle will increase. You’ll be praised by the influential people of the society, and there are chances of you gaining popularity. Although, this popularity can turn negative, which is why you must think before speaking or doing anything. You can get a chance to travel abroad. Going on a trip during this time can prove to be fruitful for you, and your siblings will also get benefitted.

Relations with your father will become sweeter and the reputation and prestige of your life partner will increase. You’ll become interested in writing. You can travel abroad for higher studies or to provide a boost to your business. During this period, you’ll encounter the chance to meet some of your old friends, and as a result you’ll be able to reminisce your old days. You can plan a trip with your family members or friends. Think well before using your communicative resources and do not misuse them, as it can affect your reputation. It would become important for you to help your siblings, as they may get involved in small disputes. Discussing with your parents or an elderly person regarding any decision can benefit you in the longer run. Do not procrastinate.

Remedy: Venerate Lord Vishnu and offer him sandalwood.


Mercury transits in its retrograde motion in your eighth house. It rules this as well as the eleventh house of the kundli. Eighth house depicts sudden activities, spiritualism, problems and major changes in life, conspiracy, research, and age. Due to the transit of retrograde Mercury, your mind will try to explore secret and hidden things which will also procure some of your financial resources. During this time, your father’s health may have adverse effects and there can be sudden chances of monetary gains. In this duration, you won’t like the change in your life partner’s behaviour. Also, relations with your in-laws can also get affected. As Mercury is the significator of skin, hence skin related diseases such as itching, ringworm, allergic rashes on the body can occur. Also, you may plan a business strategy secretly. It will be the appropriate time to discuss about your intimate relationships. Although the placement of Mercury in the eighth house isn't considered auspicious, but as Mercury is the benefactor of knowledge, hence its placement in the same can help you to attain profits in the field of mystery, research etc. In case you’re associated with a kind of profession where you need to be secretive, then you’ll attain success in such cases. Disputes related to life partner will arise, and you’ll have to remain patient when handling such situations. Also, people in business partnerships must remain careful as ideological differences between partners can affect your work. During this time, you’ll make several business plans and strategies, although you won't be able to execute them. Many of your relatives will remain jealous of you, as you move forward in life with your efforts. This can affect your professional life, hence remain alert.

Remedy: Donate fruits to Brahmins on Wednesday.


The governor of your zodiac sign’s seventh and tenth house, Mercury is transiting in your seventh house, which represents long-term partnerships, relations, life partner, marriage, import-export, business partnerships, etc. Within this duration, there will be chances of promotion, but there will be some obstacles in the way, which you have to deal with. Thee will be improvements in communication, and there can be deep conversations with the life partner. This transit will be favourable for your career. You must think before commenting anything socially, as it can hamper your image. During this time, your life partner may do such things which can hurt you, but try and maintain the streak of love within your relationship. Keep a track of what you speak to maintain a balance and attain favourable results. Your happy-go-lucky attitude will make you favourite amongst people, which is why they will approach you. You’ll gain success as well as profits in your endeavours. Try not to overthink and avoid any delays in work. There are chances of an increase in your expenditure, due to which your budget may get affected. There can be disputes within the family, hence it would be better to try and resolve them before it's too late. Observe patience and do not let anger get into your head. Your opponents may become more dominating, hence remain alert. You may have to suffer from minor health problems.

Remedy: Feed Gud or Jaggery to the cow (gow mata) and serve her.

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The ruler of your sixth and ninth house, Mercury will transit in your sixth house. This house signifies our opponents, competitiveness, our ability to struggle, competitive examinations, ailments human beings are prone to, debts, loans, and jobs etc. Mercury transit in the sixth house can lead to a win in court-related matters, but you’ll have to put in extra efforts as the planet is in retrograde motion. Fight for your rights within your workspace. Hereby, you’ll gain success in your endeavours. On the other hand, your expenses may possibly increase. During this time, the health of your spouse may get affected, and they can go overseas or abroad in case they are trying. As you’ll remain concerned about your health, you won’t eat any oily or fried food items in this duration. Some people who are close to you will feel jealous and will leave no stone unturned to bother you. Although they won’t succeed in doing much harm. During this time, you’ll observe the people who are close to you and remain highly concerned, but try and maintain a limit in order to keep them away from any botheration. You’ll face all the challenges bravely. There are chances of job-change, and in case you’re trying, you’ll succeed. Judicial verdicts are likely to be offered in your favour. There will be constant changes in your behaviour and health, hence remain alert. Control your emotions and do not share everything with everyone, as they can use it against you in the future.

Remedy: Offer Laddoo as a prasad to Lord Ganesha on Wednesday.


Mercury will get into your fifth house with this transit. This planet rules the fifth and eighth house. Fifth house represents education, life preferences, intellect, conscience, children and love relations and known as the Lakshmi Sthan in a kundli. With its effect, you’ll be interested in knowing about new things and there will be an improvement in your studies. Your knowledge will increase and you’ll prefer revising again and again. During this time, your income will also increase. You’ll come across new, innovative ideas to implement and gain benefits. You’ll get inclined towards extraordinary subjects such as astrology, shastras, writing etc. During this period, the health of your children will become better. You’ll become affectionate towards them and would love to spend time with them. People seeking out part-time jobs may get success. Also, you’ll study reasoning and aptitude related subjects and be able to answer the necessary questions with ease.

Also, you’ll try to find a new companion during this time. If you’re already in love, then you will use the tricks you know to keep your partner happy and satisfied. On the hindsight, you will undertake measures to prove yourself best. Your fight will not be with anyone but yourself, although due to this, there are chances that the ego within yourself increases. Hence, remain cautious. If you’re a student, then you may gain mixed results. However, there are chances of success in exams. You need to remain alert in your business, as you may take certain regretful steps which may prove to be harmful for your business.

Remedy: Carry a green-colored handkerchief.


Mercury rules your fourth and seventh house and will enter the fourth house when in moves in the retrograde motion. Fourth house states about leisure, comforts and immovable and movable property. During the course of this transit, your desire for comforts and luxurious life will increase, and you’ll undertake every possible measure to attain that. You’ll remain busy in your family life and give appropriate time to them when needed. With your involvement in the family, you’ll become the favourite of your family members. Also, you may think of buying a new house or vehicle. Your domestic life will remain balanced, and happiness will prevail. In case your life partner is working, then she/he will regain a new identity within her/his workspace. Your marital life will become blissful. During this time, you’ll take some commendable decisions, thanks to your know-how; and its fruits will be reaped in your professional life. You’ll be able to increase your working capacity. You’ll attain benefits in your business partnerships and your mother’s health will also improve.

This is the time for you to think about improving your financial, mental and social state in the upcoming future. You’ll grow mentally, although you have to take care of matters related to money and finances. This transit of retrograde Mercury will make you very sensitive and you will try to fulfill your responsibilities well. Remain alert within your workspace and show much-needed dedication.

Remedy: On a Wednesday, feed Sabut Moong pulse (300 gms. approx.) to a cow.

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