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Sun Transit in Cancer - 17 July 2019

In astrology, Sun is known to be the benefactor of Government services and respect. Its benefic placement in one’s kundli provides him/her with success in the political world. Known to be the significator of the soul, one becomes oriented towards attaining enlightenment if Sun gets positively placed in one’s birth chart. On the other hand, negative effects of Sun can lead to a decrease in respect and self-confidence, disputes with father and eye related diseases. Remedies must be observed to strengthen the placement and influence of Sun. For this, donation of items which are related to Sun in Sun’s Hora and under its nakshatras (Krittika, Uttara Phalguni and Uttarashada) should be done to gain benefits.

Sun Transit in Cancer

Sun Remedies

Several ways have been described in Vedic astrology to pacify the Sun. Among these remedies, chanting Vedic, Tantric and Beej Mantras of the Sun is considered important. These mantras given below can be chanted to make Sun stronger in one’s kundli.

Vedic Mantra for Sun

“ॐ आ कृष्णेन रजसा वर्तमानो निवेशयन्नमृतं मर्त्यं च।
हिरण्ययेन सविता रथेना देवो याति भुवनानि पश्यन्।।”

“oṃ ā kṛṣṇena rajasā vartamāno niveśayannamṛtaṃ martyaṃ ca।
hiraṇyayena savitā rathenā devo yāti bhuvanāni paśyan।।”

Tantric Mantra for Sun

“ॐ घृणि सूर्याय नमः”

“oṃ ghṛṇi sūryāya namaḥ”

Surya Beej Mantra

“ॐ ह्रां ह्रीं ह्रौं सः सूर्याय नमः”

“oṃ hrāṃ hrīṃ hrauṃ saḥ sūryāya namaḥ”

Time of Sun Transit

Sun will transit on Wednesday, 17th July 2019, around 04:23 AM in the morning from Gemini to Cancer and will remain there till 12:47 PM on 17 August 2019, Saturday. Its effects will be seen on all the twelve signs, although Cancer will be majorly affected. Let’s read the predictions and find out how this transit will change the lives of various natives.

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The Sun is transiting in your fourth sign, which is the house of comforts and happiness. It represents your mother, pleasure, and house construction. During this period, you need to take care of your parents’ health, as they are likely to remain unstable physically. There is a probability of you being mentally stressed due to any dispute in family life. Although you’ll try to resolve the problem with your wit and understanding, but in this process, you may also try to dominate your family members. This kind of behaviour can deepen the issue, which is why you must avoid it at any cost. Marital life will be good, and your life partner will be kind to you. Working professionals may gain profits in their workspace. You’ll gain benefits from government related works.

Remedy: Recite and hear the Harivansh Puran.


The Sun is transiting in your third house, which will lead to an increase in your courage and valour. During this time, you’ll try to focus your energy into accomplishing any assigned task. Also, your positivity will help you attain desired results within the workspace. You’ll dominate your opponents and win over them with your logical reasoning skills. Natives of this sign may have to go on a short-distance trip related to business. During this period of transit, there can be a decline in the health of your parents. Also, some difficulties can arise within your family life due to conflicts with your siblings. In such situations, keep your anger in control. You’ll shine in your social life and can meet new people, who will prove to be helpful in the near future. With the effect of this transit, your spouse will gain success in his/her workspace.

Remedy: Donate items made of Copper to the Pandits on Sunday.


Second house in astrology is known to be the representative of your speech and monetary resources. The Sun is transiting in this house only, due to which your speech may become bitter and rude. You may upset some people with your harsh words. If you wish to reconcile with your family, then you have to improve your speech. Your life partner will succeed in understanding your mind and eliminating several problems in your life. You may gain profits from the government sector. Also, you’ll become financially strong. This is the time when you’ll succeed in accumulating enough wealth. You should take care of your health during this time as you can suffer from eye-related diseases. In order to avoid such situations, wash your eyes five times in a day.

Remedy: Respect and serve your father and offer red flowers to the Lord Sun.

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Sun will get posited in your Lagna or First house, which is ruled by Aries zodiac sign as per Kaal Purush Kundli. This house tells about oneself, health, behaviour and personality. With Sun transiting in this house of yours, you may have to suffer from health-related disorders. Do not eat anything you’re allergic to. With Sun transiting in your sign, there can be an increase in your ego and bitterness in your speech. There can be disputes within your family owing to your behaviour. Additionally, your spouse may have to suffer the most. You are advised to give importance to your partner's suggestions and not to overlook their feelings. Students must gather around with their friends and start discussions over a new topic. Working natives will work towards improving their shortcomings.

Remedy: Chant the mantra “ॐ घृणि सूर्याय नमः।। / oṃ ghṛṇi sūryāya namaḥ।।”.


Sun will make its transit in your twelfth house, which is the house of expenditure. With Sun entering this house, you have to remain cautious with matters related to money. Avoid loaning someone your money if you do not trust that person or have no faith in him/her. This transit will procure adverse effects on your health. Hence, do Yoga and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Doing Pranayama regularly will prove to be beneficial for you. Do not oversee even the smallest issue and visit a doctor if necessary. Some natives of this sign can think of moving abroad permanently and residing there. You’ll be able to get out of difficult situations owing to your hard work. Your expenses can increase during this time. Student natives are required to maintain a positive attitude in their academic life.

Remedy: Wear Bel Mool on your wrist on Sunday.


Eleventh house, in which Sun is transiting, is said to be governed by Aquarius zodiac sign as per Kaal Purush Kundli. It represents profits, income and relationship with elder siblings. People who carry out overseas trade and business can attain special benefits during this period. Your opponents won’t be able to stand in front of you, thanks to your magnificence and intellect. Working natives will attain good results within their workspace. Your seniors will remain happy and impressed with your work, but keep in mind not to upset them with your bad behaviour or attitude. Your ego can add bitterness to your relationship, hence don’t let it overpower yourself. Pay attention to your child’s budding personality if they are still young and try to keep them away from bad company.

Remedy: Donate a red-coloured cloth on Sunday.


The transit of Sun in your tenth house of Karma or actions will prove to be auspicious for you. Your work speed will increase tremendously. Also, you’ll accomplish any assigned task with full creativity. There are chances of promotion within your workspace. Also, you seniors may appreciate your work owing to your commendable performance. You’ll gain benefits from government schemes. However, several issues within the family life can arise. There is a possibility of dispute among family members due to any issue. Throughout this situation, your elder siblings will fully support you and their advice and suggestions will help you take the best decision. Someone from your in-laws may suffer from health issues, which will directly impact your spouse, if married. In such a case, respect their feelings and try and cheer them up.

Remedy: Feed wheat and gram (chana) to a bull on Sunday.


Ninth house of Scorpio zodiac sign will be housed by Sun during its transitory motion. This house is ruled by Sagittarius sign as per Kaal Purush Kundli and represents religion or Dharma. This transitory movement will prove to be favourable for Scorpio natives. During this period, you’ll feel an inclination towards religious activities. You can go on a long-distance journey, which can benefit you as well. Donating things and doing charity work will prove to be beneficial for you in this duration. This will give you a sense of calmness and composure. Also, you’ll be able to perform well within your social life. Your way of speaking will fetch you mass popularity and fame, and your reputation in society will also increase. Family life will remain normal but you must take care of your father. There are chances of disagreements with siblings but it won’t create any distance between you and them. Many natives of this sign can change their jobs. Take out time and plan a trip to a hill-station, as it will rejuvenate you internally.

Remedy: Offer a mixture of water and vermillion or kumkum from a copper vessel to Sun everyday.


Sun is transiting in your eighth house. With its effect, your financial aspect can weaken, which is why, take precautions before engaging in any transaction. If you are thinking about investing your money, then consult an experienced person. You may suffer from mental stress due to a decline in your health. Go out for a walk both in the morning and evening in order to freshen up or do Yoga at home. There are chances of tiffs with your father, and his health can suffer. Keeping your differences aside, you must take care of your father. Try and keep a hold of what you speak, as going with the flow can make you regret later. Student natives need to take care of their studies as well as health. As the proverb goes, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body, therefore maintain a balanced lifestyle and remain fit.

Remedy: Recite the Aditya Hridya Strotram.

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With Sun moving from Gemini to Cancer, it will get posited in the seventh house of your zodiac sign. Seventh house represents all kinds of partnerships in life. As a result, there can be problems in family life. Rudeness in your speech can cause a turmoil within the house, hence try and control your speech and speak only if there is any necessity. This transit can give rise to health-related problems, thereby take good care and mentor your eating habits. Don’t procrastinate and visit a doctor if things go awry. This period in indicating favourable results for student natives. They will be able to focus on their studies and teachers will guide them. In case there was any stressful situation lingering within your workspace, then it will become normal during this transit.

Remedy: Donate copper-made items on Sunday.


Sun is transiting in your sixth house, which is also the house of enemies. With this transit, you’ll completely dominate your opponents and be able to shut them with your logical comebacks. However, avoid speaking harshly to anyone, as you can feel bad afterwards because of it. Students who have recently appeared in competitive exams can gain desired results. Precautions must be undertaken in case of judicial matters. Although your marital life will remain good, but you may remain stressed due to deterioration in your spouse's health. During this period, businessmen are required to keep an eye on their partners, as loss due to them is likely to occur. Working natives will attain success in their workspace.

Remedy: Donate Jaggery and Gram on Sunday.


With Sun transiting the fifth house of your zodiac sign, you may have to face challenges in your professional life. In Kaal Purush Kundli, this house is governed by Leo zodiac sign and represents knowledge and progeny. Hence, there are chances of disputes rising within your workspace, which is why you must remain cautious. You may get into arguments or disagreements with your beloved, but remaining calm is the ultimate key to avoid such complications and improve the situation. However, your relationship can turn sour if you let your anger dominate you. Students can become irritable, and due to this, they won’t be able to concentrate on their studies. Take the aid of yoga and meditation to improve your concentration power. You’ll remain socially active and take part in political activities.

Remedy: Chant the Surya Beej mantra ‘ॐ ह्रां ह्रीं ह्रौं सः सूर्याय नमः।। / oṃ hrāṃ hrīṃ hrauṃ saḥ sūryāya namaḥ।। /”.

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