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Mars Transit in Gemini (14th April 2021)

Mars, also known as the commander-in-chief of the celestial cabinet will move from the pragmatic sign of Taurus to the more curious and youthful moon sign of Gemini on 14th April 2021 @ 01:16am and will continue to reside in this sign till 02nd June 2021, @ 06:39am.

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Mars Transit in Gemini

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Let’s see what are the effects that it is likely to bring on zodiac signs.


For the Aries Moon sign, Mars governs the first house of personality, self and the sixth house of competition, determination and enemies. During the movement of Mars from the moon sign Taurus to the Moon sign Gemini, it will transit through the third house of courage, siblings, communication and journeys.

This transit will bring about positive developments and achievements for the natives born under the sign of the Ram. You will be willing to undertake tasks and work that will require lots of courage and determination. You will be filled with youthful energy and grit that will help you accomplish the pending tasks and initiate new ventures with ease. The aspect of Mars on the tenth house of your horoscope will make you more organised and practical at your workplace, leading to recognition and appreciation from higher management. Those looking for new jobs and professions are likely to find one in their desired fields. This is also a good time for businessmen to start new ventures and endeavors. However, you are advised to stay away from heated arguments and conflicts at the workplace, as it may distract you from your main achievements.

Also, do not take more than you can handle or promise anything that you cannot deliver, otherwise, you may stand a chance for your image to get besmirched. Personally, problems or conflicts with the siblings will be sorted out during this transit. This position of Mars is also a good time to convey your feelings to the person you like, as there are very high chances of a positive response. Healthwise, also, this transit will bestow you with great vitality and resilient power to get relief from any previous ailment or disease. However, still remain cautious while driving, as accidents and injuries can be foreseen for many.

Overall, a transit that is filled with great possibilities, but be patient and avoid any hasty decisions.

Remedy- Recite Mars Mantra daily during the Mars hora.


Taurus natives will host Mars in their second house of savings, communication, speech and family. This transit of Mars will bring about certain monetary benefits for the taurus natives as they are likely to earn good financial returns on the investments made previously. Professionals might get their long due promotion or increment during this period. Business indulging in import- export or with any foreign contacts will get a lot of benefits during this transit of Mars from Taurus to Gemini. However, there can be unplanned expenditures, so, maintaining proper planning regarding your finances and budget is absolutely necessary. However, as Mars is having an aspect on your fifth house which can sometimes make you rigid and reluctant towards change, thus harming your prospects to growth. So, be more flexible and adaptable towards changes, this will help you get the better prospects and results from this transit. Also, be tactful and diplomatic while dealing with your seniors as sometimes you can be straightforward and critical in an approach that may not go down well with them.

In terms of personal life, spending quality time with your spouse and providing them with your adequate support is very essential, as there are very high chances that their health may remain fragile during this period. Also, keep a check on your words while you speak, be careful of making any joke or satire about anybody especially your family member, otherwise, you may stand a chance of hurting them unintentionally.

As Mars is also having an aspect on the fifth house related to progeny, children, this indicates that instead of forcing them to do things, setting an example in front of them will prove to be beneficial for them. It will also help you to establish cordial relationships with them.

Remedy- Worship Lord Kartikeya daily in the morning.


Mars governs the sixth house of obstacles, diseases and competition and eleventh house of profits for the Gemini moon sign, and will be transiting through their first house during its movement from the Moon sign Taurus to moon sign Gemini. This transit of Mars will bring mixed and interesting results for the natives born under the sign of the Twins.

The first and foremost thing that Gemini natives have to be careful of is that they can develop a tendency to control and fast expectations of results during this transit. And when the results do not come up as per their expectations, it can result in aggression and frustration, which can create difficulties both in the professional and personal arena. They can get overcritical and have an authoritarian attitude towards their subordinates which can create problems in getting proper support and cooperation from them. Gemini natives have to understand that their main strength is getting things done through analysis, observation and communication, not through will power or force.

In terms of personal life also, as Mars is directly aspecting your seventh house, which indicates some temperamental differences, ups and downs on the marital front for the Gemini natives. Trivial matters would escalate without any proper reasoning, leading to unnecessary conflicts and clashes between you and your beloved. So, be patient and maintain your calm while dealing with your life partner.

Healthwise, aggression, agitation can lead to severe problems like inflammation, headaches, problems related to blood pressure etc. So, try and channelise the Mars energy in proper direction by indulging in physical activities and sports etc.. This will help you to channelise your energy in a positive direction, leading to positive development in health and emotional well being.

Remedy- Donate copper on Tuesdays.


The students born under the sign of the crab looking to pursue higher education or studies abroad are likely to get positive news or auspicious news during this transit of Mars from Taurus to gemini. However, expenditures will increase manifold during this period, so maintaining proper balance between your income and expenses will be of paramount importance during this period. Professionally, those individuals working in MNCs or in organisations based in foreign are likely to receive beneficial results or progress during this transit. Businessmen indulging in import export or in business related to foreign, may benefit or achieve profit from this transit. However, you are advised to keep a check on your reactions, and do not indulge in any office conflicts during this period, as that may result in disturbed peace of mind and low productivity in office. Also, undertake journeys or travels related to profession or business, only if necessary, otherwise, they would lead to unnecessary expenditure and losses.

Mars is also having a malefic aspect on your third house of siblings, which indicates that your siblings may face some problems and ups and downs in their career or other aspects of life during this time period. So, spend quality time with them, and provide them with your adequate support throughout this period. As Mars is positioned sixth from the 7th house of spouse and marital relations, which indicates that health of your spouse may also remain fragile and weak during this period, so, taking care of them and providing them with proper love and affection is of paramount importance.

Healthwise, also, some problems like restlessness and anxiety can grip you during this transit which can also result in problems like insomnia etc. So, stay away from aggression, stress and inculcate yoga, meditation and physical exercise in your daily routine will help bring positive effects on your health and wellbeing.

Remedy- Wear a good quality Red Coral crafted in copper or gold on Tuesday will bring you beneficial results.

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Mars is a “Yoga Karaka'' planet for the leo natives and during its movement from the Moon sign of Taurus into Gemini, it will transit through their eleventh house, also known as the “Laabh bhava”, in vedic astrology. This is likely to produce favorable and beneficial results for the leo natives.

Professionally, you will be able to execute each and every endeavor that you undertake with high proficiency and diligence, resulting in gaining appreciation and recognition for your efforts. As Mars is also having an exalted aspect on your sixth house, which indicates that you will be able to surpass obstacles and overcome your enemies with ease during this period. Those looking for promotions or transfers to their favorite positions are likely to get one during this period. Those of you looking for opportunities to change in profession will get auspicious news during this transit. The tasks that were lingering on for some time will get completed without any more delays.

Businessmen will also be more proactive in their strategies during this period, which will help them register substantial amounts of gains and profits. Those running their business in the form of partnerships or are in family business are likely to succeed in this duration.

Personally, support and affection from older siblings would be there, they are also likely to succeed in their respective fields and professions. Some new and auspicious developments regarding home are also foreseen for many. Your respect in the society is likely to increase, your relationships with old friends will become more stronger abd you are likely to make new friends during this period,

Financially, previous investments are likely to yield substantial profits, some income from commission can also be seen. It is a good time to prepare long term strategies regarding finance.Litigation and court matters are also likely to go in your favor during this tenure.

Healthwise, vitality and enthusiasm are likely to remain high, that will help you to recover from old illness during this transit.

Remedy- Offer prayers to Lord Hanuman on Tuesdays and Saturdays in order to get auspicious results.

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Virgo natives will host Mars in their tenth house of career and profession, which is likely to provide auspicious and beneficial results for them. Mars governs the third house of efforts, communication, siblings, short journeys and the eighth house of transformation, changes and deep thinking, will be in its” digbala” or directional strength. This indicates that professionally you will be charged up , ambitious and will have a go getter attitude, that will provide a necessary impetus for your growth in your profession. You can be delegated new roles and responsibilities during this period. Your recognition and stature is likely to increase during this transit. Employed people may get new opportunities and business personnel are likely to get a necessary platform to expand and increase their business. Support from government and government officials could also help you in your business or profession. However, sometimes this transit of Mars can make you restless and impatient about results, which can easily turn into aggression resulting in you ruining the accomplishments already achieved. So, try and work on this tendency of yours.

Due to professional commitments during this period, you may not be able to give adequate time to your family and spouse, which can create some disturbances in the family atmosphere. So, keeping a balance between family and work is of paramount importance during this transit. Also, as eighth lord Mars is in the tenth house that denotes father, so, keep a check on your father’s health, as his health may remain fragile and weak during this period.

Health wise, also things are looking great, just in order to consume the energy that this period provides, indulge in any kind of physical exercise, even a simple walk of 30 minutes will be enough. This will help you to channelise the aggressive energy in the right direction.

Remedy- Meditate and contemplate on the Mars Yantra on Tuesdays.


For Libra Moon sign, Mars governs the second house of family, accumulated wealth and seventh house of marital relations, business partnerships and vocations. During its movement from the Taurus moon sign to Gemini moon sign, it will transit through your ninth house of fortune, luck and spirituality.

During this period, the lord of the Money house Mars will be positioned in your ninth house of fortune, which is eighth from itself, which indicates that you may have to spend your savings on the health and wellbeing of your family member. This also indicates that you may have to travel or undertake a journey during this period, which may not produce desired results and result in unwanted stress and fatigue. Also, some of you may get transferred to the positions which may not be as per your potential or liking. For business personnel, not a suitable time to make any new investment, if necessary, then do it after taking the advice of experts and the persons whom you trust. Some arguments with seniors and mentors are on the cards, however, it is advised to tread this period cautiously and with patience and do not indulge in any arguments or conflicts.

Some difference of opinion with the father is likely to hamper the domestic environment, so maintain your decorum while communicating with him. However, benefits and profits from the spouse are likely to be there during this transit. They may get their due promotion or increment in their job or business resulting in increasing your luxuries and comforts as well. This position of Mars also indicates that you may act a little stubborn or rigid regarding your religious beliefs and opinions, which might result in conflicts or arguments with other people. So, be flexible in your attitude and try to listen to others' opinion before giving any reaction otherwise, your image in society is likely to deteriorate because of this.

In terms of students, definitely this period will bring good news for the students seeking universities abroad for higher education and studies, as they are likely to find as per their liking. Healthwise, do not lift too much heavy weights during this period, as the thighs, shoulder and back region could get affected during this transit.

Remedy- Recite Mars Mantra daily during the Mars hora.

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Scorpio natives will find it tough to get going and will find recurrent obstacles in their path as their ascendant lord Mars will transiting through their eighth house during its current movement from Taurus Moon sign to Gemini moon sign. You may face some unprecedented or fast changes during this period, for which you were not prepared earlier, that may provide you with anxiety and nervousness leading to many physical problems also. Because of this, you may face some problems related to stomach, skin and hormones. So, try and pay proper attention to your health, take rest and stay away from any kind of stress. However, it is a great time to shed or leave the habits that are not serving you well in terms of health.

Professionally, this is a time where due to recurrent obstacles or hurdles, you may lose confidence in your abilities and may be prone to negative thinking, which may further aggravate the problems in your profession. This may also push you towards procrastinating things or quitting things in between, leading to decreased productivity and efficiency at the workplace. So, it is advised to you to stay calm, do not take decisions in haste and have faith in your potentials, as it is a temporary phase and things will get better soon.

As Mars is directly aspecting the second house of family, speech and wealth, sometimes your words can hurt others unintentionally, so be careful with your choice of words while conversing with your family members. However, some benefits or profits from ancestral property or from the in laws side can be foreseen for many of the natives. This period may also spark your interest in occult and other such esoteric sciences, but make sure you are not indulging in them or using them to find quick fix solutions, otherwise you may be in for losses.

For students indulging in research work or higher studies, this transit may provide beneficial results.

Remedy- Wear a good quality red coral 5-6c cts. crafted in gold or copper in your right hand ring finger on Tuesday.

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For the Sagittarius Moon sign, Mars governs the fifth house of intellect, progeny and twelfth house of foreign connections. It will transit through their seventh house during its current movement from the Taurus Moon sign to Gemini moon sign. This transit will provide mixed and interesting results for the natives born under the sign of Archer. This transit will be very favorable for parents who want their children to study abroad. This transit may see their dreams or desires getting fulfilled. It will also provide profits and gains for the business personnel who have partnerships or financial interests abroad. As Mars is directly aspecting the tenth house of profession, professionals belonging to the sign of archer may expect promotion or financial increment at the workplace. This transit will also help you in terms of saving money, thus improving your savings and accumulated wealth. However, some temperamental differences or ups and downs in personal life are indicated . So, talk through them, try and understand why your life partner is upset, this will help you amicably sort the differences creeping in your relationships. Taking them out to hill stations or their favorite spot can also help strengthen the relationships between you and your beloved.

Remedy- Read or recite Stories about Lord Narsimha will provide you with auspicious results.


Mars transiting through the sixth house of obstacles, challenges, determination and enemies will have an exalted aspect on your ascendant resulting in you being enthusiastic and energetic in all the endeavors that you undertake. This will help you in accomplishing great tasks and results during this period.

Success in legal matters, competitive exams cab be foreseen for many of the natives born under the sign of the fish goat. Professionally, enemies may try to bring you down, but your competitive spirit and will power will help you overcome them with ease. You will be organised, structured in your office work during this transit and your hard work and efforts will not go unnoticed in this duration. Those looking for a raise in salary or status are likely to get desired results during this transit. Those looking for new jobs are likely to come across many opportunities during the stay of Mars in your sixth house.

Businessmen looking to seek help from financial institutions and banks for loans to expand their business are likely to get positive news regarding the same. However, stay away from any kind of conflicts and arguments during this period.

In terms of personal life, benefits to father are foreseen during this period, which will be a source of happiness and joy in the family. You need to spend some quality time and provide full support to your partner as their health may remain weak or fragile during this transit.

In terms of health, the presence of Mars in this house will help you fight against the onset of new diseases and recover from the old ones. But, still you need to avoid fried and spicy stuff, otherwise, you may suffer from abdomen problems during this period. Also, indulging in physical activity or activity that involves sweating is a must during this transit, if you are driving then drive carefully during this transit.

Overall, a promising transit that has favorable results in store for you, just do not take any decisions in haste.

Remedy- Donate Jaggery on Tuesdays.


Aquarius natives will see Mars transiting through their fifth house during its current cycle, which will provide them with interesting results. Professionally, Mars being your tenth house lord of profession and career moving through your fifth house of intellect is going to provide you with excellent execution abilities. You will be able to implement each and every idea of yours proficiently which will hold you in high stead among your colleagues as well as seniors. However, some of you may get unexpected transfers during this transit, which may create some jitters and anxiety pangs. But, do not stress as this will be for your betterment and you are going to realise the positive results later on. Those looking to convert their hobbies into professions are likely to get the right platform and exposure to showcase their skills during this transit. Sportsmen will also be able to deliver to their best of abilities during this movement of Mars from the Taurus Moon sign to Gemini moon sign. However, when it comes to accepting your mistakes and seeking others approval, you are going to act rigid and stubborn , which is going to create some difficulties for you in the professional sphere. So, be more receptive towards your criticism and respect others' opinion, as this will only help you to find creative solutions to the problems that you are facing.

In terms of personal life, this position of the Mars in fifth house will help you convey or express your feelings freely to the person you love, helping you in strengthening the relationships and creating a strong bond between you two. However, married individuals might become irritated or annoyed with their spouse and children even at the behest of small issues, which is going to disrupt the home environment. So, try and remain calm and patient. However, your spouse may earn a good amount of profit and gains during this period and your siblings may also benefit from this transit.

In terms of health, you are likely to face problems related to gastric issues and acidity during this transit of Mars, So, it is advised to keep a check on your food habits and keep wavy from eating junk and fried food in this period.

Remedy- Worship Lord Kaal Bhairav during this transit to get beneficial results.


Mars will transit through the fourth house for the Pisces natives during its current movement from the Taurus Moon sign to the Gemini Moon sign. Mars governs the second house of family, wealth and speech and ninth house of fortune and luck. This indicates that it is going to be a significant transit for the natives born under the sign of the fish. As fourth house rules property and real estate, this transit is going to push forward the activities related to real estate like renovation, buying and selling of property, which have been pending for a long time. However, as Mars is a malefic planet, be careful with all your paperwork and documents, as any carelessness in this matter can make you incur losses.

In terms of professional life, as Mars is sitting opposite from its digbala or strongest position in the 10th house, which indicates that you may have to put in more effort than usual to increase your efficiency and productivity during this transit. Some of you may have to go for unwanted transfers or journeys during this transit which may result in fatigue and stress. This may also result in unwanted quarrels and clashes at your workplace. So, try to maintain your calm and composure.

The presence of malefic Mars in your fourth house that also depicts mother indicates a decline in the health of mother. So take care of her and give her proper attention during the period. As fourth house also indicates childhood, so some past issues could come on surface, which might make you sensitive and annoyed. This could also lead to having differences and clashes with the family member, so, calm yourself before quarrelling as it can further enhance the negative effects. The aspect of malefic Mars on your seventh house that denotes marital happiness also indicates that some ego clashes or differences with your spouse are likely to be there. So, be open in communication and clear all misunderstandings.

Healthwise, individuals who have a previous history of hypertension, heart and blood related diseases, need to stay away from stress and aggression and take proper sleep and rest during this transit. Otherwise, you can face some major problems later on.

Remedy- Recite “Hanumanashtak” in praise of Lord Hanuman on Tuesdays.

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