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Impact Of Mars Transit in Taurus On February 22, 2021

After residing in the sign of action, initiation and passion for quite a long period of time, Mars will move into a pragmatic sign of Taurus, which is the sign known for organising and structuring things with proficiency, on February 22 @ 05:02 am.

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Mars represents courage, will power, passion, determination, power, gut feeling and it’s transiting in the sign of strategy, which indicates that it is a good time to formulate strategies and build a strong foundation for the things initiated during the last transit. This is also a very good time to indulge in any kind of physical activities because enthusiasm, energy and determination will be at its peak during this time of the year.

Mars represents changes, so let’s see what are the changes that Mars will bring for all the zodiac signs-

The Predictions In This Article Are Based On Moon Signs. Know Yours Here: Moon Sign Calculator

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Mars Transit in Taurus


For the Aries Moon sign, Mars governs the lordship of the ascendant house of personality and the eighth house of transformation and changes and will be transiting through your second house of family, speech and accumulated wealth. As Mars is a dry planet fierce in nature transiting your second house of speech which indicates that choosing your words wisely before speaking can help you ward off unnecessary arguments and clashes, both in your personal and professional arena.

This position of Mars also indicates that the health of your mother can also be a cause of worry and anxiety for you. So, try and take care of her and do not let her take any kind of stress during this period. Also, delaying property related matters be it sale, purchase or construction of property till the presence of Mars in this house. Otherwise, you can find yourself amid unnecessary stress and chaos.

Professionally, this period will help you to utilise your resources properly, increasing your productivity and helping you finish pending projects. You will be involved with a lot of money-making projects during this current cycle of Mars. However, you can be a little inflexible during this time of the year, working on it can bring you better results during this transit. However, as Mars is a planet that likes to show off, you might indulge in some purchases to show your worth to others. This can result in impulsive buying resulting in over expenditure. You are also advised to stay away from taking any kind of loan or credit during this period.

Personally, single natives are advised to speak out their heartfelt feelings to their crush, which will help them to start a new relationship. Married individuals will also get full support from their spouse and in-laws. Students are also likely to perform exceedingly well in their studies during this period. However, your siblings might turn hostile towards you during this transit, but you are advised to stay calm and patient while dealing with them.

Remedy- Wear good quality Red coral crafted in silver or copper during this period to enhance the results of Mars.


Taurus natives will host Mars in their ascendant or first house which represents personality, traits, character, name and fame in the society. This transit will be a very good transit that will make you strong, assertive and hold your ground confidently more than usual during this transit. You will be filled with energy, enthusiasm and determination that will help you to execute your plans effectively during this period.

Your competitive spirit will help you to easily overcome your contemporaries or enemies during this period. This will all lead to professional growth and increment in the current organization that you are working for. You can also get an opportunity to work for some other organisation with higher perks salary during this transit. Those involved in business partnerships are also likely to register gains and profits during this duration. To gain better results, you should sit down with your partner and amicably discuss the responsibilities and profit sharing, as you both are working to achieve a common goal.

Profits and gains from the sale and purchase of a property can be foreseen for many of the natives born under this sign. But Mars is also the 12th house lord of expenditure which indicates that you might indulge in over expenditure or unnecessary purchases or material possessions. So, keeping a tab on your expenses is of paramount importance. As Mars is also lord of the property and is transiting in the earth sign, this indicates that this period is highly favourable for investing in land or property matters. But, taking the advice from the experts of the field before making any decision will help you get better deals and profits.

In terms of personal life, things are looking fine, but sometimes you can be a little pushy and dominating in this period, which can make things a little difficult. So, working on this tendency will help you get better results.

Healthwise, overall vitality is likely to increase during this duration, but avoid rash driving as injuries to the head and face can be foreseen for many.

Remedy - Worship Lord Kartikeya daily in the morning.


Mars governs the sixth house of enemies and eleventh house of gains for the Gemini moon sign and will be transiting through the twelfth house of your horoscope. This will be favourable for the individuals looking to travel abroad or are already working in foreign organizations, as they are likely to desired outcomes during this transit of Mars. Also, elder siblings of some of the natives are also likely to see an increase in their wealth and belongings in this time duration.

Healthwise, being the sixth house lord of diseases present in the twelfth house indicates that you might face some problems related to insomnia etc. which can have negative effects on your overall health during this period. So, try, relax and take proper sleep during this period.

Personally, Mars directly being the owner of malefic houses for Gemini natives having a direct aspect on the seventh house indicates clashes and disputes with your spouse or beloved during this duration. Some past issues could also come up related to the past, which can further aggravate the negative results in your personal life. So, avoid taking any decision in a hurry and avoid aggression while dealing with your spouse. Though, younger siblings will be there for you with all their support and cooperation.

Professionally, this is not a good time to invest in new things, rather a feasible time to learn from the previous experiences and mistakes and laying down the strategy for upcoming beneficial periods. Though your competitive spirit will remain high during this transit, but avoid direct confrontation with your enemies or contemporaries.

Students preparing for competitive exams are likely to garner good results during this cycle of Mars.

Remedy- Worship Goddess Durga and offer red flowers to her.

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For the Cancer Moon sign, Mars is a Yogakarak planet as it governs the fifth house of intellect and tenth house of action of your horoscope and will be transiting through your eleventh house that represents gains of all kinds. This indicates that this transit is going to bring auspicious results for the natives born under the sign of the crab.

During this period, you will clear in your thought process and ideas about what you want to achieve during this period. As a result, you will have more energy than usual which will help you to be more organised in your endeavours leading to professional growth and financial security. You will work cooperatively with others in order to accomplish goals at your workplace rather than walking on the path of success alone. This will help you garner a good image among your subordinates and seniors.

Businessmen are also likely to get major business projects and a sudden influx of cash in their business holdings during this transit. Undertaking Journeys are also likely to prove highly advantageous and profitable in this duration. Those actively involved in sports, games, and or are participating in other competitive activities are likely to get good success during this transit.

Personally, a good period for love and romance as many of the natives are likely to witness an influx of fresh energy and passion in their relationships. But sometimes, your ego to dominate others can ruin the results achieved during this transit. So, try to work on this weakness of yours to achieve good results. Benefits and good results from spouse, friends and children are indicated for many of the Cancer individuals.

Healthwise, things are likely to remain stable during this transit of Mars.

Remedy- Recite Bajrang Baan regularly to get more benefits from this transit.


The sign that represents loyalty Leo will host Mars in their tenth house of action, career and profession. As Mars is a “Yogakaraka” planet for this sign, will be in its directional strength or “digbali ” position during this time which is likely to bring growth in all areas of your life. You are likely to be more confident, courageous and ambitious in your nature and are more likely to achieve your desired results this time than any part of the year. So, this is a favorable time period to start your own business or become self-employed, if your dasha pattern is also showing the same as per your horoscope.

You are also likely to get favorable opportunities related to your professional field or activity. Your financial prosperity will also improve during this period. But, however, this transit will enhance your desire to get appreciation or recognition for your accomplishments. You will be having a desire that others notice you during this period. Sometimes, it is good and helps you push the limits, but the maximum time it results in aggression, hastiness and wastage of energy on achieving small things rather than investing your time on big projects. So, focus more on your work and the rest will be taken care of. Some conflicts with the people in higher authority are also possible now.

Personally, some of the natives are likely to get outcomes in matters related to property and real estate. Progress in your personal matters is also indicated during this transit, as any previous matter related to marital life is likely to get settled in this duration. Betterment in studies is also indicated for the students born under this sign. Overall, a good transit, but avoid hastiness and aggression.

Remedy- Offer sweets to lord Hanuman on Tuesday.


For Virgo natives, Mars, which owns the lordship of their third house of siblings and the eighth house of longevity, will be transiting in the 9th house of fortune. As a result, you may gain some sudden benefits during this period. As this is also activating your house of efforts, your initiatives will bring desired results during this period. You will achieve progress in your respective area of profession.

This position of Mars also indicates that you are likely to get religiously inclined during this period. However, sometimes Mars in this position can make you excessively opinionated or rigid regarding your beliefs and any difference with them can make you easily fired up, leading to fights and legal battles. So, try to work on this tendency of yours to gain better results from this period.

Personally, some differences or opinions with your father can create a bitter environment at home. So, maintaining proper decorum of speech with your father is essential, as any advice or suggestion from him has the potential to change your life. As Mars is also the lord of the eighth house which indicates loss from theft, so take extra care of your belongings and valuables during this period.

Take journeys or travels if only necessary as it may lead to over expenditure and stress. Also, do not neglect your health during this period and drive carefully as accidents and injuries can be foreseen for many.

Overall, a good period that will see you achieving professional and financial progress, but avoid any kind of over expenditure and aggression during this period.

Remedy- Recite “Rinn Mochak “Mangal Stotra during this transit.

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Mars, commander in chief of the celestial sphere, governs the second and seventh house of the horoscope for the Libra Moon sign and will transit through the eighth house which represents the transformation, changes, uncertainties and sudden gains.

In terms of personal life, throughout this transit, the health of your spouse may remain fragile, there may be some misunderstandings between you two, especially over finances. So, remain cool and calm while dealing with your partner and try to sort out differences amicably, before they get out of control.

Professionally, your secret enemies can try and harass you, plot behind your back, so you will need to be a little cautious at this time. Do not fall into any kind of office gossip, do not confront anyone directly, otherwise, you may have to face unnecessary problems. This period will also encourage you to change jobs, but avoid taking any decision in a hurry, unless you are satisfied with your growth in a new organisation, do not take any step forward. Till then, sharpen your skills and gain experience, so that you can get benefits in the upcoming auspicious periods.

This is a good period to have a clear cut discussion with your business partners and discuss your roles if you have not done it till now. This will help you to avoid unnecessary conflicts and misunderstandings in the business. However, small-scale entrepreneurs or sole proprietors are likely to receive sudden profits during this time period. Also, if you have applied for some sort of loan, there are high chances of it getting cleared during this transit.

Special responsibility and attention should be diverted towards health during this period. Avoid being careless or negligent as minor ailments if not adhered to can turn into serious ailments. Be cautious while driving.

Overall, we can conclude it as a mixed and mediocre period in terms of results.

Remedy- Read or listen to the mythological tale of the incarnation of Lord Narasimha.


Scorpio natives will host Mars in their seventh house of Marriage and partnership. Mars governs your sixth house, which tells us about the diseases, enemies and first house which tells us about our personality, nature and self. As a result, this transit may have a negative effect on their marriage as they may face some ego conflicts or ups and downs in their marital life. However, single natives might find their mate during this period. Those looking for remarriage might also get favorable results during this period.

On the professional front, things will be better as your enthusiasm, warrior spirit and never say die attitude will help you to accomplish the pending tasks. This will help you get increments or appraisals pending for a long time, which will boost your confidence. This is also a very good time for those of you thinking of taking the plunge or starting your own venture, as all the plans and strategies that you have prepared for long will get good platform and support.

In terms of health, though the period looks fine, still avoid fried and spicy food during this duration, otherwise, you may face some problems related to the abdomen area. Also, Mars in this position can make you aggressive, so try and indulge in physical activities or sports that may involve sweating. This will bring positive results for health and help you divert your energy in the right direction.

Remedy- Wear a good quality coral crafted in copper or gold in your right-hand ring finger on Tuesday.


For the Sagittarius moon sign, Mars governs the fifth and twelfth house and will be transiting through the sixth house of your horoscope. You will be able to handle your obstacles courageously and boldly during this period. You will also dominate your enemies and will be able to control them easily. Your workload during this transit is likely to increase during this period, however, some disputes with co-workers are possible during this period. So, if you are feeling any kind of restless energy or aggression during this period, try to channelise your energy effectively by dividing your tasks into small projects and then completing them one after another.

However, this transit will be favorable to switch jobs, those of you looking for new opportunities may be able to find one in their desired fields.

You may also have to incur some sudden expenses during this period, hence, maintaining a proper balance between your income and expenditures is very important, otherwise, you may have to depend on others financially or may have to borrow from them.

Healthwise, during this period, your immune system or your overall capacity to fight diseases may decline, which may make you suffer from high fevers and infections. So, try and work on your immune system, inculcate green leafy vegetables in your diet and include meditation and exercises like pranayama in your daily routine. This will provide positive effects on your health.

Students also may have to put in more efforts than usual into their studies in order to get desired outcomes. They may face distractions in their studies and have to try very hard and remain focused throughout this transit to succeed in their academics.

Those of you who are married may remain worried about the health and wellbeing of their children during this transit.

Overall, a period with moderate results and a lot of hard work for Sagittarius natives.

Remedy - Recite Hanuman Ashtak daily in the morning.

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Mars, which governs the fourth house of happiness, luxuries, comforts and eleventh house which represents gains from all fronts will transit through their fifth house of progeny, intellect, love and romance.

On the personal front, single natives will be able to meet with their significant other during this time period. Married natives will get good gains through their children. Their children are likely to make steady progress in their academics or in their respective fields, which will make them filled with pride and honour.

Professionally, as Mars being your eleventh house lord aspecting its own house indicates that you will receive good financial and monetary benefits during this period. This is also a very good period to deal with property matters. If you have been planning to buy or sell property, then this will be a very propitious period.

Professionally, you might be spirited and enthusiastic about things during this period but may lack self-discipline to match it. Also, sometimes Mars in this position can make one rigid and hasty in their approach which can have negative consequences on all aspects of your life, especially work. So, work on this tendency of yours as this period is full of opportunities and you may be asked to lead a team or an important project during this transit.

Remedy - Worship lord Hanuman and donate sweets on Tuesday.


For Aquarius natives, Mars which rules the 3rd house of siblings, efforts and tenth house of status and action will be transiting through your fourth house that represents mother, land, comforts and luxuries.

In terms of personal life, this period will be highly favorable for your mother and your chances of getting benefits from her or any of your maternal relatives are very high. This will also be a good time to invest in some renovation and repair projects at your home. You might also acquire new vehicles and valuables during this period.

However, as Mars positioned in this house is directly aspecting the seventh house of marital life and relations, this indicates that you may have an increased desire to rule the affairs during this period, dominate others. This may create some conflicts or tiffs in your domestic environment bringing in disharmony. Some emotional issues from the past may also resurface during this period which could make you all angry and worked up, which you may pour on your family members, this can increase negativity in the home environment. So, try and focus on the present, here and now and find joy in your life.

This period may see you undertaking journeys and tours, especially related to your business and profession. You may experience an increased flow of activity at your workplace, and you may be required to provide your valuable advice or suggestion in the completion of important tasks. As Mars is the lord of the 10th house of status and recognition, having a direct aspect on it, indicates that your reputation among your peers and society is going to increase during this period. However, remain grounded in your approach, otherwise, you might ruin better opportunities.

Overall, a good period but stay away from aggression, overspending especially on the decoration or renovation of your house.

Remedy- Chant Gayatri Mantra daily in the Morning.


Pisceans will host Mars in their third house, which represents courage and siblings. On the other hand, it rules over your second house of family, wealth and ninth house of spirituality, mentors and religion. This indicates that you will be very fortunate and come across good opportunities during this period. You will be energetic during this period and will work with increased skill and competency, leading you to register good profits and increase your wealth during this transit. You are also likely to enjoy material comforts during this time. Your efforts would bring handsome rewards and these achievements will lead to an increase in your self-belief and confidence. This period will be full of clarity and provide you with new perspectives that will help you grow leaps and bounds in your profession.

Healthwise, your stamina and energy will be high during this period, which will help you to recover from any past illness or disease that you may have been suffering from long. This period will also be good for fulfilling your hobbies, desires or undertaking adventures pending for long. This will increase your creativity and help you establish a healthy connection with your inner self leading to better results. However, be wise on the road as you may remain impulsive or impatient during this time and may try to do many things while driving, which may lead to accidents or injuries.

On the personal front, this transit may instigate some clashes or differences with siblings. So, try and remain calm while dealing with them, as anything said impulsively or aggressively may sour things more and end up unintentionally hurting them.

Overall, you will be assertive and full of confidence during this period, which will help you to express your ideas with more conviction leading to more opportunities. So, take charge and fulfil your ambitions.

Remedy- Worshipping Lord Kal Bhairava daily will be very auspicious.

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