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Venus Transit in Gemini (28 May 2021) & Outcomes

Venus is referred to as a feminine planet in vedic astrology, similarly it is known as the kaka of beauty, luxuries, love and romance. Venus is associated with wealth, values, music, beauty, entertainment, bonding energy, love, feeling of sense of connection, spouse, mothers love, creativity, marriage, connection, arts, dedication, media, fashion, painting etc. Venus is considered the Lord of moon sign Taurus and Libra in vedic astrology. Venus is referred to as a feminine planet in vedic astrology, similarly it is known as the cargo of beauty, luxury, love and romance. Venus is considered the Lord of moon sign Taurus and libra in vedic astrology. Venus is called Shukr in Hindi. The day Friday is named after the planet Venus. Venus plays a major role when it comes to relationships, marriage and childbirth. A strong benefit Venus will bless you with all the luxuries and happiness in life and a weak Venus will make you struggle for the same.

Venus Transit in Taurus

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The planet Venus will transit on May 28, 2021 at 11:44 PM to 22nd June, 2021, till it moves to the sign of cancer at 2:07 PM.

The Predictions In This Article Are Based On Moon Signs. Know Yours Here: Moon Sign Calculator

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें : शुक्र का मिथुन में गोचर

let’s see what result it has in store for all the moon signs


For Aries Moon sign, Venus is the Lord of 2 nd and 7th house and is transiting in the 3rd house of courage, younger sibling, short trips etc. During the transit there will be an increase in your courage and you will gain appreciation for the work that you will do. during this transit your courage will know no bound; hence, you will achieve a lot. Four cases also, the decision should come in your favour. You will take all your decisions wisely and patiently in line with the situation at hand. Venus being the lord of second house Financially you may incur some Unnecessary expenses on luxury products . Professionally, you will have good career progress and you may get some good proposals for job change. Those who have a career in acting, singing, art etc. will see growth in your career. Venus being the lord of the seventh house your relationship with your spouse or love interest will be very peaceful and happy, it is advisable to stay good and interact with proper awareness. The Venus aspect on the ninth house can give you foreign journey as well. Healthwise, going to be favourable for you and you’ll feel fit and healthy it is advised to avoid eating cold food items otherwise you may suffer from cold and cough.

Remedy: Always consult with your father figure before starting your work.


For the Taurus Moon sign, Venus is the Lord of the 1st and 6th house and is transiting in the 2nd house of communication, wealth and family. This period you will gain wealth, you will be visited by relatives and there can be some auspicious function in your family. This is a good period for investing in movable assets like a car, land or a house. Professionally you can face some problems at your workplace Avoid any risky investments or activity at work specially those involved with heavy financial expenditure. People involved in animal husbandry, clay work etc will be greatly benefited. Natives involved in the stock market will also gain profit but not in very high volumes. Relationships and married life will be good during this time, you will also enjoy child happiness during this time. Healthwise it is important to take proper care of health because of the aspect of Venus on the eighth house, therefore it is advised that proper medical checkup should be done if required.

Remedy: light a lamp of Kowski in the temple daily and seek the blessing of Lord Venus.


For the Gemini moon sign, Venus is the Lord of the 5th and 12th house and is transiting in the 1st house of self, personality, mind and fortune. During this period the transit of Venus will be favourable for you as you will get proper position in the job and you will do good at your workplace. Business natives will also see progress in the business due to the aspect of Venus on the seventh house. Venus is the Lord of fifth house there for students will get favourable results in the field of education and their focus in studies will improve. Relationship wise If you’re looking for a life partner, a better relationship will come to you and for married life, natives You are advised to move forward to increase your family. Your children because problems or maybe in trouble themselves, so align with them word of potential losses.Healthwise there are possibilities of allergies there will need to stay away from the situation that can cause allergic reaction. There are no indications that suggest any chronic disease.

Remedy: Eat jaggery in your food daily.

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For the cancer moon sign, Venus is the Lord of your 4th and 11th houses and is transiting in the 12th house of losses, foreign gains, transformation and spirituality. During this period try to avoid impulsive buying and incurring expenditure and if necessary then spend only after proper thinking and I do take advice of your seniors. This phase will prove average for your financial transactions. you may have to go away from your home for a while and then maybe lost due to irrational behaviour. You might have some dispute with your relatives and this may go on for a long time. Professionally this transaction emotion will be favourite Bhel for business personals associated with trade and foreign countries. As Venus is the Lord of fourth house therefore it is advised to take care of your mother’s health as it can also deteriorate at this time. It is advised to take care of her and spend some quality time with her. twice it is advised that you should take proper care of your health in this period and specially of the right time as this may cause some trouble.

Remedy: Take a blue flower and press it with yourHands away from home in a deserted place. Whatever problems you have will be overcome soon.


For Leo Moon Sign, Venus is the Lord of 3rd and 10th house and is transiting in the 11th house of your ambitions, desires and relationship with elders siblings. You will have a good time mostly in the first phase as you will see that You will continue to work hard and this will bring an increase in your income and your hard work finally paid off. During this time you can overcome all your failures and fulfil all your longest desires. Your thoughts about work will keep changing again and again. Professionally this period will bring amazing results for you, Short journeys related to business will prove beneficial and if you’re planning any trip with your family then also it will be very beneficial for you. do the aspect of Venus on the fifth house of speculative gains, natives may get involved in deals that can provide you with gains but try to avoid it as the potential losses can also be huge. Healthwise this period is going to be favourable for you still it is advised to have proper check up if required.

Remedy: donate cotton in Temple for Jyot.


For the Virgo moon sign, Venus is the Lord of the 2nd and 9th house and is transiting in the 10th house of career , professional life, father and so on. During this transit you will get success and fame in your career. Natives associated with the field of entertainment, movies and films will accumulate a great success during this period. The projects will give you high chances of being successful. Whatever you will want, it will be fulfilled. Relationship with your father will be great during this period. Relationships with your family and spouse will be great, happy and joyous. Due to the ninth Lord Venus your interest in spiritual activities may increase. Financially this period will bring stability in your Life and you may spend on luxury during this period.Also you will get pleasure from vehicles during this period.

Remedy: chant the beej mantra of Venus in the morning.

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For the libra moon sign, Venus is the Lord of your 1st and 8th houses and is transiting in the 9th house of good fortune, religion, long-distance travel, spirituality etc. During this transit Native will see favourable results as their luck will support them to reach heights. During this period long travels are on the chart, you will also be inclined towards gaining some higher knowledge. You may visit some religious, spiritual place. Professionally this period will turn favourable for libra natives as they will get new opportunities in their career and they may also sign new contracts and deals. This time is also favourable for everyone who wants to trade in stock,Then travel or job is going to benefit the results during the Venus transit. Relationships wise, your family will be very supportive in whatever you do, your love life will be filled with romance and you will spend many beautiful moments with your beloved. This period is favourable for natives who are planning to get married. Healthwise you have to take precaution and care as you may face some stomach related issues. It is advised to include physical exercise and meditation in your routine to keep yourself fit.

Remedy: On Friday, recite the mantra "ॐ शुं शुक्राय नम: / oṃ śuṃ śukrāya nama:".


For Scorpio Moon, Venus is the Lord 7th and 12th and is transiting in the 8th house of obstacles, accident, inheritance, opponents and enemies. During this transit you may find it difficult to maintain good relations with your spouse or your love interest. Financially this period will be average for you therefore stay away from any unexpected gain activities or speculation or there could be a huge loss. There can be a purchase of a house or vehicle during this time. Careerwise this time is progressive but at the same time there may be some mental worry to you. during this time your secret enemies will grow and will continue to conspire against you, but you will be able to maintain your dominance by surprising them all. During this time your relationship will be on the positive side and you may receive some surprise from your partner, as long as married natives take care of your spouse’s health as you can fall ill during this time. Also maintain proper communication and keep your words pleasant; otherwise, your relationship cab deteriorates. Healthwise, there may be a slight problem to you, therefore it is essential to take proper care of yourself and do proper check ups as and when required.

Remedy: Burry a little honey in the ground outside your house this will give you auspicious results.

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For Sagittarius moon sign, Venus is the Lord of 6thand 11th houses and is transiting in the 7th house of marriage and partnership. This transit is going to bring you favourite Bhel results as professionally deals in negotiation Will be favourable for you. It is advised to limit your work and focus on your priorities only. Natives in partnership will have good chances of earning profit in trade and they may also think about the expansion of their business. Natives in jobs will feel stable and satisfied in their career. Relationship wise single natives can move to the next level in the relationship, For married natives married life will continue to remain favourable. However taking care of your spouse’s health is essential as it can cause some worry. Financially this period you will get good profits and gains . Healthwise this period will remain satisfactory. It is advised to take care of your spouse's health. It is advised that you both should engage yourself in yoga and meditation.

Remedy: Donate any bronze vessel on any Friday during evening time.

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For the Capricorn moon sign, Venus is the Lord of your 5th house and 10th house and is transiting in the 6th house of competition, disease, debts etc. During this period Capricorn native may have to face a lot of challenges and there are chances of disputes over small things. It is advice to keep your patience. Financially, , it is a device not to take any debt or loan as you might face problems in the future. Careerwise it is advised to continue with the same role of work and don’t embark upon any kind of new activity. there may be losses in speculation activities. Real estate agents find good clients and growth during this period. Relationship wise your love affairs will not be very energising as middle misunderstanding can destroy the goodness of the relationship. Healthwise, you may have some stomach related problems therefore it is advised to keep your digestive system strong and healthy.

Remedy: read Parshuram Charitra.


For Aquarius Moon Sign, Venus is the Lord of 4th and 9th house and is transiting in the 5th house of love, romance, education and children. This transit will bring beneficial results for you as peace and harmony will prevail in your domestic life, which will give you immense pleasure. you will get all kind of happiness with the transit of Venus as in your career also you will see progress and growth in your life. Students during this time we’ll see improvement in their focus for study. during this time you can also invest in share market as it will be beneficial for the natives, it is advised to have proper knowledge about the share market before investing money. Relationship wise your love and romance will be great during this period you will enjoy a blissful time. You married native will get happiness from the children as they will do something to make them proud which will increase your name, fame in respect in the society. Healthwise keep a good track of your overall physical health and eat healthy food only as it maybe problem of indigestion and inflammation can cause problems.

Remedy: Feed cow with boiled potatoes.

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For Pisces moon sign, Venus is the Lord of the 3rd and 8th house and is transiting in the 4th house of mother, luxuries, comfort etc. during this period you will get benefit results from land, building and vehicles. Professionally for a job and business native you will definitely get the fruits of your Hard Work. It is advised to be very diplomatic while dealing with others at work. Work-related travel will not be very rewarding so it is better to avoid it. You will have to put in a lot of extra effort and hard work to maintain your position at the workplace, do not let your emotional part overburden you. Relationship wise also you may face some challenges in love affairs as there may be some Dispute between you and your partner. Healthwise you may face problems of cold and cough and viral infection therefore it is advised to avoid cold food items.

Remedy: light a camper lamb in the temple of the house. You will get every happiness for me.

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